How to Hang Acoustic Panel Without Damaging Walls


Do you live in a rented house or apartment where the owner forbids you from causing any harm to his property?

Then comes the arduous task of hanging the acoustic panels without damaging the walls.

Because we are most likely using T-shaped pins that can be readily shoved into the walls. However, this will severely destroy the walls.

According to the National Apartment Association, only over 39 million people in the United States live in apartments. And its popularity is growing by the day.

So, my friend, you are not alone. I’m sure most of those who live on other people’s property are dealing with this issue. Because no one wants to inflict damage to their home.

However, if you live near a high traffic area or if your neighbours are expected to make a lot of noise, you can.

That is why you can use YouTube to capture your masterpiece or communicate with your audience. Then employing acoustic panels without disturbing the walls is a terrific option.

Because both sides benefit from this circumstance. But do you know how to accomplish it?

What are the methods for hanging all of the foam panels without damaging any walls?

That is why you should read this article because I will discuss the three best ways to hang your foam panels without hurting any of the walls in your room.

In addition, I have provided a step-by-step explanation on how to use them.
So don’t leave anything out or you won’t be able to soundproof your room.

But first, let’s try to figure out why you need these acoustic panels and if there are any alternative applications for them.

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Why Do You Need Acoustic Panels?
Where do you call home? Are you at a busy intersection or do your neighbours not value peace?

Generally, the more noise there is, the more soundproofing you need in your room. Despite the fact that there are numerous soundproofing materials on the market.

Noise masking, soundproof drapes, several types of sealants, insulations, and other options are available. They cannot, however, block the increased amount of noise you are experiencing.
So if you are a YouTuber or recording any song that you desire. The major option is to employ acoustic panels because they have the best sound-deadening characteristics.

Because they are constructed with various soundproofing materials, such as a high-quality foam mixture. This will absorb and block the noise from the backside.

However, this is likely to be determined by your money, as the higher the quality of acoustic panels, the better the soundproofing they provide.
Or how many acoustic panels are required in the room.

Typically, start with a few pieces and then add more if necessary. Then you can employ others. This will assist you in reducing your budget.

Soundproofing panels available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including flat, mushroom, bass, and more. However, the pyramid structure of acoustic panels is an excellent choice.

It is now your chance to learn the best three methods for hanging acoustic panels without damaging the walls.

3 Techniques for Hanging Acoustic Panels Without Ruining Walls
Installing acoustic panels without damaging the walls is a difficult task. They are ineffective because there are numerous different methods that may cause damage to the walls.
However, I have discovered three of the best that will also function better to hang on the walls without hurting them.
1. Make use of 3M Command Strip
Have you ever hung something on the walls or ceiling without first pinning it inside?

If you’ve done it before, you’re probably familiar with 3M command stript because these are the most prevalent sticking materials on the market.
That can handle anything small and light for a long period.

These strips, which are usually double-sided, are a quick and easy way to hang any picture on the wall.

This will save you a lot of time and will not need any work on your part.

You can also use them to hang small acoustic panel pieces on the walls.
Do you know how you’d go about doing that? Let’s go over the procedure step by step.

How To Do It: A Step-by-Step Guide
It is not difficult to use these strips. This is fairly straightforward, however if this is your first time doing it.
Then you must grasp how to accomplish it correctly. So they can work for a long time.

Rubbing the Walls: Next, use an alcohol mixture to rub the walls. Do you avoid using household cleaners and water? This will not work with this procedure.
Separate the Strips: This technique appears to be simple, but it is not. Then you might miss out on an opportunity to achieve better. That is why the strips must first be carefully separated. Then strongly click them together so that their bristles easily join to the surface.
Remove One Side: You must now remove the first side of its back side. Then adhere the panels and firmly press them in place. You can utilise four or more for a stronger link.
Remove Remaining Liners: After adhering them to the acoustic panels, you must now remove the remaining liners. So you may affix them to the walls. Remember to press them hard on the walls for at least 30 seconds.
Remove the frame: This is necessary when the soundproof panel is fixed to the wall. Now is the moment to remove the panel briefly to confirm that the glue is properly adhered.
Press The Stirp: After removing the panel, press all of the stripes on the walls forcefully for at least 30 seconds. As a result, the bond functions well.
Stick The Panel To The Wall: This is the final step, and you must wait 1 hour for the glue to set. Then align all of the strips and press the panel until you no longer hear the click sound.
You have now completed your work and successfully installed the soundproof panels on the walls.

But if you’re still perplexed, I have an incredible video for you. Simply check it out and clear any worries.

iframe width=”1010″ height=”598″ src=”” width=”1010″ height=”598″ title=”Video player on YouTube” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen> </iframe>

2. Use heavy duty cardboard to hang them.
If you’ve ever utilised soundproofing panels before. Then you probably know how tough it is to find little acoustic panels.
Because the average acoustic panel size is roughly 12 inches. That’s quite a bit for a 3m command strip.

That is why you were unable to locate any small acoustic panels.
Then use this method to employ any medium or larger acoustic panel. Don’t worry, your wall will not be harmed.

Only if you properly study the procedure. Because this technique differs slightly from the one described previously.

Because you must first use cardboard and then hang it on the walls.

So, are you ready to learn how to hang acoustic foam without hurting your walls?

If you answered yes, then read on!

How To Do It: A Step-by-Step Guide
Better adhesive buildup is required when sticking something to the wall. Otherwise, it will stop working after a while.

So, if you don’t want to do it over and over. Then you must attentively read this procedure.
Assemble the Panel: Whether you need to install 20, 30, 40, or even 60 acoustic panels across the room. Only 2 or a maximum of 4 pieces may be used on a single piece of cardboard.
Area Measurement: After assembling the two or four components, you must now measure the overall area. This will help you improve the next stage.
Cut the cardboard as follows: When you measure the area, you must now cut the mail cardboard of heavy-duty plywood to fit. That is intended to be used to hang the artwork on the walls.
Glue Panels to Cardboard: So, once you’ve properly cut the cardboard to the correct size. You must now adhere both panels to it. Heavy-duty adhesive is required for this project. So that it does not disappear after some time.
Follow the steps outlined above: Now you must follow the steps outlined above in the 3m command strip. However, in this case, a larger command strip is required. That can easily support 7 kg of weight.
So, if you execute these procedures correctly. The soundproofing panels can then be readily installed inside the room.

This allows you to concentrate on your work, which increases efficiency.

3. Use Adhesive Squares to Attach Them
How much time do you have available to put all of the acoustic panels on the walls? If you are a working individual or operate a business.

Every day, your participation is required.

Then I’m sure you don’t have much time to put in all of the soundproofing in your room. Although all of the above procedures are simple and straightforward.

However, this requires more time and effort, and you must devote at least one day to this task. However, if you don’t want to waste time, this is the preferable solution for you.
Simply replace the command stript with these sticky squares. That will easily support all of the acoustic panels at all times.
Awesome!. That I am aware of. But how do you put it to use? That’s a tricky question! A step-by-step procedure is provided below.

How To Do It: A Step-by-Step Guide
It is quite simple to install all of the acoustic panels using these adhesive squares. However, if you are unfamiliar with it. Then reading this approach will assist you in making the most of your time and effort.

If you have larger soundproof panels, measure the area. Then you only need to calculate its area. This will help you in the following steps.
Surface Cleaning: Clean the surface of the wall where the panels will be installed with the alcohol or isopropyl combination. This will remove the dirt without causing any damage to the wall.
Remove the Liner: The backside liner of the adhesive square must now be removed. So you may stick it to the wall. Make sure you do it correctly otherwise it will not produce better adhesive buildup.
Press Firmly: The same applies here by pressing the entire area for at least 30 seconds. So that it may perfectly adhere to the surface and form a solid bond.
Remove the Second Liner: After you have removed the first layer, you must now remove the second liner. So you can apply acoustic foam to it.
Allow It to Dry: After successfully installing the soundproof panels on the wall. You must now press them for 30 seconds again and leave them for roughly an hour for adhesive accumulation.
Note that painted walls, varnished wood, concrete, tiles, metal, glass, laminates, and smooth solid surfaces are excellent places to employ these items. These should not be used on textured walls, wallpaper, brick, abrasive and nonstick surfaces, or cloth.

So these are some of the methods for hanging acoustic foam without hurting the walls.
How to Hang Acoustic Foam Without Ruining Your Walls
It is critical for our health and well-being to live in a peaceful environment.

Because doing so will improve our work productivity and help us avoid major decisions such as brain cancer, stress, migraines, and more.

The more relaxed your mind is, the more creative your ideas will be. Assume you are working on a critical project with a deadline today.

However, your neighbour is buzzing his unsound beat loudly above you. You now have two options: go upstairs and request that he reduce the noise because you are working.

If your neighbour is a good person, he will not listen to music. But if he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll make even more noise.

Finally, you must work in this noisy environment. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a perilous scenario. However, consider whether you have already placed soundproof panels.
The noise will be reduced by 70%, and the remaining 30% can be reduced by using any white noise machine or other soundproofing materials.

How awesome is that? That is why I have provided all of the solutions that I believe are the greatest for your problem.

Simply put, you can employ any of them depending on your needs and circumstances. If you have little acoustic panel pieces, you can use 3m of command stripping.

If not, heavy-duty picture hanging cardboard can be used to hang the panels on the walls.

If you don’t have time, you can use sticky squares, which are also a good option for this problem.

However, keep in mind that if you want better soundproofing, you can use different soundproofing materials.
FAQ: How to Hang Acoustic Panels Without Ruining the Walls
Have you ever installed acoustic panels before? If not, this will be more challenging for you. As a result, you may encounter numerous issues, similar to those encountered by others.

They have a few questions for you. That is why I have included some of them in this article and will do my best to provide relevant responses.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and I will respond as soon as possible.

Is it okay to use the Command Strip on the ceiling?
You can hang acoustic panels on the wall or the ceiling. You can use them on any surface or in any location you wish.

However, take in mind that if you utilise them under the ceiling. Because of gravity, this will raise its weight by 20% to 30%.

What is the maximum weight capacity of these command strips and adhesive squares?
When it comes to the small piece of command strip, it can only handle up to 1 to 2 kg.

The larger model, on the other hand, can handle up to 7 kg of weight. However, the optimal weight is approximately 5 kg.

Where the adhesive squares can support weights ranging from 8 to 10 kilos.

How much does it cost to install all of the acoustic panels without causing any damage to the walls?
The acoustic panels do not require a large expenditure to install. However, depending on the size of your room and the quality of the panels, this may cost you anywhere from $2500 to $5000.

The higher the quality, the greater the expenditure required.


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