How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner The Easy Way

How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner


Cleaning all of the seasonal or quarterly filters is critical whether you have a split, portable, floor, or even window air conditioner.

Because cleaning them on a regular basis allows you to remove dirt and dust from the inside. This will improve performance and overall longevity.

Window air conditioners, in particular, have a single unit that can only cover a tiny area.

According to the Residential Energy Consumption Survey, more than 90% of people in the United States solely use the air conditioner in their home, with 26% utilising only window air conditioners.

So, if your window air conditioner is also not working properly as a result of infrequent cleaning. Then you should read the entire article.

Because I’ve provided detailed instructions on how to clean your window air conditioner without removing it.

Because removing the entire unit needed so much time and effort.

I’ve also discussed why this is vital to you and what you’ll need. So don’t skip any points or paragraphs or you’ll miss out on an opportunity to improve things.

Section I: Table of Contents
Why You Should Clean Your Air Conditioner Before Every Summer
Summer is the perfect time to use the air conditioner. Because July is the hottest season of the year.

This necessitates improved cooling. However, if your air conditioner is not equipped to handle this temperature. Then this could be your worst season ever.

Because the cleaning process took several hours or even two days.
However, if any portion of your air conditioner is malfunctioning, you still have time to repair it. So that you are not subjected to such high temperatures.

Some air conditioners, such as window and portable models, are simple to clean.

Because they simply have one unit, you don’t have to put much effort into it. However, some tools and supplies are required for this cleaning. What exactly are those? Excellent question!!

What Materials Are Required for This Job?
How much knowledge do you have about cleaning an air conditioner? Air conditioners, as you may know, are home renovation appliances.

That necessitates precise effort because any mistakes will cost you more money.
That is why knowing all of the tools and supplies you will need to clean your window air conditioner is essential.

a cup of hot water
Typical detergent
a fresh cloth
Drip pan
3% hydrogen peroxide bottle
Brush it clean
pressurised air can
Cleaner of carpets
That’s it; you’re now ready to clean your window air conditioner without having to remove the entire unit.

However, make sure to confine these items to your workplace.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning a Window Air Conditioner
If you work in an office, you only have one day to finish this task. Because no one wants to spend their vacation fixing an air conditioner.

That is why, in the interim, you must carefully follow all of these instructions.

1. Turn off your air conditioner.
As you may be aware, an air conditioner is a type of electronic appliance. As a result, if you do anything without turning off the power.

The heavy current may then strike you. As a result, before working on any electronic item, such as your window air conditioner, make sure to turn it off.

Don’t worry, turning off your house’s main switch is not required.
2. Remove the front panel of your air conditioner.
It is not possible to clean your window air conditioner from the inside without first removing the front panel. Because this is the primary component that is always in front of your eyes.
However, in order to reach the interior parts, a filter, tray, drain, and other items must be removed.

However, because of the breach, you must proceed with caution. Then repairing this front panel will be extremely difficult.
So, before you begin this work, you must first remove all of the screws using the screwdriver. However, keep all of them safe because you will need them after cleaning your air conditioner.

As a result of this procedure, you will notice a collection of wire connections with the interior sections. You must totally detach it.

3. Remove the filter with care.
Cleaning the house on a regular basis does not imply that there is no dust or dirt inside. Because they are so small that you can see them all.

However, these little particles frequently land on various items in your home, such as fan blades, televisions, window filters, books (if you don’t read them), and so on.
That is why you must clean them as well, but removing the front panel of your window air conditioner on a daily basis is tough.

That is why, when you are cleaning it. You must also remove the filter, which is located within the front panel.
This filter acts as a barrier, preventing dirt and particles from entering your window air conditioner.

4. Clean the filter in warm water.
Are you a stay-at-home mom? If you are a housewife, you understand the value of cleaning with warm water. Because warm water heats everything.

As a result, the dirt and dust will be readily removed, and you will not have to exert as much effort. That is why you will also want warm water and a standard detergent mixture.

Because the filter is not difficult, you can utilise your power on it. However, if you do this, it may be easily shattered.

That is why, when you utilise a blend of both solids. The dirt and dust can then be easily removed from the filter.
You can also use a clean cloth instead of your hand because using your hand may damage the filter.

5. Allow the filter to dry completely.
Are you getting enough light in your room? What temperature is your room? So, after thoroughly cleaning the filter, you must now allow it to dry.
However, it must be kept at a temperate temperature to avoid damage. Because, as you are aware, the filter is located inside your front panel, directly in front of the main housing.

So if it doesn’t have enough space inside for air to travel through. Then you will not receive adequate cooling. This relates to how thin and brittle the filter is.

As a result, you must control the temperature in your room. It should not be hotter than 35°C or colder than room temperature. This will completely dry the filter without causing any damage.

6. If the filter does not work, replace it.
Have you ever cleaned an air conditioner? If you have recently married and have no prior experience cleaning an air conditioner.

But open it and do your best to complete this task. Then you run the risk of damaging your filter.

Because, as I previously stated, this is exceedingly thin and fragile. So, if you utilise your power to clean it properly. It may then rupture and break.

This necessitates the replacement of the filter. But which filter is the best for your air conditioner? Don’t worry, I’ll notify you.
So the first thing you should look for in your AC filter is the manufacturer’s recommendations and the type of filter.

Then look at the MERV ratings, which indicate how effective this filter is at blocking dirt and dust. Finally, you must determine whether or not it is washable.

7. Clean the aluminium fins with the comb
After removing the filter, you’ll see the primary housing, which is protected by metal fins. These metal fins are in charge of cooling the air.

Furthermore, these fins are quite dense and difficult to clean. That is why you must use a comb or soft brush to remove all dirt and debris from the metal fins.

You can also save money by employing a specifically designed comb for this task.

Because this form of comb works far better than a brush or comb used at home. Because aluminium fins are crucial, and if they shatter.
Then you must wait some time for it to be repaired. You should also wear protective gloves when doing this.
8. Use Condensed Air to Spray It
Fans and coils are also hidden beneath the metal fins. That cannot be reached with your hand.

That is why condensed air is required to blast up the dirt and dust from within.

A can of condensed air is easily available from only or any home improvement store. So, once you’ve found it, simply utilise it at the front and back of the unit.

You can also use a little brush, but be very careful when using it.
9. Clean The Base Unit
As you are aware, there are numerous internal components in your window air conditioner, one of which is the base unit (aka tray).

When cleaning the aluminium fins and other parts and using water. The majority of the unclean water will then end up on the tray.

As a result, the base unit becomes unclean and must be cleaned.

That is why a vacuum cleaner or shop vac is required. This will quickly remove all of the dirt and dust from the tray. So you can move on to the next phase.

You can also use clothing for this task, so how thoroughly you clean your window air conditioner is entirely up to you.

10. Examine the Drain
When you have finished the maintenance listed above, you should inspect the drain pipe linked to your window air conditioner.
Because this is where the wastewater from your air conditioner exits.

So if there is a clog inside it, the water cannot escape, potentially causing harm to the entire system.

That is why you must inspect the drain pipe and provide clear routes. Then clean the aperture and the area where the pipe will be installed.

In order to manage the water level.

11. Remove the front panel. You must also clean everything: the filter, aluminium fins, tray, and other internal components. However, if you neglected to clean the front panel of your air conditioner.

Then you will not have cool air in the heat. That is why you are ready to finish your assignment. The front panel should then be cleaned.
For this task, a solution of warm water and detergent might be used. So that you can finish your work without difficulty.

Because the front panel is likewise comprised of plastic, it can break like the others. Make careful to remove the digital indication from its location.

Otherwise, it may be destroyed by water.

12. Reassemble everything.
Have you cleaned your window air conditioner thoroughly? Is there any more work to be done? Because it is extremely difficult to disassemble them after they have been assembled.

That is why you must ensure that your air conditioner is clean and in good functioning order. But don’t turn it off. So when you know everything is fine.

Then it’s time to put everything together and install your air conditioner. Simply place the filter into the front panel and screw them together.

Then let it dry for at least 3 to 4 hours before turning it off.
13. Make use of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
Is your window air conditioner stinking? Because of the detergent and other ingredients used, your air conditioner may begin to stink after cleaning.

Then, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will solve the problem. Because it is a chemical compound made up of many different fresh things.

As a result, this will also improve the performance of your air conditioner.

All of the methods for cleaning your air conditioner without removing it are now complete. If you want to clean your air conditioner, you only need to follow them all.

Finally, How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner
For optimum operation throughout the summer, any type of air conditioner requires better cleaning.

Otherwise, dealing with the summer season would be really difficult for you. Because if any portion of your air conditioner is malfunctioning.

Then, when cleaning it, you can try to fix it if you can, but if you can’t, you can’t. Because you have time, you can easily contact any specialist.

However, when summer arrives, it is tough to go a single second without your air conditioner. If you live in a hot climate, such as Las Vegas.

That is why I have included all of the steps required for this. So, even if you’ve never done this before, you can quickly clean your air conditioner by following these steps.

However, keep all of your tools close to your work area. Because finding them over and again while working is a challenging task.

However, having them all together in one area allows you to use them without difficulty. All tools can be found in your home or at a home improvement store.

FAQ: How To Clean The Window AC In Steps
It is difficult to clean the window air conditioner without removing it. That is why many individuals, including yourself, are having a difficult time. That is a simple problem to fix.

That is why I have included some of them in this article and will do my best to provide relevant responses.

What Is the Average Time to Clean a Window Air Conditioner?
Cleaning a window air conditioner takes less time because it just has one unit.

However, this will also be determined by your level of skill and competence in cleaning an air conditioner.

However, this should only take one to two days in total.

Is it safe to completely wet an air conditioner?
Because an air conditioner is an electronic device, getting it fully wet is a bad idea.

Water should be used on a specific location of your air conditioner, such as a filter, aluminium fins, tray, and so on.

What is the cost of cleaning the window air conditioner without removing it?
If you don’t have time to clean your air conditioner, don’t have any experience, or don’t want to do it.

Then you’ll need to hire an expert, which will cost you between $200 and $300, possibly more.


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