How To Soundproof A Closet On A Budget

How To Soundproof A Closet On A Budget



A closet has numerous advantages, including the ability to keep all of your belongings, clothing, makeup, and accessories in a one location.

Some cabinets are simple and resemble a closet, while others can be large enough that you can step in, have a look at yourself, and plan your outfit for the day.

Closets are becoming more popular, and many people have them in their beds. People even convert their closets into audio recording studios. In such instances, it is critical to make the cabinets soundproof, which is not straightforward.

However, with the right tactics, you may achieve maximum silence without spending a fortune. This post will show you how to get a soundproof closet in the simplest method possible.

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What Exactly Is A Closet?
Most people are familiar with closets, and you may have one in your bedroom. However, as previously stated, they are utilised to keep your belongings, such as clothing, shoes, or other common materials.

They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose the size that best fits your needs based on your budget. If you look at any photographs on the Internet, you will notice that closets come in a variety of sizes.

Fashion trends
A large piece of furniture hung on a wall.
A separate room with wooden furniture such as almirahs, drawers, and hangers. To keep your belongings safe.
We’re talking about the last one because these closets are enormous and can provide you with several perks such as recording or some time in silence if soundproofed properly.

What Is the Purpose of a Soundproof Closet?
If the primary purpose is to store clothes, why does it need to be soundproofed? There could be several explanations for this.

You wish you could get ready and spend some time alone in a soundproofed closet.
You can use it for other things as well, such as recording or meditating.
When you’re feeling anxious, walk into your closet and unwind.
In actuality, a soundproof closet has numerous advantages. But first, you must invest in the necessary tools and accurately install the gear.

Seven Simple Ways to Soundproof a Closet
We have identified the seven most accessible ways to use them, and they are simple to implement in any closet.

1. Make use of Acoustic Panels
An acoustic panel is a foam panel that you may attach to the walls of your closet. They absorb the majority of outside noise, providing a quiet experience.
They are available in a variety of designs and colours on any internet marketplace. They all work the same manner; the only difference is the size, shape, or paint.

Buy the one you prefer and stick it to your walls with a high-quality adhesive. They are inexpensive and offer your closet a professional appearance.

They do, however, have significant drawbacks, such as

Using an acoustic panel alone will never completely eliminate noise. You must also use additional materials.
Most of them are dark in colour, so if you are picky about colours, you will need to cover them with sheets. It adds to your workload and costs.
They are simple to install, but they are also delicate and easily worn off.
To fix the noise problem instantly, an acoustic panel is an excellent solution. They may not be very effective, but they are more than adequate if you do not want to record sound in your closet.

Closed doors and acoustic panels fitted on all walls provide a good experience without spending a lot of money.
2. Drywall Layer
This is one of the more expensive solutions, but it is unquestionably worthwhile to invest the money and work. Drywall is a type of building material that is used to build walls and ceilings. They come in large, thick sheets that you may cut to fit your closet and attach with cement or other adhesives.

To correctly repair drywall, follow these procedures.

Make a wooden frame for the drywall sheet to be installed on.
For a better experience, fill the empty spaces in the wooden frames with acoustic panels (not compulsory).
Using iron nails and adhesives, secure the drywall sheet to the wooden frame.
Allow it to dry before applying a good finish. Use sandpaper to remove any excess cement, and then coat your drywall with the desired colour.
It appears to be a lot of effort; most people will not do it themselves, and you may require professional assistance. Furthermore, the cost of the drywall sheet and labour charges will raise your costs.
As a result, it is the most expensive option on this list, but it fills the entire closet and provides an extra dense layer that prevents the majority of noise. The addition of an acoustic panel is the icing on the cake.

If you are not recording, you do not need to go through this lengthy process. Simply follow the previous steps for basic soundproofing.

3. Build Thick Closet Walls
It is the fundamental principle that applies to all types of soundproofing, whether they be doors, panels, windows, or walls. Simply make them thicker, and they will assist to muffle most noises. You can use the solutions I just described, or you can go with these basic and inexpensive options.

Extra sheet of MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl)
hefty moving blankets
1. MLV is a sort of glue that arrives in liquid form, but once applied and dried, it solidifies and provides a stunning plastic-like finish. You can paint multiple layers of MLV on your closet walls using a brush; this process will take time, and you may have to wait several days for a decent finish. However, it is a low-cost, effective, and simple DIY alternative that everyone can attempt.

2. Using an extra sheet of wood is also an excellent alternative because it adds an extra layer that helps to block out noises. Furthermore, compared to drywall, putting those wooden sheets is significantly easier. Use adhesives to directly glue the sheet to the closet wall, or construct a wooden frame to hold the sheet in place. It works best in either case.
3. Moving blankets can also be hung on the sides of your closet. They are not a perfect or permanent solution, and they do not provide a decent finish. Use them as a backup plan because everything is better than nothing.
4. A Floor Sound Absorber
As you speak, the sound will hit the floor and produce an echoing effect. You will wonder why this is occurring, but you will never learn why. In such cases, the best alternative is to cover the floor with sound-absorbing material, which will provide you with a completely soundproof closet.

Many sounds can pass through the empty space beneath your closet doors. The material used to cover the floor will also aid in packing that space.
Carpets are a good and less expensive choice.
Blankets are the most effective.
Sound-absorbing blocks are fantastic.
1. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the floor, use some carpets and you’re done. It provides a satisfactory experience, however please use cloth-covered mats. They must absorb sound, and utilising those plastic carpets is an additional cost. It will also not help with soundproofing.

2. Thick blankets are the next best option. You may especially find thick blankets at thrift stores and thoroughly repair them for a superior finish. It’s another inexpensive alternative for rapidly covering the floor that won’t break the budget.

3. Sound-absorbing blocks are precisely developed to provide total soundproofing. However, employing them will be costly, will raise the height of your floor, and you may want outside assistance to install them.

5. Fill in all the gaps and holes
Looking in the closet, you may not notice any holes or empty areas, but all cabinets are constructed of wood, and carpenters cut holes for wiring. If they leave a large gap, you will have a major problem.
You must inspect the wiring and look for holes in those hidden places. Check the sides, top, and bottom of your closet doors as well. If you come across any vacant spaces or holes, instantly fill them with

Adhesives of high quality
Vinyl in Large Quantities
Weather strips or rubber blocks can be used on the door.
Use door mush, rugs, or welcome mats to seal the bottom.
Even a small hole will ruin the entire experience. If you’ve tried everything to acquire a soundproof closet and are still having problems, start looking for little gaps. They could be the most important reason.
6. Install Noise-Cancelling Curtains
If you only need a temporary solution, curtains are one of the finest solutions; use heavy curtains to block out most outside noises.

Even curtains will absorb sound and prevent the echoing effect that is common in soundproof closets.

However, simply hanging the curtains might not yield the finest results. Instead of two or three curtains, we’d like you to utilise just one for a single wall.

Stretch and tight fit it on the side walls so that it works as an extra layer on the wall. It will assist you in achieving the best soundproofing experience possible.

Heavy curtains are easily found in any local or online store.
They are a low-cost and simple-to-install solution.
Available in a variety of colours and designs. You achieve the required appearance.
You can easily do it yourself without hiring a professional.
Curtains have several advantages, but the main disadvantage is that they do not block out noise and are not a permanent solution.
Use it as a backup plan!

7. Use Corner Bass Traps
The corners of your closet may reflect the sound, creating an echoing impression. I’m sure you don’t want to hear that frightening echo sound after spending so much money and work. Install bass traps in the corners, for example.
A bass trap is constructed of foam in a variety of forms and styles. They can also be used for walls and pillars, not just corners.

Some bass traps resemble an egg tray, while others may have elaborate designs. You have hundreds of possibilities from which to choose.

It’s another inexpensive alternative that produces excellent results. A bass trap is simple to setup and may be done by anyone. Other advantages include.

They aid in the reduction of echoes.
Made with a one-of-a-kind substance that is ideal for sound absorption.
It is inexpensive and simple to install in any closet.
It is available in a variety of trendy styles and provides a professional finish.
You may order them online! There are numerous internet tutorials available that will show you the finest installation procedures. If you’ve never heard of them or have no idea how to install them, watch those videos before diving into fixing them.

They are simple to set up, but you will never receive the desired experience if you make a mistake.

Finally, How To Soundproof A Closet
These are the top seven choices for a soundproof closet. It may appear to be a lot of labour, but if we leave the drywall out, all of the other choices on the list are really simple to try and can be done by anyone.

Also, don’t get overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities. Consider these requirements before making your selection.
What is the goal? Are you looking to turn your closet into a recording studio, or are you looking for a more personal experience?
How much money are you willing to put up?
Do you have any DIY experience or do you require professional assistance?
These minor details are crucial in determining a budget and completing the task. If you want to have a personal experience, you can do so on a tight budget.

However, if you want a recording area with no noise, you must invest much.

Finally, if you’ve exhausted all other options and still believe something is lacking, consider using a white noise machine. It’s easy to find on Amazon.

This machine does not block noise, but rather generates noises that cancel out outside noise and provide the finest soundproofing experience. Try it, and you will notice a change.

7 Simple Ways to Soundproof a Closet
Most people do this process alone and run into numerous problems. We developed a list of frequently asked questions on several platforms.

Q1. How Do I Stop Sound From Penetrating Closet Walls?
Ans: It is caused by thin closet walls. It would be beneficial if you thickened the walls for this purpose. MLV, an extra piece of wood, drywall, curtains, heavy paint, or acoustic panels can all be used. Choose a material based on your budget.

Q2. Is it simple to convert a closet into a recording studio?
Ans: Obtaining basic soundproofing experience is straightforward, but converting a closet into a recording booth necessitates expense and effort. You may even need to seek expert assistance at times.

Q3. What is the best material for soundproofing?
Because drywall is hefty, it is the finest material for soundproofing. Creates an additional layer for your closet to provide you with the greatest permanent experience. However, it is an expensive choice.

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