How to Remove Bing from Windows 11 | Disable Bing from Microsoft Edge | Remove Bing Redirect from MAC



hey guys welcome back to my youtube
and i am back again with another
interesting and requested
video so in today’s video i’m going to
talk about
how you can remove bing as the default
engine from your microsoft edge browser
and how you can set google as the
one all right so if you are using
microsoft edge browser
you can set google as your default
search engine
in few simple steps all right but before
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videos all right so let’s start so
first of all i will try to search
something in a new tab
and we will see which search engine it
as default so here i am searching
for facebook
and as you can see the search results
are being shown in the bing
search engine so if you want you can
remove the bing
as default search engine and you can set
google as your
default one so whenever you will search
it the results will be shown in the
google search engine for that
first of all you have to go to
all right in the same tab on a new tab
whatever you want and then
to set it as default click on the menu
icon right here
and from there click on settings all
now here you have to click on advanced
and then scroll down and you will see an
option that is address bar
search click on change search provider
so this will change the default search
engine so here you can see that bing has
been set as default
so you have to simply select google
and then click on set as default
so now you can see that google has been
set as default
search engine now we will see if the
changes have been made or not
so again i will search for something
and let’s see
so yeah now you can see the search
results are being displayed in the
search engine so that’s how you can
change your default search engine in
edge browser hope this video was helpful
for you
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