How To Make Money With The Amazon Seller

this post reveals how to make
money with the amazon seller app and how
complete beginners are using this to
make a hundred
to seven hundred dollars a day with no
experience more than after the intro
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so I remember when I was a broke college
student and suddenly become a dentist we
would try finding like
so many ways to make money online you
know me and my dad were literally just
finding so many different side hustles
and we were testing almost one new one
every single week and it was pretty hard
as a complete beginner that didn’t have
any money
as well as experience to go ahead and
get started but we wanted to you know
succeed we wanted to try something we
wanted to find a way to for example
pay off our credit card bills you know
my dad’s mortgage
our student loan debt as well as like
for example, having enough money to go
ahead and finally feel free instead of
being stuck
you know in a job that we did not like
and one of the business models that we
found out was exactly crazy was
actually downloading this amazon seller
app for free
on our phones and literally using this
to make money
uh how it essentially worked right was i
remember you know for example
uh several years ago when we were first
getting started before we built multiple
like really big businesses that generate
really good money
like as you can see from one business um
in the past 30 days alone
uh we have netted about like for example
50 000 net using
the crazy methods that we learned online
we would literally download this app
and we would go to places like Costco we
would go to places like
Walmart we would go to places like
dollar tree
every single time we’d go grocery
shopping for food we would literally get
this app
and we would scan things down the aisle
why was I actually doing this right
it was like really weird when I was
doing it but like
why were i and hundreds of other people
doing this because you could essentially
make money
by finding products that could
essentially sell really well on amazon
it’s actually very simple when you
download this app there is this barcode
a scanner on the app and what it
essentially it is all like these
products for example notebooks or even
weird crackers that you would get like
at the gas stations
they have a barcode that you can
essentially just scan it right
essentially what it is it will tell you
how much profit you can make if you
literally, ship this to amazon
right now think about how crazy this is
if it tells you
how much you can sell it for and the
the profit you can make all you got to do is
look at the actual product
that you just scanned and see if should i
buy it or not you could start even very
small and just see if this is something
that would work
that’s exactly what we did because
number one we didn’t have any tech
savviness to know how to like
for example, buy products from china and
then send them to for example
Amazon in the beginning before we got
into that, we didn’t have the capital to
invest in thousands of dollars
but what I realized is we could
literally use this method to arbitrage
our way to maybe 500 to a thousand
um you know like in profit where then we
could start you know different other
business models
and we I remember you know doing this
you know we literally got to the point where
we were literally sending things to
and making some sales with it based off
of things that we were just flipping
right like we would find like for
example something in Costco that would
be like maybe five dollars
and we looked at the price on amazon and
it was selling for like fifteen dollars
so all we would have to do is would
buy it for five dollars
right we would bring it home we would go
print the labels and then ship it to
and because we didn’t have to create our
own amazon listing
because it was already existing on
amazon we would just kind of like
exist in an already existing business
now the coolest thing about that is
all that became was a game of flipping
right so we bought one product at five
sold it for 15 maybe profited five
dollars now we have like ten dollars
we would buy something else um we would
maybe buy two of what we just got to sell
it again for like 30
then we profit like 20 bucks then we
have 20 bucks and every single time we
would take the profit and just reinvest
it back from the arbitrage to the point
you know some of these people that are
interviewing my podcast they’re doing
half a million dollars a year in revenue
with this right
some of these are the ones that like for
example this guy’s mentor this guy makes a
million dollars per month profit with
these businesses
and other various businesses that
actually got started
with this method of just literally going
in and downloading this amazon seller
going to whenever you’re grocery
shopping and just scanning the products
you’re already seeing
it’s literally like a no-risk situation
because you know worst case scenario if
like you can’t make a sale from it you
just don’t buy it right
but then you could also start small and
you don’t have to take the profits of
you know your job
your career you don’t have to invest
like your 401k you can literally start
with like five or ten or twenty dollars
test it out and if you get a couple of
sales from you know your amazon seller
you start realizing oh my god this works
it becomes a done-for-you process kind
of like
eBay dropshipping which we have a bunch
of different videos but you leverage the
the fact that there’s literally
trillions of dollars being processed
through amazon
like and that’s the craziest thing about
that is right and when you understand the
opportunity of that
you can get it to the point where you’re
getting at least a hundred dollars a day
but of course, we ended up pivoting
because I didn’t want to spend all my
time going to grocery shops
and for example, scanning the moment you
get to a new position you want to go
ahead and pivot to an easier business
a model which is what we did
we did digital e-commerce where it’s a
virtual commerce where we’re not
selling physical products anymore
or if we are we’re selling someone
else’s physical products so we just get
a cut out of their commission
it’s an even more streamlined approach to
this is where you know people are giving
you have 50 to 75 percent
of you know physical products or digital
products there are even supplements you
could go ahead and do it as well
this is how in the past 30 days we’ve
netted about like 50 grand net right
and if you want to know exactly how we
are doing it and how hundreds of our
students are going from zero dollars a
to ten dollars eight to a hundred
dollars to even a thousand dollars a
day and more
without actually having to go to a brick
and mortar stores and doing this
the method then make sure you sign up for
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check out this video in this video see
you guys later

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