Khanjar hai terii aaNkheN, talvaar terii aaNkheN

zindaa na rahne deN kyuuN ai yaar terii aaNkheN


Your eyes are like dagger, your eyes are like sword

O my friend why don’t your eyes let me live?


chehre pe to Ghussaa hai aaNkhoN meN muhabbat hai

kartii haiN mere dilbar iqraar terii aaNkheN


Even though it is anger is on the face [but] there is love is in the eyes

O my beloved! Your eyes acquiesce [to my love].


ye boltii aaNkheN bhii afsaane sunaatii haiN

rakhtii haiN zubaaN jaise ai yaar terii aaNkheN


These eyes talk and tell the tales

O friend seems they have a voice of their own!


ai nargis-e-mastaana Allah tujhe rakhe

rahtii haiN tasavvur har baar terii aaNkheN


O the one with intoxicated eyes! Let God keep you in his preserve

your eyes are in my imagination, all the time.


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