Aflaak Se Ooncha Hai Aywaan Muhammad Ka
Makhlooq-e-Ilaahi Hai Saamaan Muhammad Ka

Higher Than The Skies Is Muhammad’s Grand Mansion
The Creation of Allah Almighty, Is Muhammad’s Provision

Paate Haiñ Sabhi Sadqa Un Ke Dar-e-Aqdas Se
Har Zar’ra-e-‘Aalam Hai Mehmaan Muhammad Ka

All Attain The Blessed Charity From His Most Sacred Station
Every Speck In The Universe Is A Guest At Muhammad’s Station

Hoti Hai Har Ek Ne’mat Taqseem Madine Se
Kaunain Meiñ Jaari Hai Faizaan Muhammad Ka

For Every Bounty, Holy Madina Is The Point of Distribution
In Both The Worlds Is Flowing, Muhammad’s Generous Compassion

Dete Haiñ Malak Pehra Sarkaar Ke Rauze Par
Jibreel-e-Mu’azzam Hai Darbaan Muhammad Ka

At The Holy Raudha of My Master, As Guards, The Angels Stand To Attention
The Exalted Jibreel, Is The Gatekeeper At Muhammad’s Holy Station

‘Aalam Hai Agar Shaida Un Par To Ta’ajjub Kya
Khud Chaahane Waala Hai Rahmaan Muhammad Ka

Why Is It Astonishing, If In Love With Him, Is The Entire Creation
The Most Compassionate Loves Muhammad With Divine Compassion


Shaahaan-e-Jahaañ Kyuñ Kar Rakheñ Na Sar Aankhoñ Par
Farmaan-e-Ilaahi Hai Farmaan Muhammad Ka

Why Should The Kings of The World, Not Happily Honour His Grand Position
When The Divine Command of Almighty Allah, Is Muhammad’s Proclamation

Hoor-o-Malak-o-Ghilmaañ, Jinn-o-Bashar-o-Haiwaañ
Lete Haiñ Sabhi Sar Par Farmaan Muhammad Ka

The Hoors, The Angels, Heavenly Servants, Jinns, Animals & Human Nation
All of Them Carry On Their Heads, Muhammad’s Declaration

Taiba Ko Jo Jaata Hai Kehte Haiñ Malak Baa-ham
Lo Dekho Wo Aata Hai Mehmaan Muhammad Ka

When Anyone Visits Madina, The Angels Say To Each Other In Conversation
Look! Here Comes Muhammad’s Guest, At His Holy Station

Takleef-e-Safar Se To Dil Tang Na Ho Zaa-ir
Barsega Tere Oopar Baaraan Muhammad Ka

O Visitor, Do Not Let The Tough Journey Cause Your Heart Any Constriction
Upon You Will Indeed Descend The Rains of Muhammad’s Compassion

Ru’yah Meiñ Na Dekha Gar Wo Chehra-e-Noorani
Le Jaawuñ Ga Dunya Se Armaan Muhammad Ka

If That Radiantly Glowing Face, I Did Not Get To See In A Vision
I Will Take With Me From The World, The Hope of Muhammad’s Vision

Afsos Ke Ay Bulbul Tu Ne Na Kabhi Dekha
Be-Khaar Gulistaañ Hai Bostaan Muhammad Ka

Alas O Nightingale! You Have Not Seen It With Your Vision
A Thorn-less Rose Garden, Is Muhammad’s Sacred Garden

Kyuñ Chaak Ho Gham Se Dil Kyuñ Fauj-e-Alam Ghere
Sar Par Hai Ghulaamoñ Ke Daamaan Muhammad Ka

Why Let Grief Rip The Heart, Why Be Encircled By The Army of Affliction
Upon The Heads of His Slaves, Is Muhammad’s Mantle of Compassion


Dunya Ki Sabhi Baateñ Mit’ Jaayeñ Mere Dil Se
Ho Wird-e-Zabaañ Kalma, Har Aan Muhammad Ka

From My Heart May All The Worldly Matters, Reach A State of Obliteration
May My Tongue Proclaim Always, Muhammad’s Kalima With Devotion

Jab Madh-o-Sana Haq Ne Qur’an Meiñ Farmaayi
Kya Munh Hai Jo Waasif Ho Insaan Muhammad Ka

When In The Qur’an Your Praise & Exaltation, Almighty Allah Did Mention
Which Human Tongue Can Now Truly Render, Muhammad’s Glorification

Taqdeer JAMEEL Apni Shaahoñ Se Rahe Bar’h Kar
Sag Apna Banaaye Gar Darbaan Muhammad Ka

O Jameel! Greater Than Kings, Your Destiny Will Reach Elevation
If As Their Dog You Are Chosen, By The Guards At Muhammad’s  Station

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