With the exception of performing ones Fard, Waajib and Sunnah, it
is of utmost importance to partake in Nafil Ibaadat (Optional /
Voluntary actions). It must be noted that the five daily Salaahs are
Fard upon us, to fast in the month of Ramadaan is Fard upon us and
so are numerous other commands of Allah. However, with the
exception of Fard, one should make an effort to strive to do that
which is nafil, in other words one must strive to do that which is no
an obligation upon you, but something that is optional, and yet you
do this willfully, then it shows that you enjoy striving in the way as
commanded by Almighty Allah.

It is through ones Nafil that one really attains closeness to Almighty
Allah. The pious servants of Allah, in every era, spend lengthy nights
in the Ibaadat of Allah, striving through Nawaafil, to please
Almighty Allah and attain closeness to him. It has been mentioned in
Al Bukhari on the authority of Hazrat Abu Hurairah  that the Holy
Prophet said that Almighty Allah says,

“One who makes enmity with any one of my friends (Wali), I have
announced a war with him and my servant does not attain closeness
to me through anything as he does so with his Far’aaid and through
his Nafils, he always come closer to me, until such time that I make
him my beloved (servant) and when he asks anything of me, then I
bestow it upon him.”

When on strives to do Nafil, Almighty Allah blesses him or her with
numerous blessings and bounties as mentioned in the Hadith that I
have just quoted. One who spends his time in Nafil, after fulfilling
his Fard ibaadaat, learns to abstain from the Duniya (Materialistic
World) and from the vices of this world. To abstain from the world
and protect one’s self from the vices of this world is a means that
blesses one with success and spiritual excellence. The pious servants
of Allah divorced themselves from the worldly things and engrossed
themselves in Nafil as they understood that it blesses them with
excellence. They spent their time in Nafil as they knew it will help to
adorn their hereafter. They understood very well the Hadith, wherein
the Holy Prophet mentioned:

“One who has loved the world has destroyed his hereafter and one
who loves the hereafter has ruined the world (materialistic things).
Thus, you should leave that which is temporary and take that which
is forever.”

In other words we should spend every moment we have in the
remembrance of Allah and His Rasool and not only fulfill our Fard,
but we should strive to do more than what is Fard upon us. We
should take full benefit of auspiscious nights like Lailatul Me’raj,
Lailatul Ba’raat, Lailatul Qadr, Shabb-e-Wilaadat-e-Rasool and other
great moments, by spending our time in doing Nafil actions to please
our Creator Almighty Allah, and to attain his blessings and Mercy.

We should strive to make Zikrullah, read Naats and Qasidas and
frequent religious gatherings wherein the Holy Quran is being recited
and talks on Islam are being given as these are all optional yet
beneficial acts which allow us to attain Allah’s blessings. The Holy
Prophet said that Almighty Allah says,

“That servant of mine who does not ask me (for anything he
requires), because he is engrossed in my remembrance, then I will
give him whatever he wishes for even without him asking.”

May Allah bless us with fulfilling our Faraa’id and striving to do
Nafil actions, so as to attain His Mercy and His Pleasure. Aameen

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