Phir Ke Gali Gali Tabaah Thokare Sab Ki Khayen Kyoon
Dil Ko Jo Akal De Khuda Teri Gali Se Jayen KyoonRukhsate Qaafila Ka Shor Gashse Hame Uthae Kyoon
Sote Hain Unke Sayen Mein Koyi Hamme Jagaaye KyoonYaade Huzoor Ki Qasam Gaflate Aish He Sitam
Khoob Hai Qaide Ghum Mein Hum Koyee Hamme Chhurae Kyoon

Dekh Ke Hazrate Gani Phel Pare Faqeer Bhi
Chaayi He Ab To Chauni Hashr Hi Aana Jae Kyoon

Jaan He Ishqe Mustafa Roz Fizoo Kare Khuda
Jis Ko Ho Dard Ka Mazaa Naaze Dawa  Uthae Kyoon

Woh Jo Nathe To Kuch Natha Woh Jo Naho To Kuch Naho
Jaan Hai Woh Jahan Ki, Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai

Hai To Raza Nira Sitam Jurm Pe Gar Lajaaye Hum
Koyee Bajaaye Soze Gam Saze Tarab Bajaaye Kyoon



Name —– Sayyidna Imam “Hassan” Reelloh Taha Anhu


WALDADA – Do you know what is happening in Hazrat Fatima?

VILDATAT – 15 Ramazan, 3 Hijri

Vasal — 28 Safar-ul-Muzaffar, 49 Hijri

Age – 45 years 6 months a few days

Your faxes are indifferent, the hosley tells you here for the rain

! When the situation of the governor happened, then the age of your age was 7 years of 6 months, yet you have 13 yrs of death, remember the pilgrims at this age and keep it implanting it. This is a great blessing for you.

! You were from the head of prophet to the chest and the chest with the chest is Imam Hussain Hussein.

! Hurrior gave you a hundred and a half of his head in Sahib’s work

! Once the hajur was in the majesty of the prayers, then you would have been riding on the necks of the government and the slave, and the gentlemen would have long fought for it, but would not remove you from the place unless you went away, Subhanullah

! You were going to sit on your necklace somewhere that someone said that how good it is that the Sahabzada ride is to be praised, that the rider is also very good.

! You were very skeptical three times, spent half of your goods in itself and looted the entire goods


Once you were going to the pedestal, Vermam came to your feet, your servant offered you a ride, but you did not sit on it and ran away from it when you reached the floor, then a hibshi would get you to buy oil from it. When he reached the floor, he got a Habibah, when Ghulam took the oil from him, he asked what he would do with the oil, and he said that if the swelling has come to the feet of the Imam, then I will massage it, and he came together. Saying to Sun, “I will not buy the oil forty or a half, but I have an assurance that my wife is Hamila, let me pray that I am a good son, I prayed that you should go to the house that you want, he will be there.” So the boy was born in his house

❏ Shawihihun Nuwuwatta, Safah 302


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