Khursheed Ahmed Naat Lyrics

Khursheed Ahmed Naat Lyrics

Khursheed Ahmed Naat Lyrics
Khursheed Ahmed Naat Lyrics


Khursheed Ahmad, born on January 1, 1956, in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan, is regarded as one of the most revered and oldest Naat Khawans in Pakistan. His Naats have garnered immense love and admiration from the people of Pakistan. Even in this modern era, people continue to appreciate and listen to Khursheed Ahmad’s Naats, as they are drawn to his traditional style of recitation.

Khursheed Ahmad actively participated in numerous Naat competitions, both within Pakistan and internationally, and achieved great success. In 1973, he worked as a typist in Radio Pakistan. He also made appearances on various television channels, delivering live Naat recitations. His popularity extended beyond Pakistan, as he visited different cities within the country and traveled to countries such as Japan, the United States, Switzerland, and France to recite Naats.

Khursheed Ahmad’s remarkable contributions to the field of Naat recitation earned him the prestigious Pride of Performance award from the Government of Pakistan. Many of his students, who learned the art of Naat Khawani from him, have also become well-known Naat Khawans in Pakistan.

Khursheed Ahmad passed away on August 30, 2007, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of Naat recitation.

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