Prayers for the night of 15th of Sha’ban

Prayers for the night of 15th of Sha’ban


On the fifteenth day of Sha’baan, after Zuhr prayer, offer four raka’at Namaaz two salaams.

(2 sets of 2 raka’at A each).

In the first raka’at, after ‘Al-ham-du’ recite ‘Surah Zilzaal’ (Surah beginning with “I-zaa Zul-zi-la-til ar-du’) once.

and ‘Surah Ikhlas (Qul-hu-wallah)’ ten times.

In the second raka’at, after ‘Al-ham-du’ recite ‘Surah -Takaasur’ (Surah beginning with Al- Haaku) once.

and Surah Ikhlas’ ten times.

In the third raka’at, after ‘Al-ham-du’ recite Surah Kaafiroon’ (Qul-yaa aiy-yu-ha…) three times and ‘Surah ch) Ikhlas’ ten times.

In the fourth raka’at du’ after ‘Al-ham-du’ recite ‘Aaya-tul- and Kursi’ three times and Surah Ikhlas’ twenty-five times.

on the day of judgment Allah, the almighty will pay special attention to one who performs this Sallah.

Recite the holy Quran, Darood Sharif, Salatutut-tasbeeh and other wazifa in the night of 15th of Sha’ban


Allah’s Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) says,

“The one who offers twelve raka’at (6 sets of 2 raka’at each) in the first night of Sha’baan, in each raka’at, after ‘Al-ham-du’ recites ‘Qul- hu-wal-lah’ five times,

Allah the Almighty will give him a reward of twelve thousand martyrs and virtues of twelve thousand years will be recorded in his name.

and he will become free from sins as if he was born that day.”

It is recorded in ‘Rauze Al-Afkaar that Hazrat Isa (Alaihissalam) passed near a mountain.

He saw a big white stone. Since it was a very different kind of stone, he was looking at it with surprise. the Allah the Almighty conveyed to him.  “Would you like to see something more surprising than this ?” Hazrat Isa (Alaihissalam) said, “Yes, my Lord.”

The stone burst open and a man came out of it holding a green colored stick in his hand.

There was a grape-tree beside him. The man said This is my daily food.” Hazrat Isa (Alaihissalam) asked him, “Since when are you busy worshipping Allah in this stone ?” He replied, “Since four hundred years.”

Hazrat Isa (Alaihissalam) pleaded to Allah, “l feel that you have not created anyone better than this man.”

Allah the Almighty conveyed, That person from the people of Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) who offers two raka’at on the night of 15th Sha’baan will be better than the four hundred year’s that worship.”

Hazrat Isa (Alaihissalam) said, hear “l wish I were among the people one of Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa of Sallam).