Dil Souz Se Khali Hai Nigah Paak Nahi Hai Lyrics

Dil Souz Se Khali Hai Nigah Paak Nahi Hai Lyrics



Dil Souz Se Khali Hai Nigah Paak Nahi Hai
Phir Iss Mein Ajab Kya Ke Tu Be-Baak Nahi Hai

Of passion’s glow your heart is blank, your glances are not chaste and frank:
To wonder at then there is naught that bold and dauntless you are not.

Hai Zauq-E-Tajali Bhi Issi Khaak Mein Pinhan
Ghafil! Tu Nira Sahib-E-Adraak Nahin Hai

A longing strong for God’s display, is also hid in self‐same clay:
O heedless man, let this be known, brains alone you do not own.

Who Ankh Ke Hai Surma’ay Afrang Se Roshan
Purkaar-O-Sukhan Saaz Hai, Nam Naak Nahin Hai

The eye whose light and luster rest on collyrium brought from West:
Is full of art, conceit and show, it gets not wet at others’ woe.

Kya Sufi-O-Mullah Ko Khabar Mere Junoon Ki
Un Ka Sar-E-Daman Bhi Abhi Chaak Nahin Hai

How can the priest and monk assess the height of craze that I possess?
still sound the hems of robes they wear, which have no rifts and know no tear.

Kab Tak Rahe Mehkoomi-E-Anjum Mein Meri Khaak
Ya Main Nahin, Ya Gardish-E-Aflaak Nahin Hai

How long the stars shall hold their sway on fate of man, sprung from clay?
Either bereft of life I drop, or the Wheel of Fate must stop.

Bijli Hun, Nazar Koh-O-Bayanbaan Pe Hai Meri
Mere Liye Shayan-E-Khas-O-Khashaak Nahin Hai

Lightning I am and keep my eye on waste and hill that reach the sky:
Heaps of straw and mounds of dust, too low they are, avoid I must.

Alam Hai Faqat Momin-E-Jaan Baaz Ki Miras
Momin Nahin Jo Sahib-E-Loulaak Nahin Hai !

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