How to Fix Yahoo Mail not Receiving Emails


hey everyone welcome back to my youtube
if you are not receiving any emails on
your yahoo account
you are not alone in facing this error
last night even i faced this issue when
i was not getting the email
even after it was sent several times to
me so i tried a lot of troubleshooting
and finally
it worked so in today’s video i’m gonna
walk you through some simple steps to
try if you are not receiving any emails
on your yahoo account
all right if you are not receiving any
emails on your yahoo account the first
step you should take is to check if you
are using the updated app
or not so for that you have to go to the
play store on your mobile device
and then in the search box you have to
type yahoo
so as you can see right now there is no
available for my phone but in case you
have not updated your yahoo mail app you
need to update that
right now as this can also create some
issues all right so every update
has some bug fixes and performance
enhancements that you need to install
to let the app work smoothly so in case
you are not receiving any emails make
sure you have updated the app already
now the next step that you can take is
to remove your yahoo account from your
yahoo mail app and then re-add it
again now once done with that what you
have to do
is first of all you have to clear the
cache of your yahoo mail
app so for that you have to go to
settings of your android device
and now here you have to go in the apps
and then you have to open the yahoo mail
app or you can also search for the yahoo
mail app
using the search icon right here so
simply tap
and then you have to select this app
now here you have to go to the storage
where you will see two options one is to
clear cache and
second is to clear data so you can press
any of these if you want to just clear
the cache
you can press that but it would be
better if you will clear
all the data as it will refresh the
yahoo mail application all right
so i’m going to press this so after
doing this you can just log
in again into your yahoomail account on
your android device all right
apart from that what you can do is if
the error is still there and you are not
getting any new emails
what you have to do is you just have to
go a step back
and here you will see the force stop
at the bottom you have to press that
and then you have to just restart your
device by pressing the power button
and then press restart once your device
restarts then you can log in again to
your yahoo mail account and
see if you are getting those new emails
or not apart from that you can do one
more thing that you should always check
your spam or junk folder of your yahoo
as sometimes the emails can land into
the wrong
folder all right so make sure to check
your spam folder of your yahoo mail
and lastly you have to ensure that you
have not enabled
email forwarding for your yahoomail
account otherwise the email
will land into the email address that
you have set
for the forwarding option all right so
yeah that was all for this video if this
video helped you please tell me in the
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such informative
and useful videos and i will see you the
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