The Kaffarah for breaking a fast (intentionally)


is that if
possible one should free one ‘Raqaba,’ in other words, to free one male
or female slave. For example, if he does not have a handmaid or slave,
or he does not have sufficient funds to buy one, or if he has the funds,
but a ‘Raqaba’ is not available, just as it is the case nowadays herein
India (and in other countries as slave trade is not exist), then one
should keep sixty fast one after the other, and if one is unable to do
this as well, then he (or she) should feed sixty needy persons a

stomach full meal for two meals. In the case of fasting, if in the midst
(of keeping the sixty fasts), even one day is missed, one should start
afresh from today again, and the fasts which were kept before this will
not be counted, even if he had already kept fifty-nine fasts, and even if
he missed out on that one because of illness or some other reason,
except in the case of a female, in the situation when she gets her
menstrual cycle, then, in this case, the days which she missed due to
her menstruation will not be counted as missed. In other words, the
fasts before the Haidh and the ones after the Haidh will be added up to
make sixty and this will fulfill the Kaffarah. [Many books of Fiqh,
Raddul Muhtar, vol.4, pg.447]

Law 26: If one broke two fasts, then he is liable for two Kaffarah, even
though he has not as yet discharged the Kaffarah of the first one.
[Raddul Muhtar]
In other words, if both fasts are from two separate
Ramadaan. If both fasts are from the same Ramadaan, and he has not
discharged the Kaffarah of the first fast as yet, then one Kaffarah is
sufficient for both. [Jauhira] More Juz’iyaat regarding Kaffarah will be
discussed in the Chapter on Zihaar, Insha Allah.
Law 27: Kaffarah will become Waajib on everyone, be it a freeman, a
slave, male, female, King, or beggar. Even if a slave-girl knew that True
Dawn has broken, and she mentioned to her master that true dawn
has not broken as yet, and he was intimate with her, Kaffarah is
Waajib on the slave-girl and her master will only be liable for Qaza.
[Raddul Muhtar, vol.2, pg.150]

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