tarbiyat meaning

tarbiyat meaning


Develop Educate Prepare Train : تربیت کرنا Tarbiyat Karna تربیت دینا Tarbiyat Dena : (verb) create by training and teaching. Related : Train …


Meanings of the word Tarbiyat – تربیت in English are civilization, culture, edification, education, teaching, training, instructorship, internship, upbringing and …
Upbringing: تربیت tarbiyat پرورش par warish …
Trainings: تربیت tarbiyat
Training: تربیت tarbiyat تَربیت Tarbeyat سُدھ…‎
Edification: درستی durusti درستی Darasti بناوٹ …

tarbiya meaning in english

tarbiyat meaning in hindi

tarbiyat meaning in arabic

tarbiyat karna meaning in english

tarbiyat meaning in hindi and english

parwarish meaning in english

tarbiyat dena meaning in english

tarbiyat karna in english

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