How To Open Start Menu On The Left Side Of The Screen In Windows 11


In today’s post, we will show you how to open start menu on the left side of the screen in Windows 11.
With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced an all-new Start menu and reworked taskbar.

By default, the Start button sits at the center of the taskbar, and as a result, the Start menu opens at the center of the screen. Not all users are going to like the centrally aligned Start menu in Windows 11.


So for users who would like to see the Start menu on the left side of the screen, there is an option to configure Windows 11 Start and taskbar
Click on Windows icon on the taskbar. The menu will pop-up. Click on Settings.
Select Personalisation from the left side list.

Go to Taskbar. Click on Taskbar behaviours. Look for Taskbar alignment. Choose the alignment position that you want from the drop-down list: centre or left.

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