What is Ramadan

al hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala sayyidina muhammad sayyidil awwalin wa l-akhirin voilá jamia honey he meaning Vienna will Marceline well equal numerologically woman tabby on whom bein in Eliyahu Medine all praise is due to Allah may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and all the prophets before him including prophets Moses and Jesus and raise the ranks in the hereafter and rewards me greatly for all the benefits they brought to humanity in this life and the next it gives me great pleasure to be with you tonight talking about a notion of goodness mountains of rewards gates of success and means of forgiveness it’s the month of Ramadhan that Muslims around the world await for its the months that the pious Muslims are eager to get the best of it every time it comes to them some said about it it is an opportunity of a lifetime meaning if you miss it out this year, for instance, you might not remain alive next year

and you miss out all the rewards and the mercies and the special merits that this month brings with it so it is worth that one would put forth effort during this month to make sure that he will be forgiven and he will be amongst those on whom allah subhanahu wata’ala bestows his mercy the special mercy the forgiveness and the protection from hellfire it is a month every Muslim longs for every and once it starts you find that the days are folding away very quick then you start missing Ramadan from day one it’s a month filled with spiritual religious matters other than the other methods as well it’s very hard as you know to talk about Ramadan and to contain all

the subjects pertaining to Ramadan but in my lecture I’ll try my best to talk about Ramadan in general and will focus on one thing which is forgiveness in Ramadan which everyone seeks from obeying allah azzawajal being a good servant slave he wants to be forgiven by allah subhana wa ta’ala we called it the Jews of Ramadan where we try to get most of these jewels when Ramadan comes so the jews of Ramadan now if you are in a place like a cave filled with treasures and they tell you you can go inside once and get whatever you want then come out but just you have one chance to get inside and come out you have one chance get whatever you can now everyone will try to get

t from the treasures he will fill out his pockets he will carry as much as he can because he knows it’s one chance Ramadan could be your last chance for the sea because you might not be alive till next Ramadan so that’s why you start from now planning your life your daily routine how to get the most of this month so when Ramadan comes to you and as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned it’s filled with mercies tranquility forgiveness protection from Hellfire you think about all these things that you want to achieve during this month so the jewels of Ramadan how to get ready for this month I found that the best way to tell you about how to get ready and to make you have energy and enthusiasm towards Ramadan I cannot say words that are more descriptives and the words of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself who as mentioned in this Hadees

I chose this Hadees for you narrated by even Hosea will mention at the end that the great companion salman al-farisi who was a slave and the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam helped him personally to free him and his master put one of the conditions that he needs to plant 300 palm trees and they must grow in order for salman to be freed some tried to help salman and he tried himself to plan these 300 palm trees

so they cannot grow so he can get free but they did not grow the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out of his compassion and love and mercy for the believers he himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam planted these 300 Parma trees in order for Salman to be freed so this is a person we’re talking about he said in his speech on the last day of Shaban that means the day before the day of Ramadan the first day of Ramadan he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam delivered a speech and he was preparing the believers to make him ready for the month of Ramadan he said to them all people a great and blessed month is about to cast upon you

it is a month holding a great night within which is called the night of alkyd on the reward one receives for spending this night in acts of obedience is so great one may not receive a similar amount of rewards by worshipping Allah performing acts of worship in 1000 once as mentioned in the Quran laylatul kediri hiram in alpha Shahada the rewards one may receive for performing the acts of worship during this night may not receive in performing acts of worship in 1013 1013 them so if you think just about this night and it must

be in one of the nights of Ramadan that should make you motivated towards spending every single night of Ramadan in acts of obedience supplication reciting Quran making a great deal of reward will act because you will definitely coincide the night of al-qaeda as you do so for making every night filled with acts of worship from your side then the Prophet continued his speech he said Allah ordained upon you the obligation of fasting the days of Ramadan and kept it optional for the his sleigh to spend its nights in acts of worship so you may stay at night maybe 1/3 1/4 even 1/6 you try your best during the nights of Ramadan to perform as much as you can of the good deeds but it’s not an obligation Allah kept it as optional but fasting its days is an obligation he said it is the months of patience and the reward of patience is paradise it is the months of sympathy and compassion now you lived in this developed country you haven’t experienced hunger or starvation

you don’t know what does it mean to be hungry for a long period of time you have been raised having food ready cooked by your parents you come back from school you see the food ready if you go out you have the money to purchase whatever you want you haven’t experienced the hunger and starvation of those disadvantaged around the world so when you fast from dawn till sunset the whole day you don’t drink you don’t eat I’m not talking about the benefits helps wise because you can check the internet and there is recently a documentary from some universities in America and this documentary was conducted by these universities by non-muslim professors and doctors who are talking about the benefits of fasting for your body so I’m not going to talk about this part of it or this side of a I’m gonna talk about sympathy and compassion just when you feel hungry

and towards the end of the day you see your stomach is empty and you are looking for the moment where you can break your fast and eat and drink and the like although these days in Australia as you know it’s very easy and simple for one to fast it’s a short day it’s in winter so you don’t feel the thirst that’s different to the Arab countries now they have longer days it’s in summer it’s very easy here now just imagine yourself in the place of those around the world who are disadvantaged those who do not eat do not have proper and pure water to drink think about them and what they experience every day throughout the whole year that’s their life some are dying from starvation but you are different you know at the end of the day you’re gonna eat and drink

so if one were to ask you to help those disadvantaged people you might donate $10 so I’ll give this $10 for the sake of Allah for those poor and needy but when you fast yourself when you experience that hardship yourself if they ask you to help those who are disadvantaged you know how they feel you know the pain so in that case what you do you give more you are expected so you are living this hardship so you can help more and more then the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever provides food to a fasting person to break the fast will be rewarded greatly his sins will be forgiven

and by the will of Allah he will be protected from Hellfire and rewarded greatly now to feed the fasting person to offer him food to break his fast after sunset upon hearing this not all the companions were able to provide food to the needy and the poor so they said to the messenger of allah o messenger of allah not everyone of us is able to provide food for the fasting person to break the fast and the Prophet the merciful said to the Companions Allah grants the fasting person the rewards mentioned in the Hadees for the one who provides the fasting person a date to break his fast with one date or a sip of water or a sip of milk so you don’t have to make a big banquet for the fasting person or invite him to a seafood restaurant in order to get this reward mentioned here even by offering what could same in your eyes a little but you will be rewarded with this amount of rewards the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned then the Prophet said the starting days so if you were to divide Ramadan into three sections you have the first ten days the next ten days and the last ten days the Prophet said the starting days of Ramadan are filled with special mercies and its middle days unfold with forgiveness and its last days and with protection from Hellfire how beautiful if you can achieve this if you can gain these special mercies in the first ten days then in the next ten days

you gain forgiveness from allah azza wajal then in the last ten days you are written amongst those who are protected from hellfire then the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said and commit yourselves to four qualities with two of them you gain your lord’s acceptance and as for the other two you cannot do without the first two qualities by which you seek your Lords acceptance testifying that no one is God except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and asking Allah for forgiveness the other two qualities that you cannot do

is out are asking Allah to grant you paradise and asking Allah to protect you from Hellfire so remember these qualities every day of Ramadan then the Prophet said the one who provides the fasting person with a sip of water to break the fast Allah grants in the virtue of drinking from the basin on the day for judgment not to feel any sirs ever again so this speech was delivered by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam on the last day of Shaban to prepare the believers for the month of Ramadhan also I chose this hadith narrated

by Al Haqq him in his book al mustard rock that once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the companions by saying come together around the pulpit the pulpit is like a platform was the one who is delivering the speech would stand on it and deliver the speech so the Companions came around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gathered around the pulpit as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam took the first to step up he said Ameen then he took the second step up and he said I mean then he took the third step up and he said I mean then after he finished and he came back down they said to

the Prophet o Messenger of Allah today we have heard of you something we’ve never used to hear from you then the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam said as I took the first to step up on the pulpit gibreel alayhi salam angel gabriel approached me and he said to me what a great loss for the one who is not forgiven during the month of Ramadhan the Prophet said Ameen then as I stepped to the second one he said to me what a great loss for the one who he is your name and he doesn’t make salah on you so la la mala sinha Muhammad the Prophet said Amin as I took the third step up gibreel said to me what a great loss for the one whose parents or one of them reached the old age

and they weren’t a reason for him to enter paradise this is to remind us to look after our parents when they grow old or one of them if one of them is alive and old how to look after them as they looked after you when you were young the rewards of fasting or the amount of rewards a person may receive is so great it’s sufficient to mention this could see Hadees Kulu hasanat in BRE am surely huh Allah sublimity laughs in las iam Fanie Huli what anima gzb meaning the reward of every good deed is multiplied by ten times and that’s the minimum any good deed you perform the minimum multiplication of rewards you get is ten times up to seven hundred and even more except that of fasting which is usually done in sincerity and the loss of hand and what Allah will reward for it by as much multiplications as Allah wills because the rest of the good deeds are susceptible to in sincerity meaning will you stand for praying people can see you so you might have the intention of insincerity you want people to praise you when you recite Quran people can see you and they can hear you as well

so it is susceptible to in sincerity as for fasting if you don’t mention to others that you are fasting it is kept amaura between you and your Lord for that reason the rewards the amount of rewards allah subhana wa ta’ala rewards for the fasting person is so great it’s enough to say that out of the eight doors of paradise there is one door called al rayyan this door specifically made for the fasting believers on the day for judgment this door will open and those who use the fast will be called to enter paradise through that door after they enter paradise through that door it will be closed and no one else will be allowed to get into paradise through that door only the fasting people so that’s why this merit in ramallah one would think about he should look forward to hell to gain it i want to gain the these especial mercies the forgiveness

and the protection from hellfire here we come to an important topic that Muslims around the world across fourteen centuries so 1,400 years have been following this method to determine the beginning and the end of the month of Ramadan after the sunset of the 29th day of Shaban they monitored the western horizon if they see the crescent of the new moon that means the following day is the first day of Ramadan if they don’t see it that means the following day is the 30th of Shaban and the day after will be the first day of Ramadan this is the method that the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned in the Hadees and all the scholars across 14 centuries implemented so also now a person might

say they have advanced technology like telescopes whatever if that does not change the fact that the only way we can determine the beginning and the end of Ramadan is by citing the moon sighting the Crescent if we see it the following day would be the first day of Ramadan if we don’t see it we continue 30 days and the day after will be definitely the first day of Ramadan so no consideration should be given to the calculations of the astronomers why simply because we have a letter from NASA and they said they have all the technology they calculate the phases of the Moon they make their own calculations and they can determine when is the birth of the new moon the birth of the new moon and they might say the birth of the new moon will be on this day

at 10 o clock in the morning if that doesn’t mean Ramadan has started at 10 o clock in the morning it doesn’t start half a day or a quarter or the like Ramadan starts after sunset the only way is by seeing the crescent after sunset if we don’t see it we continue 30 days this is the only way and this is what the prophet sallallaahu re wasalam said so if one were to say to you yeah because you know now they have technology now they have such-and-such and there are people who are experts about calculations say at the time of the prophets there were people who know about astronomy but the Prophet did not rely on their statements

all the calculations and that is taken in the Hadees when he said we do not rely on the calculations of the astronomers and mathematicians to determine the beginning and the end of the month it’s other 29 or 30 days so those as farmers can say to you the birth of the new moon is on that day at this time but whether it’s gonna be seen after sunset or not that depends on the conditions of the weather if the horizon is clean yeah there is chance to see it if it’s a cloudy then you can’t see it so still you need to observe

on that night because you don’t know ahead two weeks before or 1 months before if the vision will be clear or not you cannot determine this so they might say to you the crescent of the new moon will be born at this time but whether it’s gonna be seen after sunset or not they don’t know this is in the knowledge of the unforeseen so they say and this is what NASA report mentioned we cannot guarantee whether it’s going to be seen or not we can say the birth of the new moon is at that time but whether it’s going to be seen after sunset or not will not show that depends on the conditions of the weather that’s why this way will remain valid until the day of judgement this method of the Prophet does not expire when the Prophet taught us this method and these are Hadees that say fast when you see the crescent break her fast when you see the kresson if it’s cloudy or you are blocked from the vision then continue 30 days these are hadith narrated by Bukhari Muslim at Ulm easy and NASA a Buddha would even measure Imam Muhammad and others they all mentioned chapters about sighting the Crescent so if one were to say this is an old method we’re not gonna rely on it we can rely on the calculations he is cancelling all these chapters from the books of Hadees and this is invalid and this is not acceptable the advancement of technology does not abolish the rules of the religion

you can use technology to make it easier for you in certain ways like to make an estimate for an Islamic calendar for one year yeah you might rely on the calculations to put that calendar as an estimate for this whole year but it doesn’t mean that you drop away the method of the Prophet and you no longer rely on it this is not acceptable at all plus the astronomers themselves and you can check their every I check myself about certain regions you find this as solemn as saying yeah it might be seen so the beginning of Ramadan is on that day another astronomer would say no it won’t be seen it’s hard so it’s gonna be on that day another day so there are strana MERS never had unanimous agreement regarding whether it’s going to be seen or not so they always differ about this matter they have different opinions so even if one were to say I’m gonna rely on the statement he will end up getting confused between contradicting statements of these astronomers that’s why to resort to the prophetic method is always safe because you know yourself I’m following the method of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so I’m safe so if one were to tell you like for instance ear now we have technology because

we have technology so we rely on technology and at the time of the Prophet they didn’t have that technology for that reason the rule was as such now that’s not true because you might end up with a person who might say there is no waiting period for a divorced lady rather once she gets the she can do pregnancy tests if she finds herself not pregnant she can marry the following day but in our religion she has to wait as you know three non menstrual periods about three months so one cannot say yeah at the time of the Prophet

it was three months because they didn’t have all these tests available now because they have these tests we don’t have to wait that period of time she can marry straight away this is not true so technology does not abolish the rules of the religion we can use technology benefit from technology but not on the account of the rules of our religion who must fast Ramadan and that’s very important to be clarified we say the accountable meaning the one who is pubescent and sane is obligated to fast Ramadan

if he is able because some might be sick they experience a hardship if they were too fast so those are not obligated to fast and the type of sickness that may incur in such a situation is of two types there is a sickness that one is most likely to be recovered from temporarily he could seek they took him to the hospital he did an operation so he stayed for a couple of days he wasn’t able to fast but he most likely he’s going to be recovered from it all why he needs to do he can break the fast and he can make him up later

but if his sickness most likely he cannot be recovered from someone has a top of sickness most likely is not going to be recovered from he’s not obligated to fast and he cannot make him up as well rather he might be paying the expiation he would pay the expiation instead if he is able so the expiation will be paid for every day he is not fasting also the lady that is menstruating and in the postpartum bleeding period they cannot fast and this is an Islamic reason they are allowed not to fast

and they are not allowed to fast in other words what they do they break the fast during these days and they can make him up later now if there is a breastfeeding woman or a pregnant woman that is unable to fast sometimes she might have freed on herself on her health she cannot fast she’s not obligated to fast she might have fear on the baby if she is pregnant she has fear she might abort the baby she might have miscarriage if she doesn’t eat world during the day then she is allowed to break the fast as well out of her fear for the baby if she is breastfeeding she might be worried about the baby not having sufficient milk she is allowed not too fast as well but they have to make up these missed days

the one who is travelling now in the past the travel was tedious tiring not like these days but travelling to a certain distance called Alka so it’s about 138 kilometers from the boundaries of one’s hometown if one is troubling their distance and more he is allowed to break his fast during his travel provided that his travel was established before dawn if one can stay fasting one can stay fasting he doesn’t have any hardship

it’s very easy for him it’s better for him to remain fasting and that’s the meaning of the verse recited at the beginning what assumed oh hi Ruru alaikum if you choose to fast that is better for you now we have cars with a condition even in the plane it’s not that toy as in the past so if you can remain fasting that would be better also we’ll talk about the integrals of fasting they are very simple two things first to have

the intention at night too fast the following day so every night you have from sunset till dawn you need to establish the intention in your heart too fast the following day second abstain from the in validators of fasting now the in validators are fasting are many but we mentioned sexual intercourse that invalidates one’s fast we mentioned inserting anything with a volume into the head all the body cavities through an open Inlet like drinking eating even taking medicine taking medicine that invalidates your fast but one may say yeah

but I need to take that medicine so if he is sick he needs to take that medicine as we mentioned he is not obligated to fast in that case if he expects to be recovered from this sickness later on he would make him up later on if he does not expect to be recovered from their sickness later on he would pay an expiation if he is able excluding one spirit or his saliva was still inside the mouth because some may ask can I swallow my saliva here while it is inside the mouth there is no problem if you swallow your saliva as many times as you want during today this does not affect your fast as long as it’s a pure when we say it’s a pure anti here it’s not contaminated with blood for instance because some people might be suffering from bleeding from the gum so if they are bleeding and the blood gets mixed with the saliva they need to spit it out so even if they are bleeding the fast is valid they continue fasting but they cannot swallow that saliva that is mixed with blood saying if for instance someone drank code you’ll just before dawn maybe Marbury or something like this and then after dawn his saliva is mixed with the mulberry juice

and the like for instance then he swallowed that saliva that is not pure it’s mixed with the juice that invalidates his fast so he needs to make sure his mouth is clean from any foreign substance if there is only the saliva that is pure and not changed he can swallow it as many times as he wants some may ask about smelling roses for instance or perfume this does not invalidate the fast because there is no entity of volume that is going inside so if you smell roses this does not invalidate your fast when you walk in the street sometimes the dust in the street might be inhaled inside your body cavity unintentionally so this does not invalidate your fast as well sometimes you might be a worker and spray painting for instance as you do that job you feel something in your throat this does not invalidate your fast

but anything that you can spit out you need to just keep that in mind also inducing vomit now some people might get sick during the month of ramadhan so if they vomit unintentionally all what they need to do to clean purify the mouth from the vomit because it’s classified as filthy substance so you have to clean your mouth before you swallow your saliva if you swallow your saliva that is mixed with

the vomit that invalidates your fast but if you perform what is called induced vomit you force yourself to vomit by putting your finger inside your mouth or putting any other things stick for instance and you force yourself to vomit that invalidate so fast whether you swallow anything back or not and apostasy apostasy is to leave Islam by committing a blasphemous saying or a blasphemous belief or a blasphemous action so if one was fasting then out of anger he started swearing at Allah or swearing at a prophet or at an angel or at something that is glorified in our religion such as swearing at the prayer swearing at fasting that takes one out of Islam what he needs to do to come back to Islam to say the to test if occations of faith no one is God except Allah Mohammed is a Messenger of Allah this is the way one enters Islam

say if one were to become Muslim he needs to have the correct belief in his heart about Allah and about the prophets and about Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and by testifying by his tongue that no one is god but Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah he becomes Muslim the apostate actions such as prostrating to an idol or stepping on the holy quran or throwing it in the rubbish this is classified as blasphemous action that takes one out of Islam as well as for the blasphemous beliefs such as to believe

that allah subhana wa ta’ala is a body with limbs like a human being and the allah moves goes up and down because such a person has not had the proper belief about allah muslims believe allah does not resemble the creations so allah is not a human being Allah is not an angel Allah is not a body with limbs because Allah created us with all these characteristics all the attributes of the creations cannot be the attributes of God simply

because those who are similar to each other are susceptible to what could happen 20 of them I’m a human being or a human being like me so you get sick I get sick because I’m a human being like you you get tired I get tired you get sick I get sick you die I die because we are similar so I cannot be your Creator you cannot be my Creator but the creator of this whole universe does not resemble any of his creations a table is not made by another table at Shea is not made by another chain so the creator of this universe is Allah subhana WA Ta’ala who does not resemble any of the creations

so if you look at yourself simply you can deduce the proof about the existence of God you say I did not exist long time ago before I was born I was not existent I did not exist I came into existence I became existent I know as a matter of fact that I did not create myself because if one were to say that he created himself that would mean that he was before himself to create himself and that would mean he was before himself as a creator and after himself as a creation this is not accepted by the sound mind so he would deduce conclude

that there must be a creator for me who brought me into existence and that one who created me is the one that deserves to be worshipped and that is Allah the creator of the universe so if one has a wrong belief about Allah then he corrected his belief that allah subhanho wa taala does not resemble the creations allah is not a body to fill the sky or to be above the throne in a place or direction Allah is not a body the whole skies and the throne are creations of God who created them Allah so Allah is existent before them Allah doesn’t need them after Allah created them Allah doesn’t change because change simply is the most obvious sign that such a thing is a creation and Allah does not change all the attributes of Allah do not change so allah subhana wa ta’ala exists without a place and direction before creating the places and directions

and after creating the places and directions Allah is still without a place it’s as simple as that now everyone might be waiting for this slide in particular to spend a day of Ramadan like our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam day how did he spend his day from dawn till night he can say this is the exemplary day of fasting our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to gather his companions and gives them the glad tidings of the beginning of Ramadan once it is confirmed to draw their attention.

and to give them a signal that the starting month is a month full of barakah blessings our beloved prophet started his day was praying fashion in congregation in the mosque as it was his norm in other months as well he would sit after Faysal praying supplicating allah azza wajal and praising allah until sunrise when it was fall noon just before the noon time the Prophet would perform salat ilaha the optional forenoon prayer and the Messenger of Allah used to praise Allah during Ramadan a lot and in other days

as well he used to give a lot of Sadaqat in charity during Ramadan especially after revising the Quran with angel jibreel angel jibreel used to come to the Prophet in Ramadan revise the whole Quran was a prophet when gibreel comes to the prophet and revises the Quran with him after Jerry leaves the Prophet will be faster than the first wind in making donations and sadaqa out of happiness to show obedience because to show thankfulness to allah azza wajal he’s extremely happy because he revises the koran was angel jibreel so the amount of excitement that he had would give the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that motivation to rush to make donations and this is what your situation should be during the month of Ramadhan he used to read Quran in abundance in Ramadan he used to hasten to break the fast after sunset so not before sunset after sunset so once the Sun sets the disk of the Sun disappears from the horizon then Yasha don’t delay one hour and the like it’s better to hasten to break your fast The Messenger of Allah would break the fast with fresh dates if they are unavailable then dry dates if they are unavailable than few sips of water the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to have salute as well so who is just before dawn would have something to eat such as dates

and some water this is called so who there is blessing in it and the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam said the Sahara faina physically Baraka because some people might say no I want to sleep but I want to wake up for the hold now it’s better if you wake up before dawn make some supplications even if you want to have a sip of water that is blessing in suhoor the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam used to spend the last 10 nights of ramadan in the mosque and that is called ehtekaf.

and he used also to awaken his family and to prepare themselves by performing acts of obedience most of the nights during the nights of Ramadan so if you can do a tea calf in the mosque let us say once a week twice a week three times it’s very beneficial to do Attica if you spend this time we are in the mosque

I’m sure some of you might be doing security for 12 hours they take shifts long shifts but here in the mosque you just sitting relaxing having all these spiritual things praying maybe reciting Quran making supplication to allah azza wajal you have a special feeling when you are in the situation now the path of safety from the root of Abdullah Jabbar even abdullah along sorry may Allah accept the deeds who said that a man asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saying should you observe that I pray the five prayers

now that’s the minimum we talked about how to get the most of Ramadan but if you find yourself unable to achieve all of them or most of them at least adhere to the bare minimum and this is what this man asked the Prophet by saying should you observe me praying the five obligatory prayers fasting the month of Ramadan deeming the lawful as lawful and doing it deeming the unlawful as unlawful and avoiding it and I do not add anything to that would I enter paradise and the Prophet said yes pray five prays they won’t take 25 minutes from you 25 minutes in 24 hours 25 minutes it’s sad to see some people unable to perform these five obligatory prayers regularly and they miss out 25 minutes in 24 hours and some of them might say I didn’t have time Allah is the creator of time Allah is the one who created time and you don’t have time for the Creator 25 minutes to perform these bigotry praise it’s so sad so you should wake up even some people say yeah I know myself in ramadana I might become better but after Ramadan I go back to sinning you should wake up before it’s too night because the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us when son of adam commits a sin it leaves a mark like a black dot on one’s heart if he repents of that sin his heart would be cleansed from it would be clean back again if he does not and he commits more sins then more black dots will be left on his heart until his heart becomes filled with black layer and that is i learned that allah mentioned in the quran kal-el Ronna allah Kulu be him can we act upon the bad deeds are leaving black dots black marks on their hearts when your heart becomes black because of the sins

it’s gonna be very hard for you to pull back because now your heart had become like this big rock and you want to pull it back and you find yourself unable to pull back so always whenever you see yourself drifting from the right path you should go back to it wake up before it’s too late don’t say I might commit a sin again so I don’t want to repent repent now from the sin and you don’t know what happens in the future and the prophet sallallaahu mari wasalam said the majority of the children of adam would commit sins and the better ones amongst them are those who repent after committing since everyone might commit a sin in his life but the better one is one that repents from their sin so when you commit a sin rush to repent before it’s too late and prepare yourself for the day of judgment the day in which the mountains will turn into dust will be destroyed and the oceans will be lit in a blaze and dry out by this we conclude our lecture for tonight and we put this picture in the end that says Ramadan and opportunity of a lifetime it’s coming very soon you will be welcoming the month of Ramadan are you ready that’s the question are you gonna throw away the cloak of laziness and pull your sleeves up work hard during this month to be amongst those who are endowed with the special mercies forgiven and protected from Hellfire ask yourself this question and be ready to answer it by implementing all while you have learned tonight during the month of Ramadan and Allah Tala knows best and thank you for listening

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