Qubool Banda-e-Dar Ka Salaam Kar Lena Naat Lyrics

Qubool Banda-e-Dar Ka Salaam Kar Lena Naat Lyrics


Qubool Banda-e-Dar Ka Salaam Kar Lena
Sagaan-e-Taiba Meiñ Tahreer Naam Kar Lena

Accept The Salaam of Your Slave, Who Is At Your Holy Court With Devotion
Amongst The Dogs of Madina, Please Have His Name Also Written

Mere Gunaahoñ Ke Daftar Khuleñ Jo Pesh-e-Khuda
Huzoor Us Ghari Tum Lutf-e-Taam Kar Lena

When Before Allah Almighty, The Registers of My Sins Do Open
Huzoor ! At That Moment, Shower Me With Your Compassion

Jo Chaahate Ho Ke Ho Sard Aatish-e-Dozakh
Diloñ Pe Naqsh Muhammad Ka Naam Kar Lena

If You Wish For The Flames of Hell, To Be Completely Frozen
Upon Your Hearts, Have The Name of Muhammad Clearly Written

Mila Hai Khoob Hee Nuskha Gunahgaaroñ Ko
Tumhaare Naam Se Dozakh Haraam Kar Lena

The Sinners Have Now Found A Very Effective Prescription
With Your Name, They Cause Hell, To Become Completely Forbidden

Tumhaare Husn Meiñ Rakh Kar Kashish Kaha Haq Ne
Ke Dushmanoñ Ko Dikha Kar Ghulaam Kar Lena

The Almighty Said, While Placing In Your Beauty, A Special Attraction
Unveil It Upon The Enemies, Making Them Your Servants In Devotion


Ye Hai Huzoor Ka Hee Martaba Shab-e-Me’raj
Baghair Waaste Rab’b Se Kalaam Kar Lena

This Excellence Was Only Afforded To Huzoor , On The Night of Ascension
Without Any Means, With His Creator, He Had A Conversation

Habeeb ‘Arsh Se Bhi Paar Jaa Ke Rab’b Se Milay
Kaleem Ko Tha Muyas’sar Kalaam Kar Lena

To Meet With Allah, The Beloved Passed The Arsh & Its Dimension
Moosa The Kaleem Only Acquired, The Blessings of The Conversation

Khuda Ne Keh Diya Mahboob Se Ke Mahshar Meiñ
Gunahgaaroñ Ka Tum Intizaam Kar Lena

Almighty Allah Said To His Beloved, That On The Day of Resurrection
For The Sinners You Should Make, All The Arrangements & Intervention

Hai Naz’a-o-Qabr-o-Qiyaamat Ka Khauf Agar Tum Ko
To Wird-e-Naam-e-Nabi Subh-o-Shaam Kar Lena

About Death, The Grave & Judgment, If You Are Facing Apprehension
Chant The Nabi’s Name, Morning And Evening, With Devotion

Madine Jaate Haiñ Zaa-ir To Un Se Kehta Huñ
Meri Taraf Se Bhi ‘Arz Ek Salaam Kar Lena

As They Depart Towards Madina, To The Holy Pilgrims I Mention
On My Behalf As Well, One Humble Salaam, Please Do Mention

JAMEEL-E-QAADIRI Ut’ho! Jo ‘Azm-e-Taiba Hai
Chalo Ye ‘Umr Wahiñ Par Tamaam Kar Lena

Rise, O Jameel The Qaadiri! If To Journey Towards Madina Is Your Intention
Let’s Go There Now So That This Life Is Spent At That Holy Station

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