Durood Sharif

Durood Sharif

Allah’s Name (we) begin with, The Compassionate Most Merciful As Salaatu Was Salaamu Alaika Ya Rasool’Allah The Command of the Holy Qur’an, Sending Durood Shareef upon our Nabi is one of the most blessed and virtuous practices.

This blessed practice is evident and proven from the Holy Qur’an. Almighty Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an:

innallah-wnnallah WaMalaikatahu Yushalluna Alan Nabi
innallah-wnnallah WaMalaikatahu Yushalluna Alan Nabi

‘Verily Allah and His Angels send Durood upon The Proclaimer of the Unseen’ (Nabi). O, Believers! Send Durood upon him and Salaams in abundance.’ [Surah 33 Verse 56]

Durood Sharif Virtues in the Hadith Shareef

Hazrat Abu Hurairah ؓ◌ reported that Rasoolullah said, ‘Almighty Allah will send down blessings ten times upon a person who sends Durood upon me once.’ [Muslim]

Hazrat Ali ؓ◌ states that, ‘a tree has been created in Jannah (Paradise), the fruits of which are larger than an apple and smaller than a pomegranate. It is softer than butter, sweeter than honey and more fragrant than musk.

Its branches are made of pearls, its trunk is made of gold, and its leaves are made of jasper. With the exception of those who sent Durood in abundance upon Nabi Kareem , none other will be allowed to eat from it.’

Hazrat Abu Dardah ؓ◌ reported that the Beloved Rasool said, ‘Allah Almighty will bless a person who recites ten Durood Shareef in the morning and ten Durood Shareef in the evening, with my intercession.’

Subhaan’Allah! How long does it take a person to sincerely recite ten times Durood Shareef upon Nabi Kareem ? We should all make a sincere effort to make this Amal of ten Durood Shareef recitations in the morning and ten Durood Shareef recitations in the evening, part of our daily routine.


There are immense blessings in reciting Durood Shareef which will even assist us in our graves.

Durood Shareef before All Good Actions

Hafiz Abu Nu’aim states that Hazrat Sufyan Thawri reported to me that, “I was on my way somewhere, when I saw a young man, who would not raise or place his foot down without saying, ‘Allahum’ma Salle Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Aale Muhammadin’.

I said to him, ‘On the basis of which knowledge do you say this?’ He said, ‘Who are you?’ I said, ‘Sufyan Thawri.’ He said, ‘Is it Sufyan the Iraqi?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Do you know Allah?’ I said, ‘Yes.’

He asked, ‘How do you know Him?’ I said, ‘It is He who enters night into day, and day into night, and creates the form of a child in the womb of the mother.’ He said, ‘You have not understood that which is the Right of knowing Allah.’ So I said, ‘How did you know Allah?’ He said, ‘I made a firm intention (to do something).

He revoked what I intended. I made a firm intention, and He caused it to subside, so I knew that there is a Divine Planner who sets out my plans.’

I then asked, ‘What is (the wisdom) behind you reciting Durood Shareef upon Hazrat Muhammad .’ He said, ‘I took my mother with me and departed for Hajj.

My mother stopped in Makkah. Her stomach began to swell and her face became dark. I immediately realised that my mother had committed some sin.

I raised my hand in the Court of Allah (in Dua), when suddenly from the direction of Tihama, a cloud appeared, and then a personality dressed in a white garb appeared.

He ran his hands over her face and her face began to glow. He ran his hands over her stomach and the swelling subsided.’

I asked, ‘Who are you, for you removed me and my mother from our calamity?’ The personality said, ‘I am your Nabi Muhammad .’ I said, ‘Ya Rasool’Allah ! Please bless me with some advice.’

He said, ‘Never raise a foot without saying, ‘Allahum’ma Salle Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Aale Muhammadin.’

Subhaan’Allah! The message of our Nabi was taken by him literally and he never raised his foot or placed it on the ground again without sending Durood upon Nabi Kareem .

Even if we take the figurative meaning of this, then we will understand that Nabi advised him to
recite Durood Shareef before doing anything (good) in life.

A Sinner is Forgiven

Imam Safuri ؓ◌ states in Nuzhat ul Majaalis that a person said, ‘I saw a person in Yemen who was blind, a leper, mute and crippled. I asked about his condition and the people said that he used to recite the Qur’an in a very beautiful tone of voice. Once, instead of reading the verse


innallah-wnnallah WaMalaikatahu Yushalluna Alan Nabi
innallah-wnnallah WaMalaikatahu Yushalluna Alan Nabi



In place of the word ‘Nabi’ he read ‘Ali’. In other words, he changed the Ayat e Durood. From that moment on he was engulfed by this calamity.’

It has been reported in the book Mufid Al Ulum Wa Mubid Al Humum by Imam Abu Haamid Qazweeni Alaihir Rahma that a person went on a journey with his son. During the journey this man passed away and his head (face) became like that of a swine.

On seeing this, his son began to cry and he begged (for the forgiveness) of his father in the Court of Allah. Whilst in this state of distress he fell asleep, and in his dream, he heard a voice saying to him, ‘Your father used to charge interest (Riba/usury), but Hazrat Muhammad interceded on his behalf because whenever he heard the blessed Name of Nabi Kareem, he would send Durood upon Nabi Kareem , so We have restored his face to its original form.’ Allahu Akbar!

Look at the detrimental effect of charging interest! However, this man was fortunate that he sincerely used to send Durood upon Nabi Kareem and the Barkat of this, and his son asking Dua on his behalf afforded him the intercession of Nabi Kareem.

However, this does not mean that we should intentionally commit sin and then expect salvation because of Durood Shareef. We must abstain from sinful acts and continue reciting Durood Shareef in hope that Almighty Allah will forgive our weaknesses due to the recitation of Durood Shareef.


Our Nabi and the Deer Once the Beloved Rasool went into the wilderness. Nabi Kareem saw a deer which had been trapped by a hunter. The deer said, ‘Ya Rasool’Allah, ask the hunter to release me, so that I may feed milk to my children and then return, and if I do not return, then I am even worse than that person who does not send Durood upon you when you are mentioned.’

Nabi took responsibility for the Deer and guaranteed its return, so the hunter let her go. The deer went to her children with the intention of feeding them, and mentioned to them her promise to Nabi Kareem.


Her children said to her, ‘Your milk is forbidden upon us until such time that you fulfil the guarantee that Nabi Sall Alaihi was Sallam gave on your behalf.’

The deer then returned (with her children) to the hunter (in order to fulfil her promise) and the hunter on seeing this amazing sight freed her and accepted Islam at the Blessed hand of Nabi Kareem. Subhaan’Allah!

Look at what the deer said. It said that if it did not fulfil its promise it was worse than that person who does not send Durood upon Nabi Kareem when he is mentioned. Even a deer knows the condition of someone who does not send Salaam upon Nabi Kareem when Nabi is mentioned.


Now what can be said about those who claim to be believers and when Durood and Salaam is being rendered they become restless and quickly look for an exit and then slip away to avoid having to send Salaam upon Nabi Kareem .

Yet, they claim to be the men of ‘Tabligh’. Allah saves us from deviants and from their traps of deceit. Aameen.

Lesson From A Deer

It is reported that once a person was seated near the Sacred Rauda Shareef of The Beloved Rasool when a deer appeared, and entered the Holy Haram of Nabi Kareem .

It then proceeded towards the Rauda e Mubarak. Once it reached the Sacred Rauda Shareef, the Deer stood in front with great respect and it began to respectfully gesture with its head as if it was conveying Salaam to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah .

The Deer then walked out backwards with great respect, not allowing its back to face the Rauda Shareef. The scholars have said that indeed this deer too would have been from the lineage of the deer, which was freed by the hunter on the guarantee of Nabi .

Subhaan’Allah! Even this Deer knew the Adaab (ethics) of conveying Salaams in the Court of Nabi Kareem .

Subhaan’Allah! Look at the respect it displayed. It walked out backward and would not face its back to the Rauda Shareef of Nabi Kareem .

This should be a lesson to those disrespectful wahabis who stand with their backs to the Rauda Shareef arrogantly chasing those who respectfully send Salaams at the Rauda Shareef. They should learn from respect, which even animals displayed when conveying Salaams to Nabi Kareem.

However, then we can conclude that they do not have the Taufiq to display this honour, due to their disrespect towards Nabi Kareem , whereas the deer had the Taufiq to show such honour to Nabi due to
the respect of its ancestor.

A Helper in our Graves

Hazrat Shaykh Shibli Rahmatullah Alaih says, ‘One of my neighbours had passed away, and then one day I saw him in my dream. I asked him about his condition and he mentioned that when he was placed in his grave, Munkar and Nakeer (the Angels of the grave) came to him, and asked him the questions of the grave.’

He says, ‘I tried to answer, but I could not speak. At that moment, I thought in my heart that I am probably not a Muslim anymore. Just then, a person appeared to me, and he guided me concerning the answers. I asked (this unknown) person, who are you and how have you become my well-wisher (helper) in such a crucial moment?’ He said, ‘I am the Angel who was created due to your abundant recitation of Durood, and today I am present here as your helper.’ Subhaan’Allah!

Which of us does not wish to have such a helper in our graves? Thus, we should increase the recitation of Durood Shareef, as it is indeed our means to salvation.

Freedom from Calamities

Reciting Durood upon Nabi Kareem is indeed a great blessing and a means of freedom from calamities. Whenever we are faced with difficult times in our lives we should increase the recitation of Durood Shareef upon Nabi Kareem .  An example of this is the following narration:


Durood e Tunaj’jeena


A mystic stated, ‘Once, I was journeying by ship, and our ship was caught in a storm. The ship could not handle the powerful gusts of wind, and soon our ship began to sink. I then suddenly dozed off and I dreamt of the Beloved Rasool who in my dream said to me, ‘Ask all of them to recite this (Durood)’:

durood e tanjeena

‘Allahum’ma Salle ‘Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Salaatan Tunaj’jeena Biha Min Jamee’il Ahwaali Wal Aafaati Wa Taqdee Lana Biha Jamee’al Haajaati Wa Tu-Tah’hiruna Biha Min Jamee’is Sayi’aat Wa Tarfa’una Biha ‘Indaka Aa’lad Darajaat Wa Tubal’lighuna Bihaa Aqs-al Ghayaat min Jamee’il Khayraati Fil Hayaati Wa Ba’dal Mamaat.’ (In’naka Ala Kul’li Shay’in Qadeer)

The mystic further says, ‘I then woke from my sleep and asked all those present to recite this Durood, and by the Command of Allah, the wind (storm) subsided. Subhaan’Allah. The Durood that Nabi Kareem advised the mystic to recite is the famous Durood, which is known to the people as Durood e Tunjeena or Tunaj’jeena.

Ten Special Blessings

Imam Muhammad Mahdi Faasi ؓ◌ in his world-renowned Matali Al Masar’rat, which is the explanation of Dalaa’il ul Khayraat, says that Ibn Farhun Qurtubi states in his book that the one who recites Durood
Shareef upon Nabi Kareem receives ten special miraculous blessings:

  • He receives Almighty Allah’s Mercy
  • He receives the Intercession (Shafa’at) of Nabi Kareem
  • He follows the way of the Mala’ika (Angels)
  • He refutes the Munafiqeen (hypocrites) and kuf’far
  • His shortcomings and sins are forgiven
  • His needs and wishes are fulfilled
  • His inner and outer condition is illuminated with Noor
  • He receives salvation from Jahannam
  • He receives passage into Jannat
  • He is blessed with Receiving Allah’s Salaam

Now, who from us would not like to receive these ten special miraculous blessings? Hence, we should all increase the recitation of Durood Shareef upon our Beloved Nabi.

Recite Durood in Abundance on a Friday

The Beloved Nabi commanded us to recite Durood in abundance on a Friday. We should all sincerely make effort to recite Durood Shareef in abundance on a Friday.

When we recite Durood upon Nabi Kareem , we are not only attaining the blessings whilst in this world, but that Durood Shareef will be a great Light for us in the hereafter, especially the Duroods which are recited on a Friday.

It is reported from Hazrat Ali ؓ◌ that Rasoolullah said, ‘The one who sends Durood upon me 100 times on a Friday will come on the Day of Qiyaamat with such a Noor (Light), that if that Noor were to be distributed amongst the entire creation, it will be sufficient for them all.’

We have already discussed above the importance of sending Durood upon Nabi on a Friday, and I am sure all of us will at least practice what we have read about the importance of increasing the recitation of Durood Shareef on a Friday.

At this juncture, I must emphasize that our aim of preparing such books is not merely to impart knowledge, but the real aim is to create awareness and inculcate a spiritual atmosphere, which inspires us to practice what we learn.

The real blessings are attained when we practice what we have learned, and encourage others to do the

Eighty years of Sins Forgiven

It is reported that Nabi e Akram said, ‘One, who sends Durood upon me one hundred times on a Friday, will have eighty years of his sins forgiven.’

This Hadith Shareef has been reported by Imam Dailami from Hazrat Anas. The scholars have mentioned that from this Hadith the apparent text shows that these 100 Durood Shareef can be recited at any time on a Friday.

However, another narration shows that it should be recited after Asr Salaah. I am hopeful that after reading the above-mentioned narration, we will all attempt to send at least one hundred Durood Shareef on a Friday after Asr or whenever possible on Friday, upon our Nabi.

The Journey of a Durood

Many of us do not realize how many blessings we receive when we recite Durood Shareef, and the excellence of this Noble Deed. Let me share with you a narration that I am sure will inspire you to recite Durood Shareef more often when you realize the powerful journey of one Durood, which is recited with sincerity. Sayyiduna Imam Jazuli ؓ◌ in his world-renowned Bouquet of Duroods Dalaa’il ul Khayraat says, “Nabi Kareem said, ‘When a servant sends Durood upon me, his Durood exits his mouth swiftly, and there is no place in the wilderness and the seas, or in the East or West, by which this Durood does not pass.


Also, it announces, I am the Durood of a certain person the son of a certain person, which he has sent
upon the greatest in the entire creation Hazrat Muhammad. All (these) things send Durood upon him .’”
From this Durood a bird is created, which has seventy thousand wings,
and each wing has seventy thousand quills, and each quill has seventy
a thousand heads and each head has seventy thousand faces and each face
has seventy thousand mouths, and each mouth has seventy thousand
tongues and each tongue recites the Tasbeeh of Allah in seventy
a thousand languages and the reward of all of this is written for the one
who recited the Durood. Allahu Akbar! Look at the journey of one Durood
and the number of blessings the reciter attains, and try to understand the
great excellence of a Durood sent upon Nabi Kareem.
The Inscription on the Base of the Arsh
It is mentioned in some narrations that it is inscribed on the base (legs) of
the Arsh: “For the one who truly wants My closeness, I will have Mercy on
him; and for the one who asks Me for anything, I will give it to him; and
for the one who wishes to attain closeness to Me through My Beloved
(Nabi) Muhammad, I will forgive his sins, even though it may be equal
to the foam on the sea.”

How blessed and fortunate we are, that the promise to us is inscribed on
the Legs of The Arsh. It is mentioned that the Arsh has three hundred
and sixty legs. The width of each leg is seventy thousand times more than
that of the world. Between every two legs, there are sixty thousand open
plains, and in every plain, there are sixty thousand worlds (Domains), and
every domain is populated equivalent to the population of all the humans
and Jins. Allahu Akbar! Subhaan’Allah!
The Excellence of Mehfil e Durood
Have we realized how blessed a Mehfil of Durood and Salaam is? There is
great excellence in a gathering in which Durood Shareef is recited. After
reading the following narration, I am sure that we will attempt to present
ourselves in the gatherings of Durood as often as possible.
It has been reported by a few Blessed Companions that when Durood
Shareef is recited at any place, or Nabi is remembered there, a special
fragrance rises from there, which tears through the seven skies, and
reaches the Arsh e, Majeed. This fragrance can be smelt by all creatures
except for the Jin and humans. If the human and Jins had to experience
this as well, then they would leave their livelihood and remain lost in this
fragrance. The Angels and those creatures which get to experience this
fragrance, make Dua e Istighfaar for those in that gathering, and reward
equal to those creatures is written for those in that gathering, and their
status is elevated by that many folds. If there is just one person or even one hundred thousand people in that gathering, they are all elevated to this level. The reward from Allah is the
best and the greatest.

A Special Fragrance by Durood Sharif

It has been reported by a few Blessed Companions that when Durood
Shareef is recited upon Nabi Kareem in a gathering, a special pure
fragrance rises from this blessed gathering until it reaches the heights of
the skies, so the Angels say, ‘This is that gathering in which Durood has
been recited upon Nabi e Akram .’

Blessings until Qiyaamat by Durood Sharif

Sending Durood Shareef upon Nabi Kareem is such a great blessing that our Durood becomes the means of blessings upon us until the Day of Qiyaamat.

Nabi Kareem said, ‘Whosoever recited Durood upon me to Honour my
Haq (Right upon them), then from that recitation Almighty Allah creates
an Angel, whose one wing is in the East and the other wing is in the West,
whilst its feet are in the lowest earth and its neck embraces the Arsh e
Azeem. Almighty Allah commands that Angel by saying, ‘Send blessings
upon My servant, just as he has sent Durood upon My Nabi .’ Hence,
that Angel will continue to send blessings upon him (the reciter) until
Qiyaamat. Subhaan’Allah!

Do not waste time in sin and in the vices of this world. Spend your time
in Allah’s Ibaadat and in sending Durood in abundance upon Nabi e
Akram. This will be a means of blessing for us all until Qiyaamat.
Angels Make Dua for our Forgiveness
It has been reported in some narrations that when a truly believing man
or woman starts to send Durood upon Nabi Kareem, the Doors of the
skies are opened for them and the veils are opened for them up to the
Arsh. Every Angel in the skies sends Durood upon Allah’s Beloved Habeeb
, and all the Angels make Dua e Maghfirat for that man or woman, as
much as Allah wills.

The Extinguisher of Grief by Durood Sharif

At times when we face difficulties and hardships, we become aggrieved
and do not know which direction to take. In such times we should always
remember that Durood Shareef is our solution and the extinguisher of
Nabi e Akram said, ‘When it becomes difficult for a person to attain
any of his needs, he should send Durood upon me in abundance, for
Durood removes grief, sadness, and difficulties; and it is a means of
abundance in Rizq (Sustenance), and fulfillment of needs.’

Never Forget the Path to Jannat by Durood Sharif

We should never become so lost in our worldly life that it causes us to be
neglectful of sending Durood upon our Beloved Nabi. There is a
warning in the Hadith Shareef concerning those who do not send Durood
upon Nabi Kareem. Our Beloved Nabi said, ‘Indeed the one who has
forgotten (been neglectful) to send Durood upon me, has forgotten the
path to Jannat.’
Subhaan’Allah, this short but beautiful narration clearly shows that if you
wish to remain on the path of Jannat you should make sending Durood
upon Nabi your daily litany, for Durood is the path to Jannat.
The Excellence of Those Who Send Durood
The excellence of those who sincerely send Durood upon Nabi Kareem
is explained in a Hadith on the authority of Hazrat Abdur Rahman bin Auf
ؓ◌, he reports that Rasoolullah said, ‘Jibra’eel Alaihis Salaam came to
me, and he said O (Nabi) Muhammad! When anyone from amongst
your Ummah sends Durood upon you, seventy thousand Angels will send
Blessings upon him (the reciter), and the one upon whom the Angels send
blessings, becomes from amongst the dwellers of Jannat.’ Subhaan’Allah!
Indeed Durood is the path to Jannat, meaning that our Nabi Kareem
holds the keys to Jannah by Allah’s Will.

A Noor on Pul Siraat by Durood Sharif

Firstly, let us understand what is Pul Siraat? Pul Siraat (The Bridge) is
Haq. This is a bridge that is constructed over the fire of Hell. It is thinner
than hair and sharper than a sword. This is the only route that can be
taken to enter Jannat. The Beloved Rasool will be the first to cross the
Pul Siraat followed by all the Ambia and Mursaleen السلام عليهم. Thereafter,
followed by the Ummat of the Beloved Rasool and then the Ummats of
all the other Prophets. One will pass over Pul Siraat as per his deeds.
Some will pass over with swiftness of the flash of lightning. Some will
pass over like wind traveling at high speeds. Some will pass over as fast
as birds whilst others will pass over with the speed of a fast horse. Some
will pass over with the speed of a running man whilst others will do so
dragging themselves on their bottoms. There will also be those who will
pass over as slow as ants. There are two massive iron rods with curved
ends like hooks on either side of Pul Siraat. They will seize whomsoever
they have been commanded to seize. Some of those seized will be
severely wounded, but will still manage to cross over Pul Siraat, whilst
others will be plunged by them into the fire of hell. Whilst all will be
struggling to pass over Pul Siraat, our pure master, the intercessor for the
sinful Hazrat Muhammad will be waiting on the other end of Pul Siraat
praying for his Ummah to pass safely. He will be saying


O Allah
grant them safe passage. The Beloved Rasool said, ‘For the one who
sends Durood upon me, there will be a Noor on Pul Siraat, and the
possessor of Noor on Pul Siraat will not enter Jahannam.’

Nabi Kareem said, “He who sends Durood upon me once, Allah will
send ten blessings upon him, and one who sends ten Durood upon me.
Allah will send one hundred blessings upon him, and one who sends one
hundred Durood upon me. Allah will send one thousand blessings upon
him, and the one who sends one thousand Durood upon me, Allah will
make his body Haraam upon the fire (of Hell), and Allah will keep him on
the True Word at the time of questioning in this world and in there
hereafter. Also, Allah will enter him into Jannat, and on the Day of
Qiyaamat, the Duroods which he sent upon me, will appear and its Noor
will brighten a distance of five hundred years on Pul Siraat, and for every
Durood (which he recited), Allah will bless him with a Palace in Jannat; be
this Durood more or less.” Subhaan’Allah!
Look at the blessing we receive by reciting Durood Shareef. May we be
sacrificed at the Sacred Feet of our Nabi. Ya Rasool’Allah! How
blessed we are that you have made us your slaves. Allahu Akbar!
Entrance into Jannat with Rasoolullah
It is reported from Ibn Abbas Radi Allahu anhuma that the Beloved
Rasool said,
“He who sends Durood upon me once, Allah will send ten Blessings upon
him, and one who sends ten Durood upon me, Allah will send one
hundred blessings upon him, and one who sends one hundred Durood
upon me, Allah will send one thousand blessings upon him, and the one

who sends one thousand Durood upon me, he will be shoulder to shoulder
with me at the Door of Jannat.”
Allahu Akbar! Look at the last part of this narration, ‘He will be shoulder
to shoulder with me at the Door of Jannat.’ Can we understand what this
means? Do we realize the honor and excellence being bestowed upon a
true believer who sends one thousand Durood upon Nabi Kareem ?
Have we realized that we will enter Jannat ul Firdaus shoulder to
shoulder, in other words, together with Rasoolullah? What greater
honor can an Ummati ask for, when he is honored with entering Jannat
with his Nabi! This is a guarantee because Nabi Kareem has said it
and there is not an iota of doubt in the word of our Nabi, for His
every word is Haq.

A Durood from the Bouquet of Durood Sharif

Here I will share with you a Durood Shareef and some insight about it as
well. This Durood Shareef has been mentioned in the world-renowned
Bouquet of Duroods, Dalaa’il ul Khayraat Shareef. This Durood has also
been mentioned in other narrations with slightly different words but with
the same essence.


Allahum’ma Salle ‘Ala Sayyidina wa Maulana Muhammadin ‘Adada Ma
Dhakarahudh Dhaakiroon

O Allah, Send Durood upon our Leader and our Master Hazrat Muhammad, as much as those who have remembered him. (i.e. Sent Durood upon

Allahum’ma Salle ‘Ala Sayyidina wa Maulana Muhammadin ‘Adada Ma
Ghafala ‘An Dhikrihil Ghaafiloon
O, Allah! Send Durood upon our Leader and our Master Hazrat Muhammad
as much as those who have neglected to remember him.
It must be noted that in this Durood it shows that the reciter is asking
Allah to send Durood upon Nabi equal to all the people, because the
people are made up of those who send Durood and those who do not.
It is reported from Abdullah ibn Abdul Hikm wherein he says, “I dreamt
Imam Shafi’i ؓ◌ and I asked him, ‘How has Almighty Allah treated you?’
So he said, ‘He was Merciful to me and forgave me. I was sent towards
Jannat fully adorned like a bridegroom, and flowers of Mercy were rained
upon me like a bridegroom.’ I asked, ‘Due to which reason have you
reached this excellence?’

He said, ‘Someone mentioned to me, you have received this honor
because you wrote this Durood Shareef in ‘Kitaab ur Risaala’’:

Wa Sall Allahu ‘Ala Muhammadin ‘Adada Ma Dhakarahudh Dhaakiroon wa
‘Adada Ma Ghafala ‘An Dhikrihil Ghaafiloon
Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abdul Hikm says, “In the morning I looked in ‘Kitaab
ur Risaala’ and I found the exact Durood Shareef written in it. Sayyiduna
Imam Ghazzali ؓ◌ writes in his Ihya, ‘It is reported from Abul Hasan Shafi’i
that I was blessed with seeing the Beloved Rasool in my dream and I
said, ‘Ya Rasool’Allah , Imam Shafi’i has written in his Kitaab ur

Wa Sall Allahu ‘Ala Muhammadin ‘Adada Ma Dhakarahudh Dhaakiroon wa
‘Adada Ma Ghafala ‘An Dhikrihil Ghaafiloon
(Ya Rasool’Allah ) What (special) reward has been afforded to him for
this on your behalf?’ He said, ‘He has been blessed with this reward on
my behalf that, he will not have to stand for any accountability (i.e. He
will be entered into Jannat without accountability)’.” Subhaan’Allah!

Leave alone all the services and great works of Imam Shafi’i ؓ◌. He has
been blessed with Jannat and such excellence in the hereafter because of
writing one blessed Durood Shareef. Allahu Akbar!
Hence, we should always make sure that we write Durood Shareef when
we write the blessed name of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah.
Angels at The Rauda Shareef
Ibn Mubaarak, Ibn Abid Danya, and Abu Nu’aim have reported from Hazrat
Ka’ab Ahbaar ؓ◌, that once he had gone to visit Hazrat A’isha Siddiqa Radi
Allahu anha. During their conversation, they began to speak about the
Beloved Rasool, so Hazrat Ka’ab Ahbaar ؓ◌ said,
“Every day at the time of the commencement of dawn; seventy thousand
Angels descend upon the Rauda e Mubaarak of Nabi, and they
envelope the Rauda Mubaarak. They then lower their wings and present
Durood and Salaams in the Court of Nabi Kareem. In the evening,
these Angels return and the same amount of Angels descend again (as
they leave) and they present Durood and Salaam, (and this will continue)
until the time when Nabi e Akram will exit from his Blessed Rauda
Shareef, then at this time seventy thousand Angels will be there to
honor him.”

Explaining this beautiful scene, Imam e Ahle Sunnat Aala Hazrat Ash Shah
Imam Ahmed Raza Khan ؓ◌ so beautifully says the above in a single
Sat’tar Hazaar Subho Satar Hazaar Shaam
Yun Bandagi Zulf o Rukh Aatho Pehar ki He
Seventy thousand in the morning, seventy thousand in the evening
In Servitude, to his blessed locks and Sacred Face,
Throughout the day (and night)
Blessings Equal to Raindrops

Allahum’ma Salle ‘Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin ‘Adada Kul’li Qatratin
Qatarat min Samawaatika ila Ardika Miy-yawmi Khalaqtad-duniya ila
Yawmil Qiyaamati Fi Kul’li Yawmin Alfa Mar’ratin
O Allah, send Durood upon our Master Hazrat Muhammad, equivalent
to the amount of all the (rain) drops which have fallen from Your skies
onto Your earth, from the day that You created the World, until the Day
of Qiyaamat, one thousand times every day. Subhaan’Allah!

Since this beautiful Durood Shareef speaks about sending Durood Shareef
equivalent to the raindrops, I want to share with you the reality of rain.
Have you thought about how rain comes down onto the earth? I am sure
that many of us will think about the evaporation process as explained by
science. Now let me try to explain rain in the words of the pious:
Imam Ibn Abi Haatim and Abush-Shaykh have reported from Hazrat Ibn
Abbas Radi Allahu anhuma that he said, ‘Indeed, Allah sends the wind
that acquires the water from the sky and then moves ahead, like a camel
which gives milk.’
Abush-Shaykh reports from Hazrat Hasan Basri ؓ◌ that he was asked;
‘Does the rain come from the clouds or from the sky?’ He replied, ‘From
the sky, as clouds are only a kind of smoke (vapour), onto which water
from the sky descends.’
Hazrat Abush-Shaykh and Ibn Haatim report from Khalid bin Ma’daan ؓ◌
that he said, ‘Rain is that water which falls from under the Arsh and then
passes from one sky to the next, until it reaches the first sky and then
gathers at a place which is called, ‘Al Ayzam’. The black cloud enters this
place and then soaks up this water, like a sponge soaks water, then Allah
sends it to where ever He Wills.’

Special Blessings of Durood Sharif

We have already explained earlier that a person who sends Durood in
abundance upon Nabi will be blessed with special closeness to Nabi e
Akram. The blessed scholars have said that a person who sends
Durood abundantly upon Nabi e Akram will receive such closeness due
too many reasons, amongst which one reason is:
“He attained closeness to Nabi by virtue of sending Durood upon him, which is regarded as a manner of serving him (i.e. Making
khidmat), just as Nabi said to Hazrat Ali bin Muwaffaq ؓ◌ when he
performed Hajj on behalf of Nabi. He saw Nabi in his dream and
Nabi said to him, ‘this is one of your services. On the day of Qiyaamat,
I will bless you with the reward for it. When the people will be facing the
difficulties of accountability (Hisaab), then on the Maydaan e Mahshar
(Plains of Reckoning) I will hold you by your hand and enter you into
Blessing Attained by Writing Durood Shareef
after the Name of Rasoolullah
Here we will present narrations pertaining to the importance of writing
Durood Shareef after writing the blessed name of Nabi Kareem or
when referring to Nabi by his blessed attributes and titles.

Ibn Asaakir ؓ◌ reported from Abdullah bin Saleh Sufi that someone saw a
Muhad’dith in their dream, so he asked, ‘How are you?’ He replied,
‘Almighty Allah pardoned me because I consistently wrote Durood after
the name of Rasoolullah in my books’.
Hafiz bin Abdullah reported, ‘I dreamt Abu Zar’aa engrossed in Namaaz
with the Mala’ika on the sky of the earth (first sky), so I asked, ‘How were
you blessed with this excellence?’ He replied, ‘I wrote 100 000 (one
hundred thousand) Hadith with my own hands, and in every Hadith I
wrote full Durood Shareef on Rasoolullah and Huzoor said, ‘One
who recites Durood upon me once, Almighty Allah will send down tenfold
Mercy upon him’.’
The Harmful Effects of abbreviating Durood
After reading the above-mentioned narration, you would have realized
how many blessings was attained by the Muhad’dith, because he always
wrote the Durood after the name of Rasoolullah in his books.
Nowadays we find many people who do not write the full Durood after
they write the Name of Rasoolullah. They write abbreviations. You
will find them designing a beautiful poster and finding space to write
everything else, but when it comes to writing Durood Shareef, they
abbreviate it. Even in books nowadays, people just use abbreviations
instead of the actual Durood. They have the habit of writing (s.a.w.) or
(a.s.) or (r.a.) etc. instead of writing the entire Durood Shareef. This has

been declared as disallowed and impermissible by the learned Scholars of
Islam. Aala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan ؓ◌ and the other
learned scholars of the Ahle Sunnat have mentioned that Durood such as
should not be written in short but rather in full. They have said that
to write in short is impermissible.
Imam Jalaalud’deen Suyuti ؓ◌ says, ‘The first person who did this, (in
other words) wrote the Durood as an abbreviation, had his hands cut off.’
Allama Sayyid Tahtawi says in the Haashia of Durr e Mukhtar that it is
from Fatawa Tatar Khania as follows: ‘One who writes Durood and Salaam
in such an abbreviated way for any Nabi is an infidel, as it is to make small
(shorten) and to do so for the Ambia is Kufr.’
It is mentioned in Fatawa Africa that this law of kufr only applies to those
who intentionally do this, with the intent of belittling the Ambia
Alaihimus Salaam. It is mentioned that those who write abbreviations
today generally do this out of sheer laziness or just to abbreviate, so the
law of kufr does not apply to them, but it is an action that causes one to
lose great blessings and is a sign of deprivation. It is also mentioned in
Fatawa Africa, ‘The Pen (writing) is also a dialect.’
Allama Tahtawi says, ‘When writing, to write the abbreviation of it ‘’ is
Makruh, rather it should be written completely with its splendor.’

Thus, it is of utmost importance that we refrain from writing
abbreviations for Durood Shareef and make the effort to write the Durood
Shareef in full. Why should we deprive ourselves of the Mercy of Allah
and instead earn the wrath of Allah? May Allah protect us from all our
shortcomings and allow us the Taufiq to accept our weaknesses and
shortcomings. May we be blessed with hearts that accept the truth and
may we be blessed with the gift of sincere repentance. Aameen.
Our Durood in the Hereafter
Our Durood Shareef will earn us great blessings in the Aakhira, even
before we pass from this world. Sending Durood Shareef upon Nabi
and even remembering the Angel of Death by sending blessings upon him
makes us close to the ‘Angel of Death’, and hence our last moments will be
with peace. Hazrat Abu Zar’aa reported that Najeeb ibn Abi Ubaid said to
me, ‘I saw Malak ul Maut (The Angel of Death) in my dream, wherein he
was saying, ‘Say to your father that he should recite Durood upon me, so
that I may be gentle upon him.’ I mentioned this to my father and he said
to me, ‘O my son! I am even closer to Malak ul Maut than I am to your

A Throne in the Skies Durood Sharif

We should also make it habitual to commence and end our Mehfils with
Durood Shareef, and always try to invite people towards Righteousness
(Haq) and educate them to stay away from deviant ways.

Abul Hasan Sha’raani says that he saw Mansur bin Am’maar in his dream
after he passed away. He asked him, ‘How has Allah treated you?’ He
said, ‘Allah asked me, ‘Are you Mansur bin Am’maar?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He
then asked, ‘Were you the one who used to try to draw people towards
piety and towards the love of the hereafter?’ I said, ‘O my Rub! That is
how it was and whenever I sat in any gathering, I started it with your Zikr, and thereafter I would send Durood upon Your Nabi and thereafter I
would try to advise Your servants.’
Almighty Allah said, ‘My servant has spoken the truth. A place for him a
Chair (Throne) in the skies so that he may Praise and glorify me in the
skies, just as he did whilst in the world’.’
The Blessed Ziyaarah of Rasoolullah
If you wish to attain the special benefits and blessings in this world and in
the hereafter, you should send Durood Shareef in abundance upon Nabi
Kareem. One of the great Imams of his era, who is known as Shaykh e
Akbar, Shaykh Muhiyud’deen Ibn e Arabi ؓ◌ mentions,
‘Those who claim to truly love and honor the Beloved Rasool should
increase the recitation of Durood Shareef with patience and
determination, until through the special mercy of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
, they are blessed with the honor of making his blessed Ziyaarah (i.e.
seeing him).’

This statement of Shaykh Ibn e Arabi holds a special secret. It is basically
informing us that if you continue to recite Durood Shareef as often as
possible with true love and sincerity, then Insha Allah, the Beloved
Rasool will shower his special mercy and blessings upon you, and you
will be blessed with seeing his radiant and Holy Presence.
Indeed, Shaykh Ibn e Arabi has spoken the truth. May we all be blessed
with seeing the Mubaarak Face of Nabi before we leave this worldly
abode. Aameen.

Our Nabi hears our Durood Sharif

There are those who try to confuse and mislead the Believers by telling
them that the Beloved Rasool cannot hear their Durood Shareef.
These deviants try to play with the minds of unsuspecting Muslims. They
say that there is an Angel at the Sacred Grave of Rasoolullah which
receives the Durood Shareef, hence if the Prophet was hearing our
Durood Shareef, what need is there for an Angel to receive the Durood?
This is sheer ignorance. It does not mean that if an Angel is appointed
there to receive the Durood Shareef, the Beloved Nabi is not aware of
our Durood. The Angel is there to show the excellence of Durood and to
serve as a Khaadim (servant) at the Court of Rasoolullah.

Durood and Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam

Almighty Allah sent Wahi to Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam, ‘O Musa! Just as
your speech is close to your tongue, your thoughts are close to your
heart, your soul is close to your body, and the light of your vision is close
to your eyes, do you wish that I may become closer to you than all of
this?’ Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam said, ‘Yes (O Allah).’ Almighty Allah
said, ‘(O Musa) Then send Durood in abundance upon Muhammad
Mustafa .’
The Beloved Rasool said, ‘I personally hear the Durood of those who
truly love me, and I recognize them as well.’
Forty Special Benefits in Reciting Durood
I will now attempt to share with you some of the Special Benefits of
Durood Shareef as mentioned by Shaykh Muhaq’qiq Shaykh Abdul Haq
Muhad’dith Delhvi in his distinguished ‘Madarijun Nubuiwat’:

  1. To send Durood e Paak upon Nabi Kareem is the source of all blessings and radiance, and the key to the Doors of Good fortune and all Goodness.
  2. For the Awliyah, and to those on the Path of Sulook, Durood Shareef is their great success and the means of attaining forgiveness and countless Blessings.
  3. Durood Shareef is a Perfect Spiritual Guide and a True Mentor to the reciter.
  4. Durood Shareef is the most effective manner of attaining closeness to Nabi.
  5. Recitation of Durood brings one to the level of recognizing the Hidden Realities and attaining a special closeness to Allah.
  6. The sincere reciter will first get to see the Beloved Rasool in his dream and then whilst awake.
  7. Reciting Durood Shareef in abundance causes a Noor (special Light) to be born in the heart, through which the paths of Shariat and Tariqat are easily visible.
  8. The Special Blessings of Nabi are attained without any means.
  9. The continuous recitation of Durood Shareef is more exalted than the continuous recitation of the Best Dhikr.
  10.  There are mediation and assistance in Durood that is attained by way of its recitation.
  11. When going for Hajj and Ziyaarah there is no practice more valuable than Durood Shareef.
  12. By reciting Durood in abundance one is able to visualize the Beloved Nabi.
  13. After the Fard Actions, there is no Ibaadat more virtuous than Durood Shareef.
  14. The Reward for sincerely reciting Durood Shareef is equivalent to being present in twenty battles, and to freeing ten slaves.
  15. On the Day of Qiyaamat, Nabi Kareem will personally testify on behalf of one who sincerely recited Durood Shareef.
  16. On the Day of Qiyaamat, one who sincerely recites Durood Shareef will be blessed with meeting Nabi Kareem and shaking His Blessed Hands.
  17. ll the worldly and Deeni issues of one who sincerely recites Durood Shareef will be in the care of Nabi and He will be the ‘Administrator’ of his affairs.
  18. Durood Shareef suffices as a means to fulfill all needs and to remove all calamities, and as the Kafara (expiation) for sins.
  19. Durood is the equivalent of Sadaqa, but actually, it is more virtuous than Sadaqa.
  20. Durood Shareef removes illnesses and anxiety. It is also beneficial in hunger and thirst.
  21. Reciting Durood frees one from the shackles of false accusations.
  22. The Sincere reciter attains the pleasure and closeness to Allah Almighty and even the Angels look towards him with love.
  23. Due to the sincere recitation of Durood Shareef, wealth is purified and there is Barkat in wealth.
  24. Barkat (Blessings) flows in the wealth and children of the sincere reciter and in their descendants for forty generations.
  25. A sincere reciter receives salvation from the hardships and fears of the Day of Qiyaamat.
  26. Reciting Durood Shareef sincerely saves one from the fitna (strife) of the Duniya (world) and eases one’s last moments at the time of death.
  27. Reciting Durood Shareef sincerely helps one to find lost items and remember forgotten information.
  28.  The one who sincerely recites Durood is recognized amongst the Angels as ‘Generous’.
  29. A gathering in which Durood is recited becomes so fragrant that its fragrance ascends to the Arsh, which can be sensed by the Angels in the Heights of the Heavens.
  30. The Pul Siraat will be glowing with Noor for the sincere reciter of Durood and he will pass over it in the blink of an eye.
  31. Nabi personally replies to the Durood of the one who sincerely sends Durood upon him, and He makes Dua for his goodness and this alone is the bouquet of countless blessings and benefits.
  32. The Kiraaman Kaatibeen (Angels on our left and right) do not record any sins for three days, of a person who recites Durood sincerely; and those who slander and backbite against him are blocked from this.
  33. On the Day of Qiyaamat, the sincere reciter of Durood will be in the A shade of the Arsh.
  34.  On the burning planes of Qiyaamat, the sincere reciter of Durood will be safe from thirst.
  35. Through the Barkat of Durood Shareef, the plate of the scale carrying good deeds will be heavier, meaning one’s good deeds will be more.
  36. To recite Durood Shareef is to be grateful to Allah, so the blessings
    attained through it are more.
  37. There is no fixed amount as to how much Durood one should recite. You should read so many that you become shaded in the beautiful shades of Durood. Try not to read less than 1000 Durood and if you are not able to do this, at least recite 100 after every Salaah.
  38. Through the Barkat of Durood, all the evil schemes of your enemies will become weak like the single strand of a spider’s web.
  39. One who sincerely recites Durood will easily fulfill the needs of his family and children. Even if he earns little, it will have immense Barkat.
  40.  Without Durood Shareef, your Dua and Salaah are not accepted. Durood Shareef is the staircase to the Doors of Acceptance.

A Special Gift

There are a special gift and blessing that Allah has blessed us with; a
blessing which is the coolness of our eyes and the tranquility to our
hearts. It is a blessing that softens the hardness of our hearts and blows a
new breath of life into our spiritual enthusiasm. It opens for us the Doors
of Mercy and saves us from the fire of Hell. What is this blessed
recitation that makes such a great difference in the life of a true believer?
After reading this entire book and reaching this point of the Book, you
would have realized by now that we are talking about the beautiful
recitation which we call, ‘Durood Shareef’.

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique ؓ◌ states, ‘The recitation of Durood Shareef
upon the Beloved Rasool is more effective in washing away sins and
cleansing them, compared to a fire that is being extinguished with cold
water; and to send Durood upon Nabi is more virtuous than freeing
slaves.’ Continue sending Durood and Salaams upon the Beloved Rasool
. It changes the condition of our hearts, granting us peace, tranquillity
and Light, causing the heart to become a radiant chamber of spiritual





Durood Sharif
Durood Sharif


Durood Sharif
Durood Sharif
Durood Sharif
Durood Sharif
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