How To Recover Yahoo Password Without Backup Email Or Phone Number

How To Recover Yahoo Password Without Backup Email Or Phone Number


If you have access to the recovery phone number you provided when you registered the account, you can easily reset a lost password. If you don’t have either, there is one other alternative.

You may be able to reset your account using the Yahoo Sign-in Helper. It can give you a glimmer of hope if you’re afraid you’ve lost all access to your email.

How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo Password
To begin, navigate to To begin the recovery process, click or touch the orange “Can’t access your account?” icon. Yahoo will then prompt you to enter your account name, recovery email address, or phone number. Even if you don’t know the other details, you should be able to start the process by entering your account name.

Even if you’re missing information, you should be able to answer the prompts and acquire a new password depending on a few distinct variables in your account’s configuration. Once you’ve logged in to your Yahoo account with your new password, go to Account Settings and follow the prompts to change your password and properly establish your phone number.


If you are unable to access your account in this manner and do not have access to your previous phone number or recovery email, your account has most likely been locked. Yahoo must do this to prevent someone from gaining unauthorized access to unoccupied accounts.

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Utilizing a Recovery Email Address
In some circumstances, if you use a recovery email address that you still have access to but don’t have the recovery phone number, you may be able to retrieve your password. You only need to complete the following:

Enter your email address on the Yahoo Login screen.

Email Address Input
Click “Next,” and then, when prompted for your password, select “I Forgot My Password.”
It will attempt to validate the missing digits of your cellphone number; select “No, I don’t know the Digits.”
It will now display your recovery email; select the “Yes” button to send me an account key.
Obtain this account key from your email address and use it to unlock your account and set a new password.
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hey everyone welcome back to my youtube
channel get SS dotnet so I’m back again
with another Yahoo tutorial in this
video I will show you how you can
recover your yahoo account if you don’t
have any recovery email address or phone
number linked to it so in case you don’t
have any of the recovery options you can
still recover your account using this
method that I’m going to explain right
here okay so let’s begin with the method
first of all you have to go to the
official website that is and
next step you know you have to log into
your yahoo account click on sign in here
you have to enter the username you know
that and then click on next after that
click on the forward password option now
here you will be asked to enter the
verification code but if you don’t have
access to the recovery email address you
can click on this option that you can
see right here try another way to sign
in now here you are getting two options
called premium customer care that is
unavailable right now you to corona
virus pandemic and visit our free help
site right so the calling option is
currently not available
but it is normally available so you can
avail that or you can visit the yeah who
help page okay
so here you will find several solutions
using which you can fix the problem
signing into your yahoo account you can
read the articles all the articles
available here and you can apply the
troubleshooting whatever suits to your
situation okay so the calling option is
currently not available but it may have
label it
so that was all thank you for watching
the video

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