Actions which Break Wudu and Tayyammum

There are certain actions that break the Wudu and Tayyammum. We will learn about Tayyammum later. What are these actions? These actions are:

1. Any discharge from one’s private part, for example, urine, stool, wind, or any substances.
2. When blood, pus, or any matter flows out from a cut, wound, sore, or pimple.
3. When one vomits a mouthful.
4. When one falls off to sleep while leaning or lying down.
5. When one becomes mad, faints, or gets epileptic fits.
6. Laughing aloud in Salaah.
7. The spitting of blood, if the blood is more than the saliva.
8. When one becomes drunk or loses one’s frame of mind either through drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

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