What is Eid and how do Muslims celebrate it?


it is that time of the year when
millions of people following the Islamic
faith would get up to break the month
long fasts and celebrate Eid
but for non-muslims in India it has been
a bit different of late v non-muslims
wait for it for three main reasons
number one public holiday number two
feasting on biryani number three another
Salman Khan movie relieves the point of
the Muslim brothers and sisters
celebrate Eid but how many of us really
know why eat is celebrated your watching
why – 1vg official and this video shall
tell you why we celebrate eagle feather
so Islam has been around since the 7th
century what was founded by Prophet
Mohammed Islam stands today is the
world’s second largest religion but
about 24% of the world’s population
following this faith even further is
celebrated across the globe even via the
non-muslims join the celebration in one
way or the other
so here are four reasons why we
celebrate eagle feathers number one for
gratitude we have all seen a Muslim
clears past during the month of Ramadan
but what we did not know was that they
asked to show the gratitude to the
Almighty as it was the holy month of
Ramadan when Quran was first revealed
he’s a second month the celebration of
the successful completion of this fast
it is a way in which the Tangela for
guiding them through the month-long fast
number 2 for forgiveness just like being
grateful Muslims believe that one needs
to seek forgiveness from the Almighty
for their wrongdoings these wrongdoings
could be intentional and also those
which happen unknowingly more
importantly during Eid persons are
encouraged to forgive and forget any
animosity and enemity with others that
might have occurred during the year many
even consider seeking forgiveness from
elders and family members during this
holy festival
number 3 for charity the fasting for a
Muslim sure the discipline and obedience
were following all the rules that forbid
them from consuming any kind of food or
beverage by doing so they come close to
understanding the pain of the
underprivileged as an act of charity
Muslims pay money to the poor and the
end up
Muslims are expected to give an
obligatory charity amount on behalf of
each of the family members to the media
or the poor this way even the poor and
underprivileged would be able to
celebrate me and not feel depressed
number four for merriment like every
other festival in the world
Eid is celebrated to spread joy and
happiness among people people meet and
greet each other
a simple eat Mubarak followed by houses
of eight will share the joy with each
there are fish with delicacies ranging
from biryani to sheet Colma all in all
it’s a festival celebrated in the
holiest of spirits so now you know why
we celebrate Eid but unless you don’t
share this video how will others know so
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