How to Keep Bugs Away from a Porch Light

How to Keep Bugs Away from a Porch Light


One of the most crucial fixtures in your home is the porch light. It provides illumination for safety and security while also improving your home’s exterior appeal. It can, however, attract pests, which can be a nuisance.

According to a National Pest Management Association survey, American homes spent about $5.5 billion on pest control services in 2017.

As a result, you are not alone in dealing with this problem. However, hiring a pest control firm is not the only way to keep pests away from your porch light.

However, you may take some simple and efficient steps to keep bugs away from your porch light. But what exactly are they? That is why you must read the entire article.

Because I’ve shared 8 simple techniques to keep pests away from porch lights in this article. I’ve also included some pointers and strategies to aid you with this issue.

So, let us begin!

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What Attracts Bugs to Porch Lights?
Porchlight attracts nocturnal insects, who are out in the dark looking for light sources. The heat from the lightbulb also makes the porchlight appealing to these creatures as a source of warmth.

However, other bugs, such as moths, are lured to the light because they mistake it for the light of the moon. Moths use the moon to navigate in their natural surroundings.

They are lured to a light source that is as bright as the moon and mistake it for their natural navigational assistance.

However, this is frequently a fatal error because the lamp is far too hot for the moth and will kill it.

As a result, these bugs are sometimes discovered dead near porch lights. So, while they are drawn to the light, it ultimately proves fatal to them.
Also, if you try to sleep with the porch light on, this entire process may disrupt your sleep.

8 Ways To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Lights: Pick The Best One!
Bugs are a regular annoyance around porch lighting. While there are several successful methods for keeping them at bay, the best solution depends on the sort of bug you’re dealing with.

1. Make use of a porch light with a bug shield.
A bug shield is a piece of hardware or an attachment that is used to keep pests away from a porch light. It is typically made of metal, plastic, or another material with a mesh or screen-like surface.

However, make certain that the bug shield you use is particularly made for the type of light you’re utilising. Otherwise, it may not function properly or may be harmful.

Because some shields can restrict light, buy one that is rated for the wattage of your porch bulb.
This will assist in ensuring that your light continues to shine brightly enough to give enough illumination.

It will also deter pests from being drawn to your light in the first place. It should be noted, however, that not all insect shields are created equal.

2. Replace white or blue light bulbs with yellow or orange bulbs.
The colour of your light bulb should correspond to the sort of bug you want to keep at bay. Blue and white light bulbs, for example, attract moths, whereas yellow and orange light bulbs do not.
It happens due to the wavelength of light. Blue and white lightbulbs emit light with a shorter wavelength, which bugs prefer.

Yellow and orange lightbulbs, on the other hand, generate a longer wavelength of light, which is less appealing to them. This strategy, however, is not without flaws. Some bugs will be drawn to the lamp regardless of hue if it is bright enough.

However, coloured light bulbs are a fantastic place to start if you’re searching for a general strategy to lessen the quantity of pests near your porch light. Clean your light fixture on a regular basis to keep bugs and dust at bay.

3. Place some plants around your porch light as a natural repellent.
A repellent is a chemical used to deter or prevent pests such as insects or rodents from approaching or coming into contact with anything.

Plants with a strong aroma are known to be useful at repelling some types of bugs and are available in many forms such as sprays, gels, and powders.
When it comes to bugs, however, if the repellant is natural, it indicates that it is not dangerous to humans or other animals. It is especially vital if you have pets or little children.
Because some repellents are highly poisonous and can cause major health concerns if inhaled or swallowed.

So all you need to do is hang some plants around your porch light to see a difference.
4. Keep the bugs at bay by placing a fan near the light.
Fanning the bugs away is a good, albeit temporary, approach to keep them at bay. This strategy, however, will only work as long as the fan is turned on.

However, if you don’t mind leaving the fan going, it can be a good alternative for relaxing evenings on the porch.

Place a modest fan near your porch light to enjoy bug-free porch time. Alternatively, if you have a ceiling fan on your porch, set it to low or medium speed to keep the pests at bay.

However, make sure the fan is not aimed straight at you, since this will only blow the bugs in your face.
You can even direct it at plants or screens to keep bugs away from you without blowing them in your face. So, turn on the fan and enjoy your evening.

5. Install a screen or netting to keep bugs out.
Netting and screening are two types of cloth that are frequently used to keep bugs away from porch lights. It’s comprised of thin, crossing threads that let air and light in while keeping bugs out.
Begin by encircling your porch light with a screen or netting. This will establish a barrier that bugs will find difficult to overcome.

However, make sure to select a material that is specifically meant to keep pests out, otherwise you may be wasting your time.

Although mosquito netting will keep other insects out, it will not keep flying insects out, such as moths. However, if the problem is crawling insects such as ants, this could be the ideal solution.

However, keep in mind that screens and netting might be unsightly. If you’re looking for a more attractive result, you might want to try a different method.

6. Include Citronella Candles in Your Display
Citronella is an essential oil derived from plants in the genus Cymbopogon. It has a strong lemony odour that is known to repel insects.
Adding citronella candles to your porch light setup will help keep bugs at bay.

However, keep in mind that citronella candles must be burnt in order to function. As a result, if you don’t use them, they won’t be effective. Also, make certain that the candles are strategically placed.
Place the candles around the edge of your porch, for example, if you’re trying to keep mosquitoes away. This will establish a barrier that will make it more difficult for them to approach you.

But don’t be concerned. Citronella candles are widely available and reasonably priced. They can also be purchased online or at most sporting goods retailers.

7. Arrange a few basil leaves around the porch light.
Basil leaves, a type of plant, can be used to keep bugs away from porch lights. They have a pungent, minty odour that bugs despise.

You can either place the leaves on the lamp directly or in a sachet.

However, change the leaves every few days because they can lose their efficacy over time. It may also be ineffective against all types of pests.

If you’re dealing with a certain sort of bug, such as mosquitoes, you should attempt a different strategy.

Mosquito netting and fans, for example, can help keep mosquitos away from porch lights. If you live in a rainy area, the mosquito will most likely visit.
Alternatively, you can scatter garlic cloves around the porch light to deter mosquitoes.

You can also come upon a gecko near your porch light. The good news is that geckos are beneficial since they consume bugs. So, if you come across one near your light, just leave it alone.

8. Select The LED Porch Light LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. When an electric current is passed through them, they emit light.

One advantage of using an LED light is that it does not generate as much heat as other types of lightbulbs.

This makes bugs less likely to be drawn to the light. To keep the bugs at bay, try an LED porch light instead of a standard lightbulb.

This will also help you save electricity and money on your energy bill. All you have to do is purchase an LED porch light and screw it into place.
These lights are available at most hardware stores and online. Alternatively, you can upgrade your existing porch light to an LED light. Begin by unscrewing the old lightbulb and replacing it with an LED bulb.
Make certain that you buy the correct size so that it fits snuggly into the socket. Enjoy your bug-free porch light once you’ve installed an LED light!

How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Porch Light
Both bugs and insects are naturally drawn to light. If you have a porch light, there’s a good chance you’ve had your fair share of bug encounters.

So here are some suggestions and tactics for keeping pests away from your porch light and making your outside environment more comfortable.

Remove Standing Water: Remove any puddles or other sources of standing water around your light. This can be accomplished by either filling in puddles or emptying any containers storing water.
Maintain Your Lighting: A dirty light is another bug attractant. If your light is littered with dead bugs, it will attract other bugs hunting for a meal. So make sure your light is clean and free of dead insects.
When not in use, turn off your light: There’s no reason to keep your light on if you’re not using it. Turning it off not only saves energy, but it also makes your porch less appealing to bugs.
Finally, here’s how to keep bugs away from porch lights.
Porch lights are an ideal breeding ground for pests. They are drawn to light and may simply fly in and out of the aperture.
While you may not be able to totally eliminate the bugs, there are some steps you can take to make it more difficult for them to congregate near your porch light.

We’ve included eight alternative methods for keeping bugs away from your porch light; choose the one that works best for you.

Don’t forget to use some of the tips and tactics we’ve offered to add an extra layer of security. Soon, you’ll be able to sit on your porch and relax without being harassed by a single bug.

8 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Light Fixtures
It’s difficult to keep the bugs away from the porch light. That is why many people, including yourself, have numerous questions. As a result, I’ve included some of them in this post to provide acceptable replies.

Q1. How much does it cost to keep bugs away from the porch light?
Ans: It depends on a variety of elements such as the type of light, how long you want to keep it on, and so on. However, it will typically cost you $5-$10 per month.

Q2. Can I keep bugs away from the porch light by using a regular light bulb?
Yes, you can use a standard light bulb, however it will be less effective than an LED light. It will also generate greater heat, which may be an issue for some.

Q3. Is it possible to keep bugs away from my light without using chemicals?
Ans: You can keep pests away by repelling them with natural plants. Many plants, like lavender, catnip, and others, can help keep bugs away from your light.



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