Fix File System Error (-805305975) in Windows 11/10


If you try to open a file on your system, regardless of its format, you will see the error message “File System Error (-805305975)” on your screen. Though this issue can occur with any sort of file, it is most commonly encountered with photographs and music files. This issue can arise for a variety of reasons, including corrupted system files, software issues, and defects with the Photos app.



Table of Contents

  • 1 – Ensure that Windows is up to date
  • 2 – Restart the Photos app
  • 3 – Resolve disk errors
  • 4 – Repair in Safe boot mode
  • 5 – Remove and reinstall the Photos app
  • 6 – Perform a DISM and SFC scan

Fix 1 – Ensure that Windows is up to date.

Windows sends out patches and fixes on a regular basis to address issues like these.

To begin, hit the Windows key and the I key simultaneously to launch Settings.
Now, select “Windows Update.”

Tap “Check for updates” in the right-hand window.


Examine For Updates

Allow Windows to download and install any pending updates. Start your computer again.

Now try opening the file again.


Fix 2 –Reset the Photos app

If you’re having trouble with a picture file, try resetting the Photos app first.
First, enter the Settings menu by hitting the Windows key and the I key simultaneously.

Then, on the left-hand side, touch on “Apps.”

Next, on the right-hand side, click “Apps & features.”


Min. Apps and Features


4: Look for “Microsoft Photos” in the list of apps now.

To access it, click on the three-dot menu and then on “Advanced settings.”

Advanced Photos Option Min Min


Now, in the ‘Reset’ area, you will see two alternatives.


Select “Repair” to repair the application.
After the repair is complete, try to access the image file again.


Min Min Repair


If the error message persists, select “Reset.”
Finally, confirm the action by tapping “Reset.”


Reset Min Min twice


Then, close the Settings page.

Reopen the image file. It will launch without error.


3rd fix – Repair disk errors
If the problem is caused by a faulty disk, try executing a disk checking operation.

To begin, click the Windows icon and type “cmd.”
Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator.”


New Min Cmd


When the terminal appears, enter the following disk checking operation and press Enter.
After running the command, input “Y” and press Enter to launch the disk scanning utility the next time your computer restarts.

C: chkdsk /r /f

C Min Chkdsk


Close the Command Prompt and restart your computer.

When the system reboots, the disk checking activity will begin. Check to see if this works.

Alternative Approach –

Another method for performing disk repairs is to use File Explorer.

First, launch the File Explorer.
Next, tap on “This PC.”

Right-click on the system drive and select “Properties.”


C Min Properties


Now, select the “Tools” option.
In the ‘Error checking’ area, touch on “Check.”


Check Tools Minimum


Finally, press the “Scan drive” button to repair the drive on your machine.

Min Scan Drive


This allows Windows to scan for errors and repair the device. After you’ve done that, try to access the image file again.


Repair in Clean boot mode (Fix 4).

The clean boot mode is an excellent method for identifying the interfering application on your machine.

First, press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.
After that, type this command and press the Enter key.


Min Msconfig


Select the “General” tab in the System Configuration box.
Here, select “Selective startup” and then tick the “Load startup elements” box.


Win 11 Min Selective Startup Clean Boot


Next, go to the “Services” area.
Check the box next to “Hide all Microsoft services.”

Then, select “Disable all” to disable all third-party apps.


Disable All Hide All


You simply stopped all third-party apps from interfering.

After that, select the “Startup” tab.

Now, select “Open Task Manager.”

Min. Startup Task Manager


Task Manager will launch.

This section lists all of the services that are set to start automatically with the system.
Simply right-click on each service and select “Disable” to prevent all unwanted apps from starting up.


Disable Dfc Minimum


Return to the System Configuration window after closing the Task Manager.

Don’t forget to click “Apply” and then “OK.”

Use Ok Min.

You will notice that a prompt to restart your machine has occurred.

Simply select “Restart” to restart your machine immediately.

Min should be restarted.


Try to open the file when your system has restarted. If the file opens successfully, the problem is caused by a third-party application.

You must remove the app from your system.

First, press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.
Next, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.


Min Appwiz


Select the app from the list. Then, right-click the app and select “Uninstall.”

Remove It Min


After that, restart the machine and attempt to access the file once more.


Fix 5: Remove and reinstall the Photos app.
If you are having trouble opening an image file, you must delete and reinstall the Photos app.

Begin by searching for “powershell.”
Right-click “Windows PowerShell” and select “Run as administrator.”


Start by right-clicking Windows Powershell Administrator.


Simply put this command into the Powershell terminal and press Enter.
Remove-AppxPackage photo | Get-AppxPackage

Minimum Photo Installation


This will remove the Photos app from your computer. Finally, close the PowerShell window.

Your computer must be restarted once.

Launch the App Store on your computer.
After that, look for “Photos.”

Then, select “Microsoft Photos.”


Min Photos Search Store


In the Settings window, click “Get” to download and install Photos on your computer.

Obtain Min


You will notice that the Photos app has been installed.

Min Install Photos


When you’re finished, exit the Store app and try to access the file again.


Fix 6: Perform a DISM and SFC scan.
Running the SFC and DISM scans should be sufficient.

First, right-click on the Windows key and select “cmd.”
Then, type “cmd” and hit the Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys simultaneously.


Windows 11 Cmd New


Copy-paste this command and press Enter.
DISM.exe /Online /Image-cleanup /Restorehealth

New Min Dism Restore Health


A DISM check will be performed by Windows.

After that, copy this command and press Enter to start an SFC scan.
scannow /sfc

Sfc Scanner


Close the Command Prompt after two successful scans. Start your computer again.

Retry accessing the file.

Your issue should be resolved.

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