Fatawa Rizvia | Fatawa Rizvia Complete in Urdu Jild-1 to 32

Fatawa Rizvia Complete in Urdu Jild-1 to 30



Fatawa Rizvia


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Fatawa Rizvia Complete in Urdu Jild-1 to 30 is a comprehensive compilation of Islamic legal opinions (Fatawa) by Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (may Allah have mercy upon him). This esteemed work covers a wide range of religious rulings and addresses various legal and doctrinal questions within the framework of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence.

The Fatawa Rizvia is highly respected for its meticulous research, detailed analysis, and adherence to the Hanafi school of thought. It encompasses diverse topics such as matters of faith, worship, family law, business transactions, inheritance, and social issues. Spanning across 30 volumes, this compilation serves as a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, students, and general readers seeking authentic guidance in matters of Islamic law.

Each volume of Fatawa Rizvia provides a wealth of knowledge, presenting a vast collection of legal verdicts supported by references to classical Islamic texts and scholarly opinions. The rulings offered are based on the Quran, Hadith (Prophetic traditions), and the consensus of Sunni scholars throughout history.

Whether you are a student of Islamic jurisprudence, a seeker of religious knowledge, or an individual in need of guidance on various legal matters, Fatawa Rizvia Complete in Urdu Jild-1 to 30 is an indispensable resource. It offers comprehensive and authoritative insights into the legal dimensions of Islam, enabling readers to navigate the complexities of religious practice and live their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


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