Zarb E Kaleem Lyrics By Allama Iqbal

Zarb E Kaleem Lyrics By Allama Iqbal



(Zarb-e-Kaleem-030) Hindi Islam

Hindi Islam
Islam In India

Hai Zinda Faqt Wahdat-e-Afkar Se Millat
Wahdat Ho Fana Jis Se Woh Ilhaam Bhi Ilhaad

Only identity of thought keeps the Faith thriving—
Doctrine by whose means schism is brought is impious striving;

Wahdat Ki Hifazat Nahin Be-Quwwat-e-Bazoo
Aati Nahin Kuch Kaam Yahan Aqal-e-Khudadad

And only the strong hand is fit to guard the creed:
Let no‐one trust man’s native wit to serve such need.

Ae Mard-e-Khuda! Yujh Ko Woh Quwwat Nahin Hasil
Ja Baith Kisi Ghaar Mein Allah Ko Kar Yaad

But that strength, preacher, we shall not find in your hand muster;
Go, and recite in some cool grot your paternoster—

Jis Ka Ye Tasawwuf Ho Woh Islam Kar Ijad

And there concoct some new Islam, Whose mystic kernel shall be
a tame submissive calm, despair eternal!

Mullah Ko Jo Hai Hind Mein Sajde Ki Ijazat
Nadan Ye Samajhta Hai Ke Islam Hai Azad!

In India, if bare leave be deigned his prayer‐prostration,
Our dull priest thinks Islam has gained emancipation.

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