Aala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qaadiri  mentions
in the Khutbah of Ataya al-Qadeer fi Hukmit Tasweer, the book
wherein he proves that to take and keep photographs of living objects
are Haraam. A few short narrations from the said book are presented
In the Khutbah Aala Hazrat  says, “All Praise is for Allah, Who is
the Creator and the Maker of features, who blessed us with good
features and alone, He created the minutest of minute things in the
the universe and He destined severe chastisement and intense
punishment for those who replicate that which He has created.
They replicate Allah’s creation, then let them create one speck or
one grain of wheat. Durood and salaams upon him, who came
destroying idols and who commanded big and small photographs to
be Haraam, and said it to be a major sin; and peace and salutations
upon his family and companions and upon his respected (son)
descendant Ghaus-e-Azam and peace and blessings upon the entire
Ummah, according to their status and excellence. My Creator! I
seek your refuge from the whispering of shaitaan and I seek Your
protection, so that he does not come near me.”
Aala Hazrat  further quotes the following Hadith Shareef; Hazrat
Abu Hurairah  says that the Beloved Rasool said,
“Jibra’eel (alaihis salaam) came to me and said, ‘Last night I came
to present me in your Holy Court, but I did not enter as there
were pictures (of living things) on the doorway and there is a
the curtain in the house which has pictures on it and there is a dog in
the house, thus please command that the pictures that are there
should have the heads removed, so that it takes the form of a tree
and cut the cloth of the curtain in two parts and use it to make
pillows so that the figures on it may be destroyed and let the dog be
removed’ The Prophet did exactly that.”
It is in Bukhari and Muslim from Ummul Mo’mineen Siddiqa (radi
Allahu anha),
“When the Holy Prophet took ill (in the eyes of the world) some
of the Prophet’s wives spoke about a certain church which was
known as Maaria and Umme Salma and Umme Habeeba (radi
Allahu anhuma) have journeyed there whilst on their trips to
Abyssinia and they spoke about the beauty of Abyssinia and they
also spoke about photographs seen therein, so the Prophet
raised his blessed head and then said, ‘When a pious person passes
away amongst them, they build a place of worship on his grave and
then they take his picture. These are the worst of Allah’s
It is in Mirkaat Sharah Mishkaat,
“In other words, they made the pictures of their pious people so
that they will look at these pictures and remember Allah and that
they may be drawn towards Ibaadat, then those who came after
them, shaitaan adorned this action for them even more and said,
‘Your predecessors worshipped these pictures,’ and they fell into
idol worshipping.”
The Holy Prophet has mentioned in Mutawatir (Hadith narrated in
succession by numerous narrators);
“Angels of Mercy do not enter that home in which there are
pictures (of living things) or dogs.”
(This Hadith has been recorded by Imam Ahmed and by the
compilers of Sihah Sit’ta namely, Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud,
Tirmizi, Nasa’i and Ibn Majah. It has also been recorded in Tahaawi
from Abu Talha  and Bukhari has narrated from Hazrat Abdullah
ibn Umar and Abdullah ibn Abbas radi Allahu anhuma and Muslim,
Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, and Tahaawi have also narrated from Ummul
Mo’mineen Maymuna (radi Allahu anha).
Also, Imam Muslim, Ibn Majah and Tahaawi have narrated it from
Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa (radi Allahu anha) and Ahmed, Muslim,
Nasa’i, Tahaawi, Ibn Hib’ban narrated it from Hazrat Abu Hurairah
 and Imam Ahmed, Daarmi, Saeed ibn Mansoor, Abu Dawud,
Nasa’i, ibn Majah, ibn Khuzaima, Abu Ya’la, Tahaawi and Ibn
Hib’ban, Zia, Shashi, and Abu Nu’aim in Hilya have narrated from
Ameerul Mo’mineen Hazrat Ali 
Imam Maalik recorded it in Mu’atta and Tirmizi and Tahaawi
narrated the same from Abu Saeed Khudri and also Imam Ahmed
Tahaawi, Tabrani in Mu’jam Kabeer from Hazrat Usaama bin Zaid
 and Tahaawi also narrated from Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansaari .
I (A’la Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan radi Allahu anhu)
have explained these Ahadith (in detail) in my Fatawah.



Throughout the world, the enemy of Islam and the misled sects are
raising their heads once again, intent on causing harm to the Ahle
Sunnat Wa Jama’at. They try to mislead the unsuspecting Sunnis by
claiming to be The Ahle Sunnat Wa Jama’at, yet they regard the
teachings and practices of our pious predecessors as bid at or acts of
ignorance. In a time like this, there is a need to know who has been
chosen from the court of Almighty Allah as the sign of recognition
for His Deen.

No matter where in the world one maybe, he will notice that in this
century, Almighty Allah has chosen Mujaddid-e-Deen-o-Millat Aala
Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qaadiri  as the sign of
recognition of His Deen.
This Aashiq-e-Rasool who was chosen as a sign of recognition was
no ordinary person. He was drowned in the shoreless seas of love of
the Beloved Prophet Peace and salutations upon him. Aala Hazrat 
instilled the love of the Prophet into the hearts of the people in a
time when the forces of shaitaan were working tirelessly to remove
this love from the hearts of the Muslim Ummah.

Aala Hazrat  was not just one ordinary man. He became the source
of the manifestation of light and the love of the Prophet throughout
the Globe. He blessed the world with once again attaining the true
love of the Prophet Peace and salutations upon him. He left no stone
unturned in trying to protect the Imaan of the Muslim Ummah, and at
At the same time, he built a great fort of knowledge, wisdom, and piety,
around him, in the form of illustrious students and Khulafa like,
Sadrush Shariah; Burhan-e-Millat; Mufti Mahmud Jaan Peshawari
and Allama Abdul Aleem Siddique (alaihimur Rahma) etc. who
remained steadfast in their mission to spread the true teachings of
Islam. There is no doubt that Aala Hazrat  was a great reformer and
a true Aashiq-e-Rasool Peace and salutations upon him. Today, on
On one hand, there are those who question the motives of disciples and
well-wishers, who commemorate the Urs of Aala Hazrat , whilst
on the other hand, there are those who cannot bear to hear the name
of this great Wali of Allah. People ask the reason for which the name
of Aala Hazrat  has been given such high status. It must be made
clear that Grace and Disgrace are from Allah. Almighty Allah chooses
whom He Wills to be the Sign of Recognition for His Deen and
Alhamdulillah, has chosen in this century the personality of Aala
Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan  and He has given
recognition to this Deen through the teachings of Aala Hazrat ,
commonly-known by those all over the world as MASLAK-EAALA HAZRAT.

We should be honored and pleased to be granted the opportunity of
being humble disciples and followers of MASLAK-E-AALA
HAZRAT, for to be chosen to serve the mission of the personality
chosen by Allah for the service of His Deen, is a great honor and a
means of attaining immense blessings

Dushman-e-Deen ko Mitaane ke liye
To Destroy the Enemies of Deen-e-Islam
Maslak-e-Ahmed Raza Talwaar he
The Maslak of Aala Hazrat is a Naked Sword
Khanqaho ki Hifaazat ke Liye
For the protection of the Nobility of the Khanqahs
Maslak-e-Ahmed Raza Deewar he
The Maslak of Aala Hazrat is a Fortress (Wall)

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