100+ Small Business Ideas with Low Investment


How to make money from your own online business
If you are also looking for information about Small Businesses like a knowledgeable person, then you have come to the right place.

In the next few minutes, you will know all the information related to Small Business Ideas.

Business is one of those jobs where individuals can become millionaire spouses if done in the right way.

But running a company is more difficult than having a job. , we refer to businesses that start quickly as small businesses.

Because earning money requires business skills, which most individuals lack.

The cost of doing business is high for most, although some firms can be launched for less money.

Most Small Business Ideas
Whether a firm is small or big, if we look at it from the point of view of investment, then the business which requires minimum investment is called a small business.

You can earn substantial money by joining any one of these small business endeavors available in the market.

  • data entry business
  • Agarbatti making business
  • Candle making business


Data Entry Business Idea

Data Input is an example of a company that allows making extremely easy money

Because it requires very less capital.

To run a data entry company, all you really need is a computer and an internet connection.

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You can start a data input company with the help of these two.

If you have both, read the article on starting a data entry company below to see how to proceed.

Business Idea for making Agarbatti
People use incense sticks regularly; Millions of incense sticks are used every day in India.

Since people of all religions use incense sticks, you must have noticed that the merchant never has any incense sticks in his hand.

Incense stick-making is a successful business for you, and you can start one of these businesses with minimal effort.

However, you do not even need much space for this.

You can start your own home-based agarbatti manufacturing company.

You should read our article for complete information about how to run the business of making incense sticks from home.

Candle-making business idea in Hindi
The most famous small business idea in Hindi is candle making.

The candle business is less expensive and requires less stress from you.

But given that most people now use light instead of candles,

You must be wondering what is the use of candles in modern society.

Yes, it’s undeniably true, although people don’t always buy to light your candles.

Given how much foreign culture is being absorbed into India, you would be hard-pressed to imagine how many people use candles in modern times.

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People now light candles on their birthdays, and candle marches are held to mourn every disagreement or incident.

Candlelight dinner is used to share a romantic meal with your beloved.

According to an anonymous study, candles were used in candle marches to protest against the Indian rape crime.

And at that time there was a shortage of candles in the market only because of their high demand in India.

So one of your most lucrative businesses is a candle company.

So, if you want to run a candle-making business from home,

So you can find detailed instructions in this article about our candle-making company.

Business Idea with the lowest investment
There are two types of businesses you can set up if you want to do it cheaply.

You can start your agarbatti-making business in Hindi or candle-making business in Hindi by using raw materials (candle-making business).

However, if you do not want to deal with the raw material (data entry business on a computer), then the data entry business in Hindi is the best venture for you.

This company spends the least and earns huge profits.

You need a computer and an internet connection to do data input business.

If you don’t already have both, you can get them in your local market for Rs. 20,000

Data entry is a relatively simple business to operate; All you need is a solid understanding of computers.

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If you do not have a good understanding of computers.

Hence, you can hire someone to do this.

Business Idea with the lowest investment from home
Everyone wants to work from home, but not everyone is aware that there are many benefits to doing so.

But we are going to inform you about some of these home-based businesses.

You can do data entry work on a computer if you have some writing experience and know how to use



If you have an internet connection, you can easily do data entry work from your village also.

You don’t even need to leave your house for this.

Incense stick making is a work that can be done from any place, be it a village or a city.

You will not need to worry much about this.

Making incense sticks, which you can also sell in your locality, is all that is needed.

Business Ideas in Hindi are to be done from the village.
Today growth happens in both cities and villages, so whether you live in one or the other, you can launch a company anywhere.

If you want, you can set up an incense stick manufacturing company in your community.

Or you can set up a candle-making business in your community.

If you want, you can run a data input company from home.

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Any of these ventures can be run from home but there needs to be a little area available for you to do so.

Business Idea in Hindi for women.
If we talk about the industry of making incense sticks nowadays, then many business avenues have been created for women.

Most women now run this type of company.

If you are a woman looking to run a small business from home in India

Where thousands of women are making incense and candles from their homes and earning thousands of rupees per month, then read on.

The best businesses for you would be those that produce candles and incense sticks.

And if you are computer literate, then data entry is a great job for you.

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