Security Features and Enhancements in Windows 11


Windows 11 Security Enhancements and Features

Windows 7 builds on Windows Vista’s strong security history, retaining and expanding on the development methods and technologies that made Windows Vista the most secure version of the Windows client to date.

11th edition of Windows

Windows 11 Security Features

Kernel Patch Defense, Service Hardening, Data Execution Prevention, Address Space Layout Randomization, and Mandatory Integrity Levels continue to provide increased malware and attack protection.

* Windows 11 builds on Windows Vista’s security fundamentals while improving auditing and UAC experience. With AppLockerTM, Windows 11 allows IT to manage what apps can run in their environment. With the introduction of BitLocker To GoTM for detachable storage devices, Windows 7 expands the basic functionalities of BitLockerTM Drive Encryption.

Improved Auditing

Windows 7 includes expanded audit tools to help organizations satisfy regulatory and business compliance needs.

User Account Control Simplified

User Account Control (UAC) was introduced in Windows Vista to assist older applications in running with standard user rights and to assist independent software vendors (ISVs) in adapting their software to function effectively with standard user rights. Windows 11 continues to invest in UAC by making specific modifications to improve the user experience. These modifications include lowering the number of operating system apps and processes that require administrative privileges, as well as enabling a flexible consent prompt behavior for users who continue to run with administrative privileges. As a result, ordinary users will be able to do even more than before, while all users will experience fewer prompts.


AppLocker, a flexible, easy-to-manage mechanism that allows IT to specify exactly what is allowed to run in the desktop infrastructure and gives users the ability to run applications, installation programs, and scripts that they require to be productive, re-energizes application control policies in Windows 11. As a result, IT can impose application standards inside their business while improving security, operational efficiency, and compliance.

BitLocker and BitLocker To Go are both encryption programs.

BitLocker Drive Encryption (BitLocker for short) prevents a burglar from breaching Windows 7 file and system protections or performing an offline reading of the files stored on the protected drive by booting another operating system or using a software hacking tool. BitLocker To Go adds support for BitLocker to removable storage devices like USB flash drives and portable disk drives.

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