Ya Sayyidi Irhamlana Ya Syedi Irhamlana


Ya Syayidi Irhamlana Ya Syedi Irhamlana

O Master, be merciful towards us, O Master, be merciful towards us

O Master, be merciful towards us, O Master, be merciful towards us




Innil Tiya ree Hassaba Youmun Ilaa Ardil Haram

Balligh Salaami Roudatun Feehannabiyul Mohtaram




O Winds! If someday you pass by the sacred land,

Do give my greetings (salaam) at the Blessed Grave where the most exalted Prophet rests




Maw Wajhohu Shams-ud-Duha Mun Khaddohu Badr-ud-Duja

Maw Zaatohu Noor-ul-Huda Mun Kaffohu Bahr-ul-Hemam




He whose blessed face is the midday sun, his blessed cheeks are the full moon,

He whose self is the light of guidance and whose generosity is an ocean



Qur’anohu Burhanona Faskhalle-Adyaanim Madat

Iz Jaa ‘Anaa Ahkaamohu Kullusohofay Saar Al ‘Adam



The Qur’an is our source proving other religions are abrogated,

When its guidelines came to us, the other books became non-existent

Akbadona Majruhatumin Saifey Hijril Mustafa

Tooba Le-Ahle Baldatin Fee-hun-Nabiyul Mohtasham





The sadness of separation [from Madinah] feels like a sword deep into my liver,

How fortunate are the people of that city in which the Exalted & Beloved Prophet resides



Ya Rehmatallil A’alameen Anta Shafiul Muznebeen

Akrim Lana Youmal Hazeen Fadlaw Wa Judaw Wal Karam


O Mercy for the worlds! You are the intercessor for the sinners,

Shower your blessings upon us on the Day of Grief

Ya Rehmatallil A’alameen Adrik Li Zainil A’abeedeen

Mahboosi Aydiz Zalimeen Fil Mawkabee Wal Muzdaham



O Mercy for the worlds! Assist Zaynul Abideen,

Who stands alone and in difficulty amongst the tyrants.

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