How To Fix Valorant “This Build Of Vanguard Requires TPM version 2.0 and Secure Boot to be Enable”


Step 1

Restart your computer and open Bios menu buy pressing bios menu key. It usually will be Delete, F10, or F12 key.

Step 2

Once Bios Window opens, Go to Bios tab and find “secure boot” option and click it.



Step 3

1. In this new window, Click Secure boot mode, change from custom to standard.

2. Click “Secure boot enable” and choose option “Enable”

Step 4

Go to Peripherals tab and find “Intel platform trust technology (PTT)” click and select the option “Enabled”

Now finally go to the save and exit tab and select save and exit setup. now the system will restart and the problem will be fixed.



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