Islam is a religion which teaches modesty and shows us how to
rectify ourselves so that we may become better people. To live a
modest and respectful life is of great importance to every person. If
one wishes to be respected in his or her respective community, then
one must live a pure, honest and modest life.
It is sad that the world has become such a corrupt place and people
have become so immodest today that we respect those who are
known for their immodest actions and their sinful behaviour. We
tend to respect people for their wealth, power and position, instead of
respecting them for being good and modest people.
Immodesty is something that will definitely be a means to our
destruction. The very same immodesty has been a means of
destruction for nations and communities before us. We should try our
best to live modest and honourable lives.
The Holy Prophet of Islam  said, “Modesty is a branch of faith.”
meaning that a truly religious person is a person who lives a modest
life. Those amongst us today have forgotten their roots and the
importance of being examples for the future generation. Today,
adultery and fornication has become so common that many of us do
not even think of it to be a sinful and immodest act.
People openly display sexual intimacy to one another on streets and
in the presence of their children and sometimes even in the presents
of their parents. Consumption of alcohol is another sinful act that
leads a person to become immodest. When a person takes in large
amounts of alcohol, he or she becomes totally intoxicated and such a
person is not even aware of their own condition.
They do not have any respect and regard for themselves or those
around them. Such people make a spectacle of themselves and for
that moment they do not care about what they say or do and tend not
only to hurt the feelings of those around them, but on numerous
occasions they even cause physical harm to those who they claim to
love and care for.
These are all immodest actions and are a means to ones spiritual
destruction. An immodest person is usually a person who does not
care about what others think or feel. He feels that he is exempt from
all the ethical and moral codes of conduct that have been put into
place to make man a better person. Such a person is of no use to
himself or to anyone else. An immodest person is actually a person
who thrives on being immodest and thinks that it is some kind of
superior quality that he possesses.
This, in reality is not true. He does not have a superior quality, but he
has brought himself so low that he has no standing a community
where people live modest and pure lives. The only place where he
will find comfort and satisfaction is in the company of those who
think and behave like he does. An immodest person becomes so
deeply caught up in his way of life, that he openly commits sinful
acts and thinks nothing of it. In other words, he commits adultery etc.
and then publicises this amongst his friends. In other words, he has
no remorse for sinning and does not see his actions as sinful any
The Holy Prophet of Islam  said, “My entire Ummah will be
forgiven except for those immoral persons who openly commit sins
and publicise it amongst the people.”
“Think about the way in which you live your life. Are you living a
modest life or do you thrive on immodesty?”

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