How to Pin Xbox Game Bar Widgets in Windows 10

How to Pin Xbox Game Bar Widgets in Windows 10


We’ve all heard of the Xbox Game Bar that comes with Windows 10. The Xbox Game Bar is the most intriguing feature that came with one of the Windows 10 versions. In addition to the solo settings, it provided gamers with a fresh and rich gameplay experience. Everyone enjoys recording gameplay footage and taking screenshots with the game bar. The game bar has grown with several options and settings since its launch in Windows 10. One of the previous Windows 10 updates also provided laptop gamers a boost to improve their games. Isn’t this an intriguing piece of software?

Widget Xbox Game Bar


Let’s reveal one of Windows 10’s many hidden mysteries today. Have you ever considered what the function of this game bar is other than recording games and capturing screenshots? What if I told you there’s more to it? You can use the Xbox Game Bar overlays on your system as widgets to monitor system performance, use Spotify, modify sound settings, and so on.

Windows 10 users can save the Xbox Game Bar widget.

Game Bar Widgets provide the following options, which you can select one or all of.



Adjust the game’s and background programs’ audio levels.
Capture a video of the game or a snapshot of the application.
Open the Gallery folder to view recorded game videos and screenshots.
Looking for Group is a search engine that can help you locate participants for your favorite multiplayer games.
Performance (Beta) – monitor your game’s and system’s FPS (Frames Per Second).
Spotify allows you to listen to and manage tracks.
Xbox Achievements – Shows your gaming progress and achievements.
Voice and text chats are available in Xbox Chat.
Widget Xbox Game Bar

Remember that these widgets are overlays and may appear on top of other application windows. This can disrupt your day-to-day work until you become used to it.

Press the Win + G keys together. The Xbox Game Bar will float over the screen. When you launch the game bar, various overlays will be present by default.

On the game bar, click the Overlay Menu button next to the clock.


Choose from the available widgets. If you wish to choose a different overlay as your favorite than the default, click the star.

Now, click the Pin button to keep your overlay fixed to the screen.


Take use of the newly added overlay on the screen. Some overlays allow you to maximize and shrink them based on your need. pinned-overlay

Remove the Xbox Game Bar widget.
Press the Win + G keys together. The Xbox Game Bar will float over the screen.

Now, select the widget you wish to remove off the screen by clicking on its Pin button.


You may easily pin and unpin widgets (overlays) from Game Bar on the screen this manner.

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