Dil Souz Se Khali Hai Nigah Paak Nahi Hai Lyrics



Dil Souz Se Khali Hai Nigah Paak Nahi Hai
Phir Iss Mein Ajab Kya Ke Tu Be-Baak Nahi Hai

Of passion’s glow your heart is blank, your glances are not chaste and frank:
To wonder at then there is naught that bold and dauntless you are not.

Hai Zauq-E-Tajali Bhi Issi Khaak Mein Pinhan
Ghafil! Tu Nira Sahib-E-Adraak Nahin Hai

A longing strong for God’s display, is also hid in self‐same clay:
O heedless man, let this be known, brains alone you do not own.

Who Ankh Ke Hai Surma’ay Afrang Se Roshan
Purkaar-O-Sukhan Saaz Hai, Nam Naak Nahin Hai

The eye whose light and luster rest on collyrium brought from West:
Is full of art, conceit and show, it gets not wet at others’ woe.

Kya Sufi-O-Mullah Ko Khabar Mere Junoon Ki
Un Ka Sar-E-Daman Bhi Abhi Chaak Nahin Hai

How can the priest and monk assess the height of craze that I possess?
still sound the hems of robes they wear, which have no rifts and know no tear.

Kab Tak Rahe Mehkoomi-E-Anjum Mein Meri Khaak
Ya Main Nahin, Ya Gardish-E-Aflaak Nahin Hai

How long the stars shall hold their sway on fate of man, sprung from clay?
Either bereft of life I drop, or the Wheel of Fate must stop.

Bijli Hun, Nazar Koh-O-Bayanbaan Pe Hai Meri
Mere Liye Shayan-E-Khas-O-Khashaak Nahin Hai

Lightning I am and keep my eye on waste and hill that reach the sky:
Heaps of straw and mounds of dust, too low they are, avoid I must.

Alam Hai Faqat Momin-E-Jaan Baaz Ki Miras
Momin Nahin Jo Sahib-E-Loulaak Nahin Hai !

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