connect your Android smartphone to Windows PC

connect your Android smartphone to Windows PC




Hey, what’s going on guys?
Sandeep here and if you want to

connect your Android smartphone
to Windows PC then you can

easily do it using phone link.
You just have to search for

phone link and you will get
this app. If it is not there,

you have to download it from
the Windows store. Simply go to

Windows Store and search for
phone link. Find the app and

install it. If you see an
update option, do it. However,

if you are on the latest
Windows eleven, the phone link

app would be already installed
to the latest version. Anyhow

you have to download phone link
app. Once installed you need to

open the phone link app. Now
make sure you have turned on

the Bluetooth on your phone as
well as on your computer. Now

you have to select whether you
have Android phone or iPhone. I

have tried iPhone but the
connection never completed. It

is quite buggy. So I will try
to connect the Android

smartphone. Now you can visit
this link on your Android

smartphone but there is another
option. You can simply download

the phone link app on your
Android device. Open the Play

Store and search for phone
link. And install link to

Windows app. Once it is
installed you have to provide

some necessary permissions. Tap
on link your phone and PC. And

then continue. Now allow the
necessary permissions. Now go

to your PC and click on pair
with QR code. It will generate

a QR code. You have to scan it
using your Android smartphone.

And then it will connect your
smartphone to the PC. The

connection might take some
time. You just have to wait and

follow the on screen
instructions. Allow the

necessary permissions as asked.

Now the phone is linked to the
PC. Make sure you are using a

WiFi on both devices for a
stable connection. Now you will

be able to check your messages,
photos and make a call using

your ah Windows PC. If you want
to get all the phones

notification on your PC then
you have to allow link to

Windows app to access your
notifications. You can simply

click on open notifications and
then tap on this option on your

Android smartphone. And select
the link to Windows app and

allow notification access. Now
you will be able to see and

manage all the phones
notifications on your PC.

Another way to get this
distracted. Anyway, you can

also make calls using your PCA.
You just have to set up it for

the first time. Now just follow
the on screen instructions and

pair your ah smartphone with
the PC. Allow the necessary

permissions as asked. And then
ah you will get a dialect to

make calls. Now whenever you
are making any calls, select

your PC from the list of
Bluetooth devices while making

calls. To get all the audios.
In the messages options, you

will find all your text SMS. Go
to photos to find your photos

on the phone. And you can also
download those photos to your

PC. Just open any photo you
want to download and click on

save edge. And download it on
your PC. If you go to settings,

there are some general
settings. You can allow the app

to run on a startup or not.
Connect connection

optimizations to optimize
connections. And open the phone

link when you sign in to
automatically connect. You can

also connect more than one
devices using phone link. There

are some features to turn on or
off as per your preferences.

Some personalizations options
and that’s it. So this is how

you can link your Android
smartphone to Windows or

Windows . To simplify your
task. And that’s all for this

video guys. Hope this help. If
so hit the like button and

don’t forget to subscribe. Also
press the bell icon to get

notified about new videos and I
will see you in my next one.

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