Chamak Tujhse Paate Hain Sab Paane Waale

Chamak Tujhse Paate Hain Sab Paane Waale

Chamak Tujhse Paate Hain Sab Paane Waale
Mera Dil Bhi Chamka De Chamkane Waale

Barasta Nahi Dekh Kar Abr E Rehmat
Badoo(n) Par Bhi Barsa De Barsane Waale

Madine Ke Khitte Khuda Tujhko Rakhhe
Ghareebo Faqeero Ke Thehrane Waale

Tu Zinda Hai WALLAH Tu Zinda Hai WALLAH
Mere Chashme Aalam Se Chup Jaane Waale

Me Mujrim Hu AAQA Mujhe Saath Le Lo
Ke Raste Me Hai Jaa Baja Thane Waale

Haram Ki Zamee(n) Aur Qadam Rakh Ke Chalna
Are Sar Ka Mouqa Hai O Jaane Waale

Chal Uth Zabah Farsa Ho Saaki Ke Dar Par
Dar E Jood Hai Mere Mastane Waale

Tera Khaye Tere Ghulamo Se Uljhe
Hai Munkir Ajab Khaane Gurrane Waale

Rahega Yu Hi Unka Charcha Rahega
Pade Khaaq Ho Jaye Jal Jaane Waale

Ab Aayi Shafa’at Ki Sa’at Ab Aayi
Zara Chain Le Mere Ghabhrane Waale

Raza Nafs Dushman Hai Dumme Na Aana
Kaha Tumne Dekhe Hai Chandrane Waale

Sultan Murad

Sultan Murad felt a very tall night a night but could not know why
He called his security charge _

The king’s habit was that he changed the news and told the public, saying,
Let’s spend some time in the people.

When a person reached the edge of the city, he saw a man falling down. The king shook him and saw it dead. People passed through it.

The king shouted to the people,
Come back brother

People gathered together and they could not recognize the king. Asked: What’s the matter?

The king said: Man is dead. Why did not anyone pick him up? Who is this and his family?

People said: This is a bad and sinful man.

So Sultan Murad said: Is not this Ummah from among the Muslims? Let’s pick her up and take her home.

People reached the dead house _

When her wife saw husband’s body, she would cry.

People will go

The king and his security officer heard the woman’s cry.

She was saying,
I testify, surely you are God’s Wali. And is one of the good people.

Sultan Murad wondered how could it be. People were talking about this and were not ready to put their hands on them.

His wife said: I was expecting the people. The real fact is that my husband goes to the wine bar every day, he buys alcohol and brings home to the pit. And say that some of the burdens of sins are light from Muslims.
Similarly the night went to a bad woman and gave him one night’s wage and told him to close his door. No one came to you _
Come home, thank you! Today, I have lightened some burden of the sins of this woman and the young Muslims.
People looked at those places.
I told him to remember that! The day you die, you have to give a bath, neither your prayer nor you have to die.
He smiled and said to me, Do not panic – I would say that my funeral will read King of the time, scholars and Olivia.

The king stopped crying and said, I am the Sultan. Tomorrow we will bath him. We will also read the funeral prayer and we will also worship him.

So its funeral was read by the King Ulema Saints and many people.

Today we make important decisions by seeing something or simply listening to others. If we know the hearts of others, our tongues are murmured …

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