Kehna Galat Galat To Chchupaana Sahi Sahi Lyrics

Kehna Galat Galat To Chchupaana Sahi Sahi Lyrics



kehnaa ghalat ghalat to chupaana sahi sahi
qasid kaha jo usne bataana sahi sahi

Speak falsely to hide the truth
Tell me, O messenger, what exactly did they say?

ye subah subah chehre ki rangat udee hui
kal raat tum kahaaN the bataana sahi sahi

The colour has gone from your face this early morning
Where exactly were you last night? Tell me the truth

ye udee udee si rangat, ye khule khule se gesu
teri subah keh rahi hai teri raat ka fasaana

This colourless face, this dishevelled hair
The morning is telling me the story of your night

dil leke mera haath mein kehte hain mujhse woh
kya loge iske daam bataana sahi sahi

They took my heart in their hand and said to me
What exactly is this worth to you? Tell me the truth

aankhein milaao ghair se to hum ko jaam-e-mai
saaqi tumhein qasam hai pilaana sahi sahi

You are exchanging glances with another,
While serving me my glass of wine
O Saqi, you have a sworn duty
to serve me my drink in the proper manner

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