Benefits of Nadi Ali

Benefits of Nadi Ali


Benefits of Naadi-‘Aliy according to Imam Jaafar Saadiq (‘alayhis salaam)

– To solve any problem, read it 41 times per day.
-To be successful in any task, read it 66 times per day with the aim in mind.
– To remove sufferings from the sick person, read 7 times, blow on rain water and give the person to drink
-To remove Jinn, read 15 times, blow on water and spring the water of the person who is possessed by Jinn
-To remove any sadness, wherever you are, make Wadhu, read 1000 times per day.
-If you have been falsely accused for anything, read 40 times, blow on whole body
-If you want a task to be done quickly, or whether you are waiting for an answer, read 25 times before Esha and blow on that direction (where you expect the task to be done). Insha Allah, in 3 days you will get an answer
-To acquire wealth, read 91 times per day after Fajr. Condition: Do this whole life, same time and same place, and if you need to move, then bring your Musalla along.
– To overpower an enemy, think of that enemy and read 18 times
-For something urgent. Make Salaat ul Haajat with Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas 3 times in every rakaat, send the sawaab to Hadhrat ‘Aliy (‘alayhis salaam), then read Naadi-‘Aliy 80 times. In 3 days, you will find success insha Allah
– To shut the mouths of enemies of Islam, read 10 times after every Namaaz
-The one who wants to see Beloved Prophet (swallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), after Esha, in a very clean condition, read 100 times Darood Shareef, then 300 times Nadi ‘Aliy and then again 100 times Darood Shareef, and sleep with Wadhu. The same night insha Allah you will see Beloved Prophet (swallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)

Naadi ‘Aliy:
“Naadi ‘Aliyyam-mazharal ‘ajaaib tajidhu ‘awnallaka finnawaaib kullu hammiw-wa ghammin sayanjali bi-‘azmatika ya Allah bi-nabuwwatika ya NabiAllah wa bi-wilaayatika ya ‘Aliy ya ‘Aliy ya ‘Aliy

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