Method of Making Ghusal

Method of Making Ghusal



Ghusal is an act of washing the whole body from the head to the toe. “Ghusal” means “Bath.” We must use clean running water to have a Ghusal so that all the dirt will be removed from our bodies.

Method of Making Ghusal

Read the Niyyah:

1. Wash both your hands up to the wrist.
2. Wash the private parts properly to remove all the dirt. Remove all pubic hair and the hair from under the arms.
3. Make WUDU. Ensure that the mouth and the nostrils are washed properly. Also, brush your teeth and gargle your mouth till the throat.
4. Wash the entire head properly.
5. Then wash the entire body, making sure that every part is washed properly. Start with the right-hand side of the body and then the left-hand side.
6. When you have completed the Ghusal, dry the whole body with a clean towel and get dressed as quickly as possible.


The Fards (Faraa’id) of Ghusal



Now that you have a brief idea of how to make Ghusal, you should learn the Fards (Faraa’id) of Ghusal which are:

1. To wash the whole mouth. If you are not fasting, then you must gargle your mouth until the water reaches the throat.
2. To cleanse the nostrils.
3. To wash the whole body thoroughly from the head to the toe.

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