zakat rules

in our lesson tonight we’d like to share some light about zakah. because Allah ordered us to pay as Zakah upon the one who is obligated to pay Zakah.

zakah is two types. one relates to one’s body and it’s called the ZAKAT UL BADAN. it can also be called the ZAKATUL FITR. and this is the one that is paid in Ramadan.

and the other type is a ZAKATUL MAAL. the one pertaining to money, assets and the like the one pertaining to one’s body. there is obligatory upon every Muslim for him, and for his wife, for his non-pubescent children.

the pubescent ones, he doesn’t have to pay on their behalf. they can pay on their own. unless they authorize him to pay it on their behalf. his parents who are poor and he is the one who is providing them with obligatory sustenance.

then he pays this ZAKAH on their behalf as well. he is obligated to pay this kind of zakah. if he can find more than what covers his debts. his adequate food, clothing, and shelter for the day of IED and the night following the day of Eid.

if he has what is extra than all of these costs. he has to pay the zakat. ZAKAT TU AL FITR which is paid in Ramadan.

how much does he pay? according to IMAM SHAF’I RADHI Allahu anhu. it must be paid by the most common staple food of that region. so if weight he pays for moods of wheat. the mood is every sized hand’s cup together. that’s called one mood. so full of them of wheat will be about one thousand six
hundred and fifty grams roughly.

if the most common staple food of that region is rice. it would pay for modes of rice. that’s for each person so if they are to say for him and his wife and three non-pubescent children. that’s five altogether times this amount. he will pay as staple crops that will be these occur for them, he would pay these to the port.

according to IMAM ABU HANIFA four of your loved one who he can pay an alternative so he can pay money however it’s different the amount is different according to imam abu hanifa of the
allahu anhu it will be about two
thousand one hundred and forty five
grams so what is equivalent to this by
money in australia will be close to five
dollars so he would pay for each person
five dollars and he would intend what
his extra is sadaqa normal charity he
can pay ten per person and he would
intend what his extra is classified as

charity that’s regarding these a cattle food it must be paid before the sunset of the day of aid it’s not permissible to delay it until after the sunset of the day of aid without an excuse Islamic
Lee as for these occur of money it is
related to different types of money and
assets however we’ll talk about two
things now
gold and silver gold if one has 85 grams
of pure gold and more and one he lapses
on them he must pay its Jews occur which

is 2.5% if he has 595 grams of silver
and one he lapses on them he must pay
its zakah and it is 2.5% as well so if
he has one kilogram of gold so that’s
one thousand it’s like a will be 25
grams in that case if a lady has jewelry
and it reaches that quotient so it’s
more than 85 of pure gold she has to pay
it’s Jessica
some scholars did say that the jewelry
of a woman is not subject to Zika

however to be on the safe side because
some other scholars said she must pay
it’s Jessica it’s better to pay it’s
Jews account when I say 85 grams of pure
gold now you know maybe are aware of 21
karat for instance so if you were to
evaluate with 21 karat gold will be 97
grams if you want to estimate it with 18
karat gold will be 113 and 1 1 5 grams
so of course the lower you go in the
grade you need more grams to obtain in
the end approximately 85 grams of pure
gold which is the first quarter of gold
the other thing is the trading articles

if one is trading selling cars selling
and buying selling and buying at the end
of the so after one year let us say he
started a business like a car yard for
instance on the 1st of Ramadan he
started with 10 cars first of Ramadan of
the following year he has in his yard 20
cars he would evaluate how much they’re
worth and how much money he has aside to
purchase more cars put them all together
and he pays 2.5% as zakah also if one is
saving money in the bank

according to Imam Abu Hanifa the
conditions and one he lapses on them he
must pay its use occur as long as it is
above the quotient now as we mentioned
according to the quota of silver will be
less than $500 will be less than $500 if
you have let us say a few thousand in
the bank and you saved them for one year
when he lapsed on
and you have some money at home you put
them all together and you pay 2.5% so
any money that is hoarded stored one he
lapses on them
you pay it’s zakah you don’t have to pay
the care for the house you are living in
so if you purchase a house and you are

living in it that’s for you to use you
don’t have to pay it zakah your car that
are using to go to work and come back
for the family you don’t have to pay it
it’s not part of the trading articles
here we are talking about the trading
articles so if you have let us say a
shop you know usually you need a desk
you need computer you need shelves
whatever all these items are not subject
to the car why because you did not

purchase them so you can sell them make
money whatever but the products that you
use the stock that you have in the shop
for trading that’s the one that is
subject to the car barakallahu come
along Tyler Allen welcome

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