Disobedience to ones father is disobedience to Allah Almighty, and
displeasure of the father, is displeasure of Allah Qahaar. If a person
keeps his parents pleased, then that is his Jannat (Heaven), and if he
displeases them, then this is hell. Until a person does not gain the
pleasure of his parents, neither are his Fard or his Nafil actions
accepted in actuality.
Such persons will not only be faced with punishment in the hereafter,
but they shall face great hardships even in this world. Allah forbid,
but for such persons, there fear of not having the opportunity of
reciting the Kalima on their deathbed.
The Holy Prophet  said, “Obedience to Allah is through
Obedience to ones father, and Allah’s displeasure is through the
displeasure of one’s father.”

In another Hadith, the Prophet  said, “Pleasure of Allah is in the
pleasure of the father, and displeasure of Allah is in the
displeasure of the father.”

In one narration, the Prophet  said, “Parents are either your
Heaven or your Hell.”

In one Hadith the Prophet  said, “The father is the middle door,
from all the doors of Jannat. Now if you desire, then your may lose
this door or keep it protected.”

The Prophet  also said, “Three persons will not enter Heaven:
One who disobeys his parents, a fornicator and a woman who
dresses like a man.”

Rasoolullah  said, “The punishment for all sins, Allah will give in
the hereafter, but that of one who disrespects his parents. He starts
receiving his punishment whilst on earth.”

It is in one narration, that there was a young man who on his
deathbed could not recite the Kalima. This message came to the
Prophet  who went to him and reminded him of the Kalima, and he
replied by saying that he could not recite it (even though he tried). It
was then confirmed that his mother was displeased with him. After
gaining her pleasure (forgiveness), then only was he able to recite the
O Muslims! After reading these Ahadith-e-Mubaaraka, you decide
whether you are amongst those who are obedient to your parents or
those who are disobedient?
If you are obedient, then definitely your soul must have received
great pleasure after reading the Ahadith of Rasoolullah . If you feel
that you have been disobedient, then there is still time.
Become Conscious! Repent in the Court of Almighty Allah, by using
the Wasila of Rasoolullah  and please and make happy your
parents, so as to protect your worldly life and your life in the
hereafter from destruction. May Almighty Allah bless us all with the
guidance to please our parents always. Aameen

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