Crop Images in Photoshop – Crop Tool Tips and Tricks

Crop Images in Photoshop – Crop Tool Tips and Tricks


Cropping An Image In Adobe Photoshop Cropping – This modifies the number of pixels in an image by “cropping” pixels from the surrounding region.

An image in Adobe Photoshop can be cropped using the Crop tool or the Crop command.

To crop an image using the Crop tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the Crop tool. Select the Crop Tool from the Tool Panel or press C.
Step 2: Move the cursor to a point on the image that will be a corner of the cropped image and left-click the mouse.
Step 3: Move the cursor diagonally while holding down the left mouse button.
Choosing a Cropping Area
Step 4: Let go of the left mouse button. A box with marked corners will appear over the image, indicating the area that will be preserved. This box can be resized, rotated, and moved.
To move the crop box, move the cursor completely inside the selected area, press the left mouse button, and drag the box while holding the left mouse button down.
Changing the Crop Box
To resize the selected area, move the cursor to one of the corner markers, then press and drag the left mouse button. If you drag the cursor while holding Shift, the size of the box will change proportionally.
Changing the Crop Selection Box Size
Rotate the crop box by dragging the cursor to one of the corner markers.
Crop Selection Box Rotation
a 5. To crop the image, press Enter (Return on Mac) or the Apply button in the Options Panel.
Press Esc or the button in the Options Panel to close the crop box without cropping the image.


Follow these steps to crop an image using the Crop command from the Photoshop menu:

Step 1: From the Tool Panel, select the Rectangular marquee tool.
Step 2: In Adobe Photoshop, select a rectangle region using the image Selection Tools.
Step 3: From the Image menu, select Crop.

hey everyone Steve Patterson here from
photoshop essentials comm in this video
I’ll show you some great tips and tricks
you can use with the crop tool when
cropping images in Photoshop you’ll
learn time-saving keyboard shortcuts a
few ways to customize the crop tool and
even how to use the crop tool to quickly
add a border around your image if you’re
new to photoshop and not sure how to
crop images be sure to check out my
previous video where I cover the basics
I’ll be using Photoshop CC but
everything here is fully compatible with
Photoshop cs6 let’s get started here’s
the image I’ll be using I downloaded
this one from Adobe stock so let’s start
with the crop tools keyboard shortcuts
to select the crop tool rather than
grabbing it from the toolbar just tap
the letter C on your keyboard as you’re
resizing the crop border you can lock
the aspect ratio by holding down your
Shift key as you drag a corner handle to
resize the border from its center press
and hold alt or option on a Mac while
dragging a handle
and to both lock the aspect ratio and
resize the border from its center hold
shift alt or shift option on a Mac and
drag one of the corners
to swap the orientation of the crop
border between portrait and landscape
press the letter X if you want to hide
the area outside the crop border to get
a better sense of what the cropped
version will look like press H then
press H again to bring the cropped area
back by default when we click and drag
inside the crop border we move the image
around inside it while the border stays
in place to move the border not the
image you can switch to classic mode by
pressing the letter P then drag to move
the border around inside the image press
P again to return to the default mode if
you need to straighten your image you
can temporarily access the straighten
tool by pressing and holding ctrl or
command on a Mac while the crop tool is
active drag across something that should
be straight either vertically or
horizontally and then release your mouse
button to rotate the image when she was
straightened the image release Shari
ctrl or command key to switch back to
the crop tool to cancel the crop press
the Escape key on your keyboard let’s
look at a couple of tips to use with the
crop overlay that appears inside the
border by default Photoshop displays the
rule of thirds overlay which can help
with our composition but if you click
the overlay icon in the options bar
you’ll see that there are different
overlays to choose from to quickly cycle
through them from your keyboard press
the letter O
also by default Photoshop displays the
overlay at all times even when you’re
not resizing the crop order but if you
click the overlay icon you’ll find a
couple of other display options to
choose from
if you choose Auto Show overlay then
Photoshop will only display the overlay
while you’re actually adjusting the
border which makes it easier to see your
image and choosing never show overlay
prevents the overlay from appearing at
all to switch back to the default mode
she was always show overlay from the
when you’re ready to crop your image
press Enter or return on your keyboard
or you can double click inside the crop
border and if you need to undo the crop
press ctrl Z or command Z on a Mac and
finally the crop tool isn’t just for
cropping images it can also be used to
add more canvas space around the image
giving us an easy way to add a border if
we look in the layers panel we see my
image on the background layer to keep
the border separate from the image it’s
a good idea to duplicate the image first
to do that from your keyboard press ctrl
J or command J on a Mac a copy of the
image appears above the original
Photoshop will fill the new canvas space
with your current background color which
by default is white select the crop tool
either from the toolbar or by pressing
the letter C and in the options bar make
sure that the delete cropped pixels
option is turned on then drag the
handles away from the image to add more
canvas space hold alt or option on a Mac
as you drag to resize the canvas from
its center as you do you’ll see
Photoshop filling the extra space with
your background color to accept it press
Enter or return on a Mac and there we
have it that’s some tips and tricks you
can use with the crop tool the next time
you’re cropping images in Photoshop as
always I hope you enjoyed this video and
if you did please consider liking it
sharing it and subscribing to our
channel visit our website photoshop
essentials comm for more tutorials
thanks for watching and I’ll see you
next time I’m Steve Patterson from
photoshop essentials comm

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