How To Pray Salatul Tasbeeh

How To Pray Salatul Tasbeeh


Tasbeeh is a form of zikr that involves the glorification of ALLAH SWT. Salatul Tasbeeh is a prayer/namaz taught to the ummah by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In this prayer, there are Tasbeehat that are to be recited many times for the glorification of ALLAH and to gain His mercy.

Salatul Tasbeeh holds great rewards for those who offer it and its importance is mentioned in various hadith.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that we should observe it once daily, do so; if not, then once weekly; if not, then once a month; if not, then once a year; if not, then once in our lifetime.

Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of ALLAH SWT said to al-Abbas ibn AbdulMuttalib:

O Abbas! O, my uncle! Shall I not give you a gift? Shall I not show you something through which Allah will forgive your sins, the first and the last of them, the past and recent, the unintentional and the intentional, the small and huge, the secret and open? The Holy Prophet ﷺ then taught him the Salah al-Tasbih. Furthermore, he advised him that it be offered daily, if possible. If not, then every Friday or once a month or once a year, or at least once in one’s lifetime. (Abu Dawood)

It is narrated in Sunan Abi Dawud by Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas R.A that ALLAH’s Messenger  SAW said to Hazrat Abbas R.A about the method of praying Salatul Tasbeeh and include the tasbeeh  “subhan allahi wal hamdu lillahi wa la ilaha illallahu wallah u akbar” as:

  1. Make niyyah for praying Salatul Tasbeeh of four rak‘ahs, reciting Surah al-Fatihah in each one and (another portion of the Quran).
  2. After the recitation sana  read the tasbeeh ‘subhan allahi wal hamdu lillahi wa la ilaha illallahu wallah u akbar’ (‘Holy is Allah.’, ‘All praise belongs to Allah.’, ‘There is no god but Allah.’, ‘Allah is the Greatest.’) 15 times while standing and after reciting surah fatiha and  another surah, say  the tasbeeh 10 times.
  3. Then bow down in rukuh saying takbeer (Allahu Akbar) and recite Subhan rabbiyal Azeem 3 times and then read the above tasbeeh 10 times.
  4. Get up from rukuh saying ‘Sami Allahu liman hamida,rabbana lakal hamd’, and read the above tasbeeh 10 times in qiyam position.
  5. Do the Sajdah saying Takbeer (Allahu Akbar) and after reciting “Subhaana Rabbiyal A’la” 3 times and again read the tasbih 10 times in Sajdah.
  6. Now after your first Sajdah, sit in Jalsa (sitting position between the two sajdahs) saying Takbeer (Allah Hu Akbar). Sitting in Jalsa read the tasbih 10 times.
  7. Do the second sajdah saying takbeer, recite “Subhaana Rabbiyal A’la” 3 times then read the tasbih 10 times in Sajdah.
  8. This completes your first rakah of Salat-ul-Tasbih.
  9. Get up and begin with the second rakah in the same manner.
  10. After completing the second rakah you remain seated after the second sajdah for Tashshahud and recite At-tahiyyat, Durud Shareef, Allah-umma Barik, and Rabbana.
  11. Similarly, read the other two rakahs as well.
  12. At the end of the fourth rakah, sit for complete Tashshahud and recite At-tahiyyat, Durud Shareef, Allah-umma Barik, and Rabbana.
  13. Now do salam by turning your face to the right first and saying “Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah” and then to the left and reading the same.

Points to remember

  • The tasbeeh is to be prayed 75 times in each rakah.
  • You have to complete the count of the tasbeeh to 300 in Salatul Tasbeeh.
  • You should not count the tasbeeh loudly.
  • It is recommended to do the counting by gently pressing your finger and keeping track of it.
  • If in case you miss the count in any position, you can make up for it in the next position.
  • Try to concentrate and focus on the zikr as it may be difficult in the beginning o keep track of the count and do it with ruju but eventually you will get hold of it and you will feel an unprecedented spiritual experience inshallah.
  • Salatul Tasbeeh is all about praising ALLAH SWT for His blessings and favours so stay focused to do it with all your heart.
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