Rok Leti Hai Aapki Nisbat,Teer Jitne Bhi Humpe Chalte Hain
Yeh Karam Hai Huzoor Ka Humpar,Aane Waale Azab Tallte Hain.
Woh Hi Bharte Hain Jholiyan Sabki Woh Samajhte Hain Boliyan Sabki
Aao Bazar-E-Mustafa Ko Chaleingham Khushi Main Wahin Pe Dhalte Hain
Apni Auqat Sirf Itni Hai Kuch Nahi Baat Sirf Itni Hai
Kal Bhi Tukron Pe Unke Palte They, Ab Bhi Tukron Pe Unke Palte Hain
.Aur Ab Humain Kiya Koi Giray Ga, Har Sahara Gale Lagaye Ga
Humne Khud Ko Gira Diya Hai Wahan, Girne Wale Jahan Sambhalte Hain.Ghar Wohi Mushkbaar Hote Hain, Khuld Se Humkinaar Hote Hain
Zikr-E-Sarkar Ke Hawalon Se Jin Gharon Main Chirag Jalte Hain.

Zikr-E-Sarkar Ke Ujalon Ki, Benihayat Hain Rifa’atain Khalid
Yeh Ujale Kabhi Na Simtain Gay,Yeh Woh Suraj Nahi Jo Dhalte Hain.

Rok Leti Hai Aapki Nisbat,Teer Jitne Bhi Humpe Chalte Hain
Yeh Karam Hai Huzoor Ka Humpar,Aane Waale Azab Tallte Hain

peace be upon you

What do you say about scholars and mu’minin al-mu’minin that if a person mixes milk and milk with milk and milk, but if he is pure, then also, he will be included under the above mentioned Hadith.

Al-Jabab Ba’un-ul-Mulk
Sharia is forbidden in the law that is done for cheating in any manner. If it is not deceived, it is not deceived, even though mixed, such as mixed things, should be sold to the buyer with full explanation. And the difference between pure and mixed things should be clearly explained and even if buyers buy it, then the shares are correct. If it is said that if she sells cow milk in the milk or milk to deceive the milk, then she will surely be entitled to the promise mentioned in the Hadith, and if she sells everything to Jupiter, then it is permissible to make a pledge.
It is, in the end, “Lababbas ibn al-Mughsha is a member of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), which is narrated by Abu Hanifa (may Allaah be pleased with him) said:” Allaah is All-Hearing, All-Wise. ” It is not permissible to sell the mixed things, when it is narrated to him or to show that the mixture is apparent, and it is said that Abu Hanifa (may Allaah be pleased with him) said about the wheat which he had said. If you are looking forward, there is no such price for wheat and if you mix this mixed wheat, sell the capital, and Imam Abiavasaf said about the person who has copper mill silver that he should not be sold without telling it. Pp. 52)
Fitwa Rizvi is in response to a question about fake lip question, “The artificial fake aspect next is usually known that every person is notified when it is counterfeit and still buys information if the buyer is bulky, not poor Unique and unhealthy, as much as the mind is in the minds of the people, not to be done by themselves or by any means, or hiding it in some way, summarizing that when it is purchased, its condition is defective and deceived Even if you do not get rid of it, your business review, selling the last one, it is also permissible for you to sell and sell it, and non-justification should be justified by the Boha Ghosh. And, when the show was not fainting, and justification. (Vol 17, p 152) Allaah
Syed Sarfraz Ali
Sensitive eligibility, redness


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