Maudoodi Criticism on Islam

Information taken from:
by: Allama Arshadul Qadri.
Maktaba Jaame Noor, Delhi

All quotes are with references, with page numbers of books by Maudoodi.

According to Maudoodi, the Sun-Worshipers, Stone-Worshipers etc. are on the right path too:
Maudoodi, “If a human being (Insaan)believes in God (Khuda) or not, prostrates to God or stone, worships God or something else – but if he/she is following the rules of nature and live by those rules then indeed he/she without knowledge and without intention is Praising (doing Tasbeeh) of God, worshiping HIM.(Allah).”(Tafheemat, Part 1 Page 43)

What happened to Tawheed (the oneness of Allah Ta’ala and La ilaaha illal lah) and ONLY Allah’s worthiness of worship? According to Quran and Ahadith anyone who worships other than Allah Ta’ala is a disbeliever (Kafir) but according to Maudoodi they are on the right path. Here Maudoodi is out-rightly rejecting the orders of Allah (the Supreme) and His Noble Apostle (blessings & peace be Upon Him).

Criticism on Quran and Allah Ta’ala’s Orders:
Maudoodi, “In places where the quality of social behavior is so low that illicit relationships (i.e. adultery) are not considered wrong – to impose the Shariah prescribed (Islamic Law) punishment of Zina and Qazaf in such places, is indeed an injustice (Zulm)”(Tafheemat, Part 2 Page 281)
Whoever rejects one Ayat (verse) of Quran is definitely not a Muslim. Here Maudoodi has rejected the Quran’s punishment on Zina. The Quran is the Word of Allah Ta’ala. Therefore Maudoodi has a problem with Allah Ta’ala’s prescribed punishments. He thinks he knows what’s better for people and what’s right and what’s wrong – more than Allah Ta’ala (Na-ozubillah).

According to him it’s not a must to believe in Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him:
Maudoodi, “The people who, due to ignorance and illiteracy, do not believe in the truthfulness of the Arab Prophet Rasoole Arabi (peace be upon him) but believe in the previous prophets and live peacefully will get as much part of Allah’s Rehmat (Mercy) as their punishment will be reduced.” (Tafheemat, Part 1 Page 168)

Here Maudoodi has rejected the Kalima. How can one be blessed if he/she does not believe on the second part of Kalima (Mohammad ur-Rasool Allah). Yet another example of Maudoodi’s rejection of the basic tenets of Islam & rejection of the orders of Allah (the Supreme) and His Noble Apostle (blessings & peace be Upon Him).

Criticism on Prophet Peace Be Upon Him:
Maudoodi, “The reason the prophet (Nabi Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasallam) achieved the great success in Arabia was simply because of the amazing recruits he (peace be upon him) had found. Had he (peace be upon him) been surrounded by weak, coward, untrustworthy and ill willed people would he (peace be upon him) have then achieved the same results?” (Tehreeke Islami ki Ikhlaqi Bunyadain, Page 17)

So what about Allah Ta’ala’s assistance? What about our beloved Prophet’s (blessings & peace be upon him) own prophetic & miraculous abilities? In other words, as per Maudoodi, the abilities of the people who accepted faith was the cause of success, and not the ability of those who made them Muslims.

Criticism of the Prophet’s Sunnah:
Maudoodi, “To classify as Sunnah, those routine domestic tasks the prophet (peace be upon him) performed out of habit, and then ask all the humans of the world to follow them – Allah and Rasool (peace be upon him) never intended that. This is an addition in religion.

I believe, that to acknowledge these things as Sunnah and then insist to follow them is a harsh Bid’ah (innovation) and a dangerous addition. This has showed bad results and might produce bad results in future too.” (Rasaail O Masaail, Part 2 Page 300, with reference of Magazine “Mansab”, Risalat addition)

No Sunnah in a Muslim’s life? Is following the Sunnah a Bid’ah? Allah and Rasool (Peace be upon him) never intended that? Has Maudoodi ever read the Quran and Ahadith? Oh sorry – this guy’s Quran translation (which is full of errors) is in many of the houses of the world, so he must have. I wonder should people carry on with his Quranic work or throw those copies in the ocean? Dear Muslims, save your faith! Please.

Maudoodi’s denial of Ahadeeth:
Maudoodi, “The teachings of Quran and Sunnate Rasool (Traditions of the Holy Prophet) are a must for all but not from the old collection of Quranic exegesis (Tafseer) and Ahadeeth.” (Tanqihaat, Page 114)

Hmm, no old collection of Ahadeeth? How would that be possible unless we get a new Rasool? Or a new Rasool every few years to keep the Ahadeeth fresh?

Maudoodi’s constitution for Jama’at-e-Islami’s membership:
Maudoodi, “No one would be included as a member in Jama’at on the grounds that he was born in a Muslim’s home, his name is like Muslims so he must be a Muslim.

Similarly, if someone recites the words of Kalema Tayyaba only with his tongue without understanding its meaning, that person will not be able to join the Jama’at”. (Dastoor Jamate Islami, Page 26)

If being born in a Muslim home, to have a Muslim name & to recite the Kalema, are not enough to accept any one as a Muslim, then what are the right criteria?

Unless we witness the rejection of belief from that person – like we have been witnessing from Maudoodi – we have to accept them as Muslims according to the injunctions of the Holy Quran and Ahadeeth. If the Quran and Ahadeeth teach us this, then who is Maudoodi to deny these sacred Laws of Shariat?

These are a few of the examples quoted here – but the list goes on and on. What a fraud he was.

All of the above can be verified by reading the books of Maudoodi. We appeal to all Muslims NOT to read his exegesis or translation of Quran. It has many serious errors as explains the Qur’an by his own thoughts – whatever comes in his mind and what he believes – instead of writing the real meaning of the Quran. May Allah Ta’ala save us all from his trial & turmoil. Aameen.

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