Bagh e Tasleem o Raza Me Gul Khilte Hain Hussain

Baagh e Tasleem o Raza Me Gul Khilaate Hain Husain
Yaani Hangaam e Musibat Muskuraate Haiñ Husain

Husain Causes Roses To Bloom In The Gardens Of Submission,
Husain Can Be Seen Smiling In The Most Difficult Situation

Barq e Aalam Sowz Ka Aalam Dikhaate Haiñ Husain
Muskura Kar Qil’a Baatil Ka Giraate Haiñ Husain

Husain Displays The Electrifying State Of Passionate Combustion,
With A Smile Husain Brings The Forts Of The Enemies To Obliteration

Marzi e Maula Ki Khaatir Har Sitam Ko Seh Liya
Kis Khushi Se Baar e Gham Dil Par Ut’haate Haiñ Husain

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