Islamic Poems

Islamic Poems

Heart Touching Poem about the Care of Allah towards us

Oh Allah ! I told You I’m in pain
You said: “do not despair of the mercy of Allah.”
(Quran 39:53)

I told You nobody knows what is in my heart
You said: “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.”
(Quran 13:28)

I told You many people hurt me
You said: “So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them”
(Quran 3:159)

I told You I feel I’m alone
You said: “We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.”
(Quran 50:16)

I told You my sins are so many
You said: “and who can forgive sins except Allah?”
(Quran 3:135)

I told You do not leave me
You said: “So remember Me; I will remember you.”
(Quran 2:152)

I told You I’m facing a lot of difficulties in life
You said: “And whoever fears Allah, He will make for him a way out.”
(Quran 65:2)

I told You oh Lord ! I need hope
You said: “Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”
(Quran 94:6)

I told You I have many dreams
You said: “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.”
(Quran 40:60)

Beautiful Poem about Ramadan!

Ramadan is near, its near
Ramadan oh so dear, so dear

During this month we must fast
Opportunity for our good deeds to amass

From food and drink we abstain
Satan this month is put on a chain

Wake late in the night for Tahajjud
Pray like you really truly should

Duas at this early hour readily accepted
Almighty ALLAH hears all, the Most Elevated

Then eat your delicious sehri food
Throughout the day don’t be in a mood

Muslims fast all over worldwide
Rewards in this month multiplied

Your eyes will soon open up wide
Looking at all those foods fried

But don’t just anxiously await the iftaar
Make dua, ask to be kept from sins afar

Recite the Holy Qur’an much
Each and every sunnah try to clutch

Make good speech your norm
Extra Nawafil Salah do perform

Having kept your fast during the day
At night Taraweeh stand and pray

Practice the beautiful way of our Prophet (ﷺ)
And for eternity hereafter increase your profit!

The Four [Quls] Surah Meditations

Author: Samina Farooq

O disbelievers! Listen, oh you!
I don’t worship what you do

Nor are you worshipers of what I worship
Since you will never, why should I flip?

So for you is your religion, for me is mine
Between you and me, there’s a fine line

He is Allah, He is one
every other god we are to shun

He is self-sufficient, free of need
We are dependent, to Him we plead

He neither begets nor is born
He never sleeps nor feels worn

Nor is there to Him any equivalent
Neither idols nor the prophets He sent

I seek refuge of the Lord of daybreak
When through the night, light outbreaks

From the evil of what is created by Him
I seek refuge from everything grim

From evil of darkness when it settles
hiding the evil as it battles

From evil of blowers in knots
Black magic of all evil plots

From evil of an envier when he envies
From blame, calumny, backbite, and tease

I seek refuge in the lord of mankind
their master and God— only One of His kind

From evil of the retreating whispering one
into their chests the whisper’s done

They may be from humans or jinns
No matter the form, don’t let them win

Beautiful Poem about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) #WhoIsMuhammad

What a year was 570 AD
A person was born, a prophet to be

Muhammed (ﷺ) that was his name
People were misguided and that’s when he came

He would go on to leave all the idols behind
He is an example to the whole of mankind

Rabbi-al-Awwal, in it was a day
He came to this world to show us the way

He was born in Mecca, the holiest place
A life full of challenges he was to face

Abdullah, his father, had by then passed away
Leaving Amina, his mother, in her arms he lay

Halima Sadia took over his care
Until he was six, our prophet was there

His mother then died, he was left all alone
Abdul Muttalib, his grand-dad then made him his own

When our prophet was nine, his grandfather died
Abu Talib, his uncle, became his new guide

In his 20’s,a merchant Muhammed (ﷺ) became by trade
Al-Amin (the trustworthy), became his grade

Khadija (r.a.) aged 40, became his bride
He was 25, with her by his side

To the poor, she gave away all her wealth
A dedicated wife in sickness and health

360 idols in the Ka’aba, there were at that time
Our prophet realised that this was a crime

He would go to mount Hira, leaving behind his wife
Reflecting and wondering about the meaning of life

Whilst thinking there in the midst of the night
He heard a loud voice which filled him with fright

It was the angel Jibreel (a.s.) who asked him to read
Our prophet couldn’t and didn’t take heed

The angel embraced him and then asked him later
‘Read, Read in the name of the Creator’

Who created man from a drop of blood
Our prophet couldn’t read but at that time he could

Our prophet rushed to the path straight ahead
He heard a voice from the heavens which said

Muhammed (ﷺ) truly you are the messenger of God
Muhammed (ﷺ) was scared and thought this quite odd

‘Praise be to God’ his wife said instead
‘I know you’ve been chosen as God’s messenger’ she said

And thus Khadija (r.a.) became the first woman of Islam
And over the next 23 years came the revelation, the Quran

He preached to all people, every creed, every race
Yet so many hardships he had to face

There were fears for his life, then the Hijra’h took place
He entered Medina, by the Almighty’s grace

He was greeted by the Ansaris who were not like the others
they treated the Muhajirs like their very own brothers

Then came the battles, fought face to face
Then the conquest of Mecca, Muhammed (ﷺ)’s birthplace

An-Nasr was revealed, it’s message was clear
Muhammed (saws) knew that his time was near

Everyone gathered to hear his last speech
little did they know how far Allah’s message would reach

Muhammed (ﷺ) gave us the miracle, the Quran
And now a 1/4 of the world follow Islam

He is our role-model, the best of mankind
And has left the Quran and his Sunnah behind

Read the Quran as much as you can
The words of Allah (SWT) for the guidance of man

And follow our prophet’s sunnah, when eating and dressing
And send him salutations and many a blessing

He came to mankind to show us the way
And Insha-Allah, we’ll meet him, we’ll meet him one day.

Ramadan Poem by V. Ali
Author: Vilayath Ali

Too many sins have been in my basket
Too many mischief committed unasked
How little I am and how big my ego masked
Wavering from my path, often in vice I basked

Indeed Allah is the most benevolent, the most merciful
Once again guiding me to rectify my path and be repentful
May this month make us all pious and fast faithful
Let’s fast to purify our soul and make our hearts truthful.


The Monotheistic Belief – Islamic Poem

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Have a reflection upon your very essence
Love of the world hands just a dire sentence
And wrath to the esteemed viceroy on earth
Only in Allah’s obedience lies the true worth
His pleasure the creation must ever desire,
Barring which nothing but the pangs of fire

Seek upright belief which does Him please
Making one triumphant with a soul at ease
True belief works wonders, enables to excel
A best panacea that does the doubts dispel
Getting lost in His colour yields success
Adore and obey Him does the belief stress!

Belief says He is All-High, Mighty and Sublime
Doer of His will, beyond the space or the time:
Just ‘Be’ does He command, and it becomes
Knows the inner most secrets of the bosoms
Alive One doesn’t ancestry or offspring keep
Nor does Exalted Lord felt tired or ever sleep.

Straighten the belief, absolutely dead straight
Towards the Eternal One- Allah the Great
Verily belief is the faith and faith the belief
True believers never encounter fear or grief
Allah promises them peace in the holy pages
Lo! The rational belief does count in all ages.

Rational belief demands us to be sincere,
Loyal and grateful to the Creator, and bear
Humbly the trying times when He does us try
Seeking to examine loyal and those who lie
He tests us through loss, poverty and plight
Only true believers during trials emerge right.

Belief urges us to tread on righteous lines
Far from polytheism, ill-ways and evil signs;
To Allah we pray, prostrate and will return
His pleasure, His grace we must ever yearn
And strive for piety like a good loyal servant
Who always does His Master’s praise chant!

The Waited Month – Ramadan Poem

Oh the broken hearts
In searching of world ,
Oh the minds of deviated
In following the pleasures …
Oh deserted homes
From the blessing
Oh the deserted Masjid
From the devotees …..
The countdown is over …yes over
Its time to purify your sole
The door of Jannat is opened
Chains have been stamped on shaitans
Time to navigate in the ship of worship
For the membership of Jannat ……..
The blessed month Ramadan, yes … Ramadan..
Raise your voice (sins) to Him
All you have committed in life
Measure your Ibadath first …..
Zeal is the first condition of acceptance ..
Allah is there by your side round the clock..
Never loose your hope on Him.

Islamic Poem on Lessons from the Prophets of Allah

Adam taught me not to trust the big bad snake
Cain taught me what real envy can make

Nuh taught me that Allah will make a way
Ibrahim taught me true faith carries the day

Yakub taught me that blessings come from above
Yusuf taught me to forgive and show some love

Ayyub taught me that patience is a virtue
Dawud taught me that giants couldn’t hurt you

Suleiman taught me wisdom is the greatest wealth
Daniel taught me I am protected in any den

Yahya taught me I can make it through any meal
Isa taught me that only Allah can heal

Muhammad taught me the true way of life
And these I will practice while am still alive

Unite – Eye Opening Islamic Poem on Unity of Muslims

I am saddened and in dismay
That our ummah is left this way,
We are so divided and secular
When the truth is so evident, clear

We are all Muslims, indeed Allah said
‘Do not become divided’; why is this widespread?
We’re so focused on differences, we
Cannot see beyond Shia and Sunni

If you choose to celebrate milad, fine
This is no reason to draw up a line
You are this. I am that; wrong and right
Give up this hatred, let go of spite

Look back at the very start
Where no great difference set apart
Cane and Abel, two brothers and yet
One killed the other; regret, regret

And we, we are all one ummah so
Let go of these differences, let go
If your brother does something you would not
Don’t turn your back, or loosen the knot

Allah has said do not become divided, so
I am asking you to hold together; woe
Woe to those who call one another names
Point, judge and shout out blames

Imagine our religion like a house, tall
We ourselves are tearing down each wall
Each brick we label and throw it away
It will just fall apart one day

Take a minute and just think
Really let this message sink
In; we should often recite and say
Blessings upon Muhammad (ﷺ), each day

The second line sends blessings too
Upon Muhammad (ﷺ) family, who
Who are remembered by some, not all
Yet it is their name which you call

Why then are the ummah not aware
Of the Prophet’s (ﷺ) family, don’t we care?
Learn of their history and their lives too
Wake up, refresh your knowledge anew

Learn of the Ahlul-Bayt, don’t turn away
They are for all of our ummah; I pray
That belief in them is held by us all
I pray we build up each crumbling wall

I pray our faith, our deen is set first
Instead of a lust for hatred, a thirst
Let it be quenched with brotherhood
Save us from drowning in this hateful flood

There has never been a prophet who
Has encouraged divisions, you too
Should follow this way and hold tight
To your brothers in faith. End this fight.

Identity – Islamic Poem for Muslims

Stay down, Stay in your place,
Don’t look around, Don’t turn your face,
Just do your job and go back to watching TV.
It’s a friend and entertainment that’s so exciting,
No need to think, No need to fret,
Just focus on what the tube tells you to buy and be.

Who am I? Who are we?
Do we even have identities?
Are you a Blackberry, an I-Phone or a Galaxy?
Family, friends, invitations, visits and conversations,
What is that? What are those? No one even really knows.
Life’s just a text now, a missed call, an SMS, Bluetooth and live TV.
Think of how envied you’ll be with your new “4G Hands Free”!

Who am I? Who are we?
Do we even have identities?
Am I an X-box, a Nintendo or a PSP?
Stories, naps, free time and children playing outside,
What is that? What are those? No one even really knows.
Life’s just a game now that’s so fun and entertaining.
I know I’ll reach the next level if I just keep on playing!

Who am I? Who are we?
Do we even have identities?
Are you an Apple, a Sony or an HP?
Writing, spelling, grammar too. Time for family and time for you.
What is that? What are those? No one even really knows.
Life’s just a bunch of clicks now, Windows, memory and the size of the screen.
Go quickly to your nearest store for a great deal with a two year warranty!

Who am I? Who are we?
Do we even have identities?
Parents, teachers, nature and books before,
What is that? What are those? No one even really knows.
Which one teaches us now? The Plasma, the LCD, or the latest in Home 3D?
Life’s just the box now and education’s just false illusions flashing on the screen.
Let’s all buy a “Smart” TV, So we don’t have to be!

Who am I? Who are we?
Do we even have identities?
Goals, morals and values. What is that? What are those? No one even really knows.
We are the latest fashion, electronics, cars, and jewelry,
Is this all life’s meant to be? Products, goods, ads and commercials?
It wasn’t Visa, MasterCard, cash or “just bill me”,
Can’t you see how we’ve paid for it all with our identities?

Who am I? Who are we?
Do we even have identities?
Yes, we do! That’s for sure!
We’re so much more than just the trend du jour.
Who am I? Who are we? How should we identify?
By color, race or nationality?
By products, cars, titles or accessories?

No! None of that, none of those!
We are Muslims, Slaves of Allah.
Created to serve Him, The Owner of Majesty and Honor,
We are His preferred creation, chosen above all the rest.
To carry His message both wide and far,
That’s why He puts us to the test.
He blessed us with the choice to obey Him,
And a mind to understand each situation.

How very noble is our great station!
For He honored us with the identity of Islam!
And He made us to be the very best of man.
Oh Muslims, Oh Servants of Allah…
You are more valuable than any product by far,
And never in this world forget who you are,
Through this you will find eternal serenity,
And never pay for anything with your blessed identity!

Love – Beautiful Islamic Poem

Love for wealth, love for status,
Always trying to get these the fastest.

Love for clout, love for power,
Trying to get more hour-by-hour.

Love for jewels and love for gold,
Collecting more than we can ever wear and hold.

Love for larger houses and bank accounts,
Worrying about dimensions and amounts.

Love for everything bought and sold,
Boundless love for things we hold.

Closets filled both in and out,
Drawers filled too and they’re spilling out!

This is love that will only disappoint you,
Most certainly and without any doubt.

Love of things fleeting and temporary,
Love like this is really just scary.

Things that you will never take with you to the grave,
Things that only in this world you crave.

Things that glitter and shine in this life only,
Distract you from the goal of the next world wholly.

What then should you love, you ask?
What then should you rush to purchase?

Where then should your money and effort go?
Collecting what instead of these items for show?

Love of Allah and love for His pleasure,
That is the only true answer, ever.

This life moves swiftly by in a blur,
But the life of paradise is infinite and forever.

Rush to do good in this life,
Compete in this without strife.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
Don’t fall into this very devilish plan.

To trick you into buying this world with the life of the hereafter,
That is truly the greatest disaster!

Remember that to Allah belongs the heaven, earth and everything in between,
None of us here can ever really own even a single thing.

He is the only One that is truly rich,
Of heaven and earth He is the King

He is the One who created us from nothing,
And He is the One who gives us everything.

We are the ones who are poor,
Even with all our possessions piled on the floor.

Spend your money for the sake of Allah,
Remember that it is a trust from your Lord.

Will you use it in a good and everlasting way?
Or will you use it in this short life just for play?

Love Allah and love what He loves,
So you’ll be counted among those that He loves.
This is the only true love that will sustain you,
Making you content and forever true.

This is the only love that will never disappoint you,
And that will guide you in this life through and through.

The Earth – Islamic Poem

Marhaba was your ushering tune,
As I take my first step, you are the best friend to my feet
it complains when it walks you much and yet,
does not go a day without walking you.
I do not surpass you in tours as your vastness is beyond words,
Adieu as I journey through you and,
Hoping no to stumble upon you.
Even Projectiles make their way back to you,
Awe is sometimes the company of your sight.

Bismillah was my first word as you fed my tongue,
Euphoric is the body’s state as it agrees with the sensation,
Blessed are the products of your being.
With the aid of the winds you brush my cheeks,
Homeless was your fragrance as you blew past me,
And Allah made you an essence to my living.
If Allah had given the gift of speech to all things
You would tell the story of the first men
And relate to me the tales of past generations.

Nonetheless you speak words to my heart,
As I tread upon you and you cause me to be mindful of you
As I gaze upon you,
Hope my living in you be pleasing than my stay on you,
You are my living element and you shall become my end.
You are Indispensable…

A Hidden Identity – Islamic Poem

What she chooses to show to the world is so little

But she lets on that it is so much

As her true colors, she is afraid to be judged

She was never afraid before

She grew up in the “hood”

She was tough to the bone

Everyone loved her personality and who she was

She couldn’t give a damn if they didn’t

That was her true self; flaws and all

Here she flourishes in her classes

Her giggle permeates the room

But she’s afraid

Afraid if they found out her hidden identity

What that would do to her family business

She can’t risk it all

That is their livelihood

If she had enough money to support a family of 7

She would showcase all her quirks and idiosyncrasies

And her hidden identity

But she doesn’t and so she can’t

She suppresses an integral part of her

She even feigns another identity, so she can relate to people

Can’t be judged if you’re one and the same

One day they’ll ask her to prove it and that’s when she’ll tell them

Until then, she uses her intelligence to dissuade suspicions and perpetuate the lies

It’s the safest way in an unaccepting world

Eternity – Islamic Poem

Lives are no more than a lit candle – sooner or later it dies out
“There’s not but our worldly life” is but a conjecture of the fools
A call to eternity, a call to make accounts

Eternity is a shoreless sea
A residence entered through the door of death
An abode with time inconsequential

With the pious ones in garments of silk living in gardens flowing with rivers of honey, wine and milk
And the rejectors of faith in the blazing deep pit

Voyage on the shoreless sea has begun.

Rope of Allah – Islamic Poem

My heart yearned for something.
I started digging,
to find the gems of the dunya.
All my effort and focus for the treasure beneath me.
Nothing stopped me from getting it.

I went deeper,
for what I got was not enough.
Ignorant of the light fading away,
while sinking into the depth of desires.
I could’ve stopped,
but I didn’t care.

Time took it’s toll,
I had no more strength to move forward.
I made enough, still wanted more.
I looked up, to spend it all.
Only to realize,
that I shoveled too deep to climb up,
digging my own grave.

I fathomed my mistake.
I forgot to look up to the heavens,
as I was busy looking down to the earth.
My hands plenty with all that I desired.
Yet, a heart hollowed.

I traversed the path I had traveled,
regreting the choices I made.
Only if I had not digged that day,
And spent my time and health more wisely.

I was fading away in the darkness,
darkness of guilt and regret.
Despairing of life.
Nothing lies ahead of me,
except death, total darkness.

Soon, I saw a speck of light.
I leaned forward, wondering.
Then I saw a rope, the rope of Allah.
I held tight to the rope of Allah,
For, Allah will never leave his side.
It’s me who had abandoned my side,
and fell into darkness of dunya.

That’s the rope which,
took me out from the pit of darkness,
to the brightest of light.
Nourishing the life in me,
from near death to life.
Filling the hollowness in my heart,
a heart filled with light and hope.

I said, Alhamdulillah.
What did I do to deserve this honor?
Indeed, the mercy of Allah!
Now I have the light.
The light which guides my path.
A light of hope and mercy,
and a rope to the heavens.

The Happiness Formula – Islamic Poem

We try to remove sadness,
Only to gain happiness.

But, the true happiness can only be gained by applying
the formula,
Of submitting ourselves fully to the Commands
of Allah.

Indeed, this is the concrete ecstasy,
Which provides the inner peace & tranquility.

Moreover, this happiness is for eternal,
Which means, it has no final.

This happiness isn’t only for the short-run,
Instead, it’ll be with you on the long-run.

Indeed, this is the concrete ecstasy,
Which provides the inner peace & tranquility.

Submission to the Commands of Allah,
Is the happiness formula.

I Wanted More – Islamic Poem

I liked the green grass
It was lush and comfortable
Gave me a bed to lay my head
It didn’t save me from the sun’s harsh rays
I wanted more

I liked the giant tree
With its broad leaves and wide mass
It shed me from the sun
And gave me edible fruits
It is home for the fang(full) reptiles
But I am not a welcomed occupant
I wanted more

Yet again!
I got something better
It wasn’t enough
I still crave more…

I will never get it all
Perhaps I have to love what
Abide within my fingers
Perhaps, having little is what the world is
And the hereafter…. All!

Slice Of The Crescent – Ramadan Poem


Slice of the crescent
She’s coming full of life
Dialogue : The belly and the crescent
Time to fast
The body shall fast
Which of the night will you go for?
The night of Majesty
Forged utterance
Eat the blessed the meal
Oh mothers!
A bonus and a loss
There is a month
Cinquain on Ramadan
New moon sighted
Remember the less
She’s gone
Oh Lord!
Look up there,
Over there,
A slice object floating all alone
Dancing to the meek wind of the night.
See for yourself,
o’er there,
A luminous plate like object
Across the sky
Telling she’s coming.
A rare gem,
A rare stranger,
Flying visit in a blue moon,
To the world, the doors of those
Whose arms are sprawled to embrace her.

She’s coming full of life so divine,
Evil heart she refines.
Empty hearts from depression,
Full in her benediction.
In her was the Holy book birthed in,
An everlasting book with no twin.
Sheltered a sacred night of power,
Night of Majesty, for full hour.
O ye! Search for the night,
Feel it breeze thee left and right,
She’d upon thee it light ,
A unique one so bright.
Pray in her, change thy thunder,
For no man shall put asunder.
We hope to make her stay,
But softly, she will sneak away .

Worms in the belly
Knit their brow
At the moon lit aglow.
Oh crescent!
Why hath thou come to molest me,
Compose me lean,
Give clues to my ribs,
Make me bag of bones,
Like one with AID?
Oh belly nay!
I come to ease thy affairs,
Assay thy credence and patience,
Make thou taste the hungry ages of the less,
Break the clog between thee and God,
Strangle thy sins of the past,
Chain hells, set free goods,
Empty thy heart from depression,
Make thy heart free,
Give thee a lucky last chance,
If thou were to pay your debt to nature,
Pay it in my womb.

Alarm clock strikes,
Shut their sleep,
Wake up wake up
It’s time for suhoor.
Some set to perform the wudu,
Make some bows and falls
To the Almighty.
Devour a little dish,
Sip glasses of water,
Before fajr spy into earth.
Oh dawn !
What language hath thou use
To beckon the chanticleer?
Oh dawn !
What language hath thou use
To summon legs on the street?
The day progress,
Men at work,
Restaurant closed,
Spirit shops locked,
Brothels holed up.
Eventide, men set back to abodes,
Ere sun set,
To make the iftar.
Some with water,
Some with dates,
some with dates.

Oh moon faced!
We acknowledge thy arrival
The path to forgiveness,
The path of praise,
The path of mercy.
Lips of the believers
For Allah’s words,
Hands of the believers
For supplicating,
Counting praises to the glory of the lord ,
Mouth of the believers
Sing praises,
Feet of the believers
Know too many mosques.
The lips of father is zipped
To calling mother on bed.
The eyes of lads are shut
To gazing at the lasses.
The legs are shackled
Painting the doors of sin realm.
The mouths are zipped
To hurling words of reprimands.
Tongues are clipped
Not to transgress.
The whole body is cast
Under the spell of divinity
To worshiping the Almighty.

Oh beloved! This night
Spend hours with me,
Wetting our whistles
Making beast with our backs
For I shall butter well thy bread.
Oh servant! This night
Spend with me few hours,
I shall chain thy trespasses,
Drench thee with strokes of blessings,
Answer thy murmur and plaintiff
Thee lob into the air to scold my throne ,
I shall the few hours
As If thee make bows and falls
For 84 years 4 months.

The night of peace,
The night of power,
The night of honor,
The night of showering favor,
The night of majesty,
The night of spirituality.
The night the pen shall rest
Between God’s thumb,
Speaking on pages, never dumb,
About the emulous desire of man,
A change in thunder.
The night the angels will descend
With the Ru’h like rain
Following the dawn dew drops,
Spreading the corn of blessings to our hens.
The night the everlasting law
Was enacted into earth
To steer mankind.

I heard of bonuses,
Which will fill the basket of reward in Ramadan.
I heard of countless strokes,
Which will scold our barren land
To sprout out nice crops.
Making the lips recite the words of God,
Pasting the ears to the recitation of his words,
Making the eyes read between lines of his words,
Making do with many bows and falls,
Doling out to the less.
I heard of a crow,
Which stealthily
Dismantle the effort of our crops.
An invisible pin,
Which will pierce the drum of our benefits.
Talking ills behind one’s back,
Pouring out hot and cold,
Singing that which is unlawful.

Oh Muslims!
That which know apart our fasting with theirs
Is the blessed meal.
Whoever wants to diet,
Make him eat
The blessed meal.
Devour the blessed meal
For blessings lies within.
It gives zip
To perform the fajr prayer,
Various acts of ibaadah.
Oh Muslims!
Take the blessed meal
At the last part of the night,
Ere the appearance of the twilight
It envelopes rewards
When the sun sets truly,
Break thy fast
Hurriedly with dates
After supplication.

Oh thee!
If thou spurn not forged utterance,
Illicit acts,
Thy hunger strike leaves nothing much to be desired in the Lord’s sight.

Oh mothers!
When they cross the roads of their tens,
Make them fast, if they rebuff,
Haul over their coals.
Indeed it should be part of the path
They should tread.

There is a month called Ramadan,
Which engages every man and woman,
The month of forgiveness and honor,
Month of showering favor,
Cleanse trespasses from believer’s hand.

Ramadan…. Noun
Famished….. Adjective
Fasting, abstaining, refraining… ING words
Hunger strike… Phrase

She threw in the air
A waving farewell softly
Till another age
Our tears couldn’t make her stay.
A moon is gone,
Another is sighted,
A Ramzu of festival.
Queued hands in the air,
Singing to his praise
Like cuckoo.
Worms rejoicing,
To the beats of the belly
Assorted dishes.
Glorifying hymns,
Laughter raids the air,
New garbs flashing.

Oh believers!
When thy belly beholds a festival
Of miscellaneous dishes
Remember the less.
Slice that thee possess,
Make smile travel their lips,
Make them relish the day
And after.

If the lord where to make her perpetual over us, certainly there will be no vices
The forbidden fruit our fore parent ate might not show any effect
She’s gone,
Virtues faded, followed,
Vices sighted as the new moon,
Hell entrances slowly open,
Eden garden gradually close,
Vices Forms Ocean,
Bound to drench whoever set out in it.

The price seems reasonable,
Hearing of an entrance
Where fragrance of musk rules,
Sounds of joyful drums,
Echoes of excitement,
From a never never land,
For those who embrace hunger strike
During their breathing ages.
The day echoes shall softly grow in the wind,
All shall stand,
Looking at the gift of themselves
With a glee on their faces.
They shall headlong plunge into the home
And we shall close the gate.

Ramadan is here,
Shout it out and chain all fears,
Bliss comes henceforth here.
(Welcome Ramadan)

Al Haqqu Haqqu
An isle passage goes on by
Time remains time. (Truth)

As-shaytan be chained,
Marvelous deed multiply
Procrastinate none.

The soul need to fast,
Piety incurred in Muslims,
Try build up thy act (piety; important of Ramadan)

Sadaqah; alms giving,
Escape evil gives long life
The Prophet saying.

Jihad, make a hive,
Trending miscellaneously,
Be an inner strive.

Contentment is it,
The peak of all beliefs
Only on God lies. (Contentment)

So many are things
Intentions differ but his
Will the most higher. (All reliance on Allah)

Be it underground,
You one, be two, three or four
Allah always warns. (Taqwa)

DAY 10
Your watchword on him,
Because HE Ar-Rahman cares
Goodness to the world. (Allah is AR-RAHMAN)

DAY 11
Your watchword on him,
Because HE Ar-Rahman cares
The way he likes does. (Tawakul)

DAY 12
With his might his will,
Will come pass imbibe prayers,
And be consistent. (Power of prayer)

DAY 13
The gain for the giving hand
The Prophet saying. (Important of giving)

DAY 14
What it takes to be
Be explicit enough to
Bear lit what to do.

DAY 15
That atmosphere full
Of astonishing surprises
Yet left a half month.
(Reminiscing Ramadan)

DAY 16
A hungry stomach
Usually a shattered mind
How hath your thought go?
(what do you think about Ramadan)

DAY 17
Like a checkered
Cloths doss off in a manner
How drunkard you are?

DAY 18
Stand alone and win
Fast, escalate discovery
Be the being yourself.

DAY 19
The belief you choose
To believe worth praise never

DAY 20
Call upon the Lord
Sure HE; Lord of forgiving
He will forgive you.

DAY 21
Your doubt for it’s a
Restriction to succumb
Believe; it’s real
(Day of Judgment)

DAY 22
A mandatory
Not a compulsory share and
Make have not happy
(Equality in sharing)

DAY 23
Give it out your wealth
If only you know it’s folded
To grace in the grave

DAY 24
As it’s your weakness
Roll over your life never
Make people know it

DAY 25
Search not until found
Dig not until discovered
Night of majesty
(lailatul qadr)

DAY 26
Here is zakat l fitri
A measurement of four for
A head in a house
(Deed of zakat-ul-fitr)

DAY 27
Create the power of
Communication, plead with
His want not his hates
(Mindset for prayers)

DAY 28
A sayonara
Feeling wish not extinguish
Here tell the world yours
(Goodbye Ramadan)

DAY 29
Hail we wail await
Years to come be guidance
Of what you had kept
(After Ramadan what next?)

Ramadan is gone
Make us witness her again,
After again.
Oh lord,
Virtues faded
Like smoke in the air
Stand us firm,
On the path she made us tread.
Oh lord,
Ramadan is gone,
Make us welcome her
In pink and ages
Nay Hospital, Gaol, and Grave.
Oh lord,
Ramadan is gone,
Stretch our years on cosmos
To welcome her next arrival.

The Last Book – Islamic Poem about the Quran

Do you not know whose words are the ones being spoken

Do you not know that this last book was written for all the world which was broken

Who else can tell you of what was before and what will be

Who else can tell you what is the world’s fate and future destiny

Take heed to all the words each and every one

Take heed of all that is said right from the beginnings right through to the end of the sun

How did this book come into our land

How did this book arrive for it was not written by a human hand

There will be no more words after this last book

There will be no more chances in the hereafter only now is the time to have a look

The message is clear to obey and to pray

The message promises rewards to those who follow so begin to read starting from this very day

The final message tells you who you are and how you came into being

The final message tells you what you should be and what you should be believing

Begin on the journey to save your soul

Begin the rest of your life to achieve what should be your life’s goal

This is the last book and these will be the last words that will ever be given

This is the last book so repent and all can still be forgiven

For the time will come when it will be the final day

And when that day arrives there will be nothing else left to say but to hope and pray

Amble through Surahs of Quran – Islamic Poem

Let’s get apprised with surah of Quran
Al Fatiha, Al Baqarah and Al Imran
Al Fatihah is the opening surah
Guiding us whom and how to pray

Al Baqarah has the story of cow
Longest surah to understand now
Guiding us aright in Quran
Is what we call surah Imran

Al Nisa, Al Maidah and Al Anam
Notifies about the women, food, cattle and farm
Al Araf educates about the knowledge of height
And the border’s height between hell and paradise.

Al Anfal means spoils of war
And surah At Tawbah has repentence for all.
In surah Yunus, Hud and Yusuf is disclosed
that life of prophet was tougher manifold.

Ar-Rad, the thunder is surah thirteen
And comes after this in Quran is surah Ibrahim
Al Hijr Al Nahl and Al Isra
The rock city, the honey bee , the journey of night are told in these surah

Al Kahf , the cave is surah eighteen
And after this, Surah Maryam and surah Taha is seen
Get aquainted with prophets , pilgrimage and believers soon
In surah Anbiya, Al Hajj and Al Mominoon.

Surah An Nur is related to light
And Al-Furqan tells standard of wrong and right.
Surah Ash Shu’ara , An Nami and Al Qasas
Keep us informed about the poets, ants and stories as they pass.

Surah Al Ankabut tells about the Wall’s rider
It has the story of spider
Surah Ar-Rum and surah Luqman
Represents people of Rome and sage of Luqman in Quran

As-Sajdah, Al Ahzab and surah saba
Communicates about worship, clans and people of Sheba
Surah Fatir means the originator
Telling if the world is light, then Allah is illuminator.

Importance of Quran is expressed in surah Yaseen
Ranking is told in As Saffat and thirty eighth surah, the surah sad has been.
Surah Az Zumar and surah Ghafir
Indicates the crowd and show how all forgiving Allah is.

Surah Fussilat, Surah As Shura and Az Zukhuruf
Opens up sajdah in detail, the consultations and gold ornaments loof
Al Dukhan, Al Jathiya and surah Al Ahqaf
Clues in the smoke,the crouching, the sand dunes that fly half.

Surah Muhammad is called Al Qital
With the life of prophet and his aal
Al Fath, Al Hujrat and surah Qaf is sent
To divulge about the victory, the chamber and the day of judgement.

After surah Al Dhariyat, Surah At Tur, Al Najm and Al Qamar fit
To set forth the stoty of winnowing wind, Mount Sinai,the star and the moon in it.
Next comes surah Rehman
Allah is the most merciful ,it tells in Quran.

Surah Al Waqia and surah Al Hadeed
Tells about the inevitable and the iron that we need
Surah Al Mujadilah and surah Al Hashr is compiled
To describe the pleading women and exile

Surah Al Mumtahanah, As Saff, Surah Al Jumuah, Al Munafiqun throws its light
And reflects the examined ones,the ranks ,the congregations and hypocrites .
At Taghabun, Al Talaq, At Tahreem is mentioned
To let us know about the cheating, the divorce and the prohibition

Surah Al Mulk , Al Qalam, ,Al Haqqah, Al Maarij and Surah Nuh
Enumerates the dominion, the pen, the sure reality , the stairways and the works that prophets do.
Al Jinn, Al Muzzammil, Al Mudathir, Al Qiyayamah has predictions
Of the unseen, the enfolded one, the cloaked one and the day of resurrection.

Surah Al Insan, Al Musalat, AN Naba and An Naziat gather
To disclose about the human, the wind sent forh , the announcement and the soul snatcher
In surah Al Abasa, Al Takweer, Al Infitar and Al Mutaffifeen
The folding up , the cleaving, the dealers in fraud are seen.

In surah Al Inshiqaq, Al Buroof , Al Tariq we get the sight
Of the sundering , the constellation, the morning star and the night
Surah Al Ala, Al Fajr, Al Badad and Al Shams
Speaks about the most high , the Dawn and the sun.

With surah Al Lail, Ad Duha, Al Inshirah starts
Discussion about the night, the morning bright and the opening of heart
From surah At Teen, Al Azaq, Al Bayyinah, Az-Zalzala the fact we take
Are about the fig, the clot of blood , the evidence of truth and the earthquake.

The tract of Al Adiyat, Al Quraish, At Takathur and surah Al Asra that we climb
Alludes us about the war horse, the great calamity, the greed for more and the flight of time
Surah Al Humazah, Al Feel, Al Quraish, Al Maa’oon has the sentences
Pointing at gossip mongers, the elehant, the life of Quraish and the neighbouring assistance.

Surah Al Kawthar, Al Kafroun and An Nasr, takes us to port
And embellishes about the good in abundance, the disbelievers and the divine support
Now comes surah Al Masad, Al Ikhlas, surah Al Falaq and surah Nas
Highlighting about plaited rope, the purity of faith, the rising dawn and surah of mankind at last.

Back to Jannah – Islamic Poem

Feeling of spring,
Soul free from the body,
Cloudiness behind me
Flying to my destiny;

Whisper of Love
Bringing back memories,
Deep silence leaving me
Soft voices my company;

Perfumes of Roses
Smiles from Eternity,
Happiness reaching me
Beauty and Serenity.

An Existing Miracle

When our hearts are aching, we seek for something,
Which is very soothing and calming.

The Qur’aan is what we seek for,
That would heal our hearts to the core.

A book filled with highest of wisdom,
Worded by Allaah, King of kingdoms.

It is a Book that can be read countless times,
And the peace that the heart finds is unexplainable in lines.

Indeed, Qur’aan is an existing miracle,
A Book which is totally incomparable.

Yet, the actual miracle is when we take a deeper look

The Most Honored Month

The month that helps in nourishing the spiritual needs,
By worshipping Allaah and doing a lot of good deeds.

The month that’s known for coming with chances of doing lots of good deeds, as presents,
And the month that teaches us numerous and valuable lessons.

It is the month of blessings and mercy,
The month in which lies Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Decree.

The night which is beneficial than a thousand months,
The night which is more rewarding than a thousand months.

Precisely, it is the most honored month Ramadan,
The most desired month Ramadan.

The point here that needs to be noted, whether it is or isn’t Ramadan,

A Regretful Mistake

Aren’t I doing a mistake intentionally,
By living my life as if I were to live eternally,
When death would take place eventually?

Indeed, I am doing a mistake intentionally,
By deceiving myself mentally and spiritually,
When death is a part of reality.

How foolish can I be,
For not accepting death as a part of actuality?

So, when I reach my grave unpreparedly,
Then who would be there to shelter me?

Now tell me, what can be a more regretful mistake than this,
This life is the only chance we’ve got and no sensible person would want to miss this.

It’d be better if we would ask Allaah for forgiveness repeatedly,
And Allaah is Merciful and Forgiving, exceedingly.

A Fun-filled Occasion – Eid Poem

‘Eid ul-Fitr is an occasion to thank Allaah tremendously,
An occasion of love, peace and harmony.

Sadness loses its place on this optimistic day,
Therefore, stress and grief are thrown away,

Because, only happiness is permitted to stay.

Greetings of ‘Eid (‘Eid Mubarak) are passed to the loved ones,
Hence, spreading joy on this amazing occasion.

‘Eid ul-Fitr is a joyous celebration,
A fun-filled occasion.

But sadly, due to this global pandemic situation,
This year’s ‘Eid ul-Fitr celebration is under certain limitation.

Let’s pray to Allaah that He helps us go through this tough situation with ease,
And make us be able to celebrate the upcoming, ‘Eid ul-Adha in peace.

May Allaah bestow you and us with a happy, healthy and prosperous ‘Eid day,
May Allaah’s Blessings be with you and us today, everyday.

If Allah can – Islamic Poem

If Allah can provide food for the birds in the sky
If He can provide bones for the dogs that pass you by
If He can provide shelter for the homeless man
Then surely, provide for you He can

If He could bring floods to a land once dry
If He can control the sun without strings to tie
If He could create you so perfect from sand
Then surely, whatever you want Him to do, he can

If He could have a baby born without intervention
If He could bring honour to a disgraced nation
If He can lengthen someones life span
Then, surely, resolve your griefs, He can

If for Maryam and Musa (as) He could cause a river to alter its course
If He can cause the sun and moons orbit to pause
If for Musa (AS) He caused the sea to part
If, for the people of thamud, He made moulding rocks with bare hands their art
Then, oh my dear, what makes you think He isn’t waiting to give you that jump start?

If He could cause a blind man to see
If He could cure leprosy
If He can control the movement of every ant and every bee
Then, oh my dear, what makes you think He doesn’t understand your issue’s enormity?

If He sent the Angel Gibreel to catch Yusuf (AS) in the well
If He removed Asiyah’s soul before the boulder fell
If He could create men that stood 30 feet tall
Then, oh my dear, what makes you think He won’t catch you when you fall?

If He caused the downfall of Hajjaj, the king, based solely on the duaa of Saeed bin zubair , a young lad
If He comforted Fatima رضي الله عنه at the demise of her Dad ﷺ
If he altered the apex of the sun so as to not disturb the sleep of believing youth for 300 years
Then, oh my brother and sister, what makes you think He won’t move mountains because of your tears?

If He caused the fleet of Sa’aad رضي الله عنه in the battle of Al- Mada’in to cross the tigris river
If in the battle of Mauta, when the muslims were outnumbered, He did to them victory deliver
If He sustained a man in a whales tummy at the bottom of the sea
Then, oh my dear, why are you so anxious about His decree?

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