Hazrat Allama Molana Naqi Ali Khan


Hazrat Allama Molana Naqi Ali Khan


Blessed Birth & Brief Introduction
Imam ul Mutakal’limeen, Ra’ees ul Atqiya Hazrat Allama Maulana
Naqi Ali Khan Qaadiri Barkaati Aale Rasooli    is the son of
Hazrat Allama Raza Ali Khan Rahimullah Alahi who was a great mystic and
amongst the noble Ulama and Masha’ikh of his era.
Imam ul Mutakal’limeen, Ra’ees ul Atqiya Hazrat Allama Maulana
Naqi Ali Khan Qaadiri Barkaati Aale Rasooli Rahimullah Alahi is the beloved
father of Mujad’did e Azam Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam
Ahmed Raza Khan Qaadiri Barakaati Rahimullah Alahi.
A brief account regarding his life which is present in the book
Jawaahir ul Bayaan Fi Asraaril Arkaan which was published by
Hasani Publishers in Mohalla Saudagaran, Bareilly Shareef, as
recorded by Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Imam e Ahle Sunnat Faazil e Bareilvi

is as follows:
The esteemed and blessed personality, Taaj ul Ulama, Raas ul Fudala,
Haami e Sunnat, Maahi e Bid’at, Baqiyatus Salaf, Hujjatul Khalaf
(Hazrat Allama Maulana Naqi Ali Khan Qaadiri Barkaati Aale Rasooli)


entered this physical world either towards the
end of Jumadil Aakhir or at the beginning of Rajab in the year 1246

His Knowledge

He attained his knowledge from his respected and revered father,
the exalted and blessed personality, Hazrat Allama Maulana Raza Ali
Khan Saaheb حه
distinctions with excelled he, Lillah-Alhamdu.

in attaining great heights of knowledge. The deep foresight, great
wit and wisdom, and superb understanding which Almighty Allah
blessed him with could not be seen in anyone else in this place or
country. The level of his true inner spiritual foresight was such that,
when he said something, it would occur just as he had foretold. It is
seldom heard of those who are blessed with that which is for both
their temporal and spiritual needs together (in other words, a
combination of both). I saw this in him with my eyes.
As well as his generosity, he was also very brave, fearless,
courageous and kind. He was a possessor of good character and
exalted stature; who had plentiful in his inheritance and
commanded great authority. He was an awe-inspiring personality,
who cared for the poor and did not care about what the wealthy
thought about his firmness in Religion.

His Character

He stayed away from worldly leaders and was always content with
whatever sustenance he attained. Also, he was blessed with
numerous other blessed and beautiful qualities, and the ones who
truly understand all this are the ones who were able to attain his
companionship and serve this great personality.

However, the most blessed and the greatest quality which this
blessed personality possessed was that Almighty Allah had created
him for the service in the love of the King of The Prophets


and for being firm and strict against the enemies of the Most Beloved
.صلى الله عليه وسلم Rasool

His Immense Courage

With praise to Allah! His immense courage and awesome authority
completely cleared this city of the mischief of the opposition. Not a
single one was left to raise their heads or lookup directly. This led to
the announcement of the public debate in Sha’baan 1292 Hijri which
was published under the name ‘Islaah Dhaat Bayyin’ and this name
denoted the year, (in other words, when the alphabets of the name
are added up they add up to 1292, which is the year of the debate).
Except for complete silence, cowardly retreat, show of ignorance,
and total humiliation for being hopeless and helpless, there was no
other response (to this challenge) by the opposition. The mischief of
‘Shash Mithl’ was at its peak then and all the people of knowledge in
India were putting pen to paper to try and control this mischief,
which was extinguished to such an extent when this blessed
personality initiated the matter, that Alhamdu-Lillah, entire India
observed how this mischief had died down, to an extent that it was
unheard of.

They (the enemies) burn (in envy) when they hear his name. Serving
the beloved Mustafa صلى الله عليه وسلم was written for this blessed personality from
the very beginning, which has been explained in some detail in the
document ‘Tambih Al Jihaal Bil Haamil Baasitil Muta’al’. That is the
Grace of Almighty Allah which He blesses to whomsoever He Wills.
Some Notable Works of Allama Naqi Ali
All the books of this blessed personality have been written on issues
of Deen (Religious issues). They are all beneficial to the believers and
a repellent to the mischievous ones. Praise be to Allah, Rabb of the
worlds. From amongst the books written by Allama Naqi Ali Khan are
the following:
1. Al Kalaam ul Awdah Fi Tafseeri Sharh Alam Nashrah: This
is a volume containing immense knowledge.
2. Wasilatun Najaath: This book is on the subject of the
remembrance and excellence of the Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم .
3. Suroor ul Quloob Fi Dhikril Mahboob: This distinguished
work discusses Twelve Beautiful Chapters discussing the
Moulood and The Blessed Life of Nabi Kareem صلى الله عليه وسلم.
4. Jawaahir ul Bayaan Fi Asraaril Arkaan: The splendour of
this book can only be understood by a person after he
peruses through it.
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat   says, ‘This humble
servant has written an annotation of just two and a half pages of the
above-mentioned book and has named it ‘Zawaahir ul Jinaan Min

Jawaahir il Bayaan’ which has also been named ‘Saltanat ul Mustafa
Fi Malakuti Kullil Wara’ according to the year in which it was
5. Usoolur Rashaad Li Qama’i Mabaniyyil Fasad: This is a
book, which holds such clear interpretations and facts,
that after this book, the Sunnat is certainly reinforced,
causing defeat and destruction to the innovations of the
6. Hidaayat ul Bariyyah ila Shari’atil Ahmadiyyah: This
distinguished book was written in refutation of the ten
deviant sects.
7. Izaaqat ul Aathaam Li Maani’i Amalil Mawlud Wal
Qiyaam: (In that time Malik ul Ulama mentioned that it
was to be published soon. The book was however later
8. Fadlul Ilmi Wal Ulama: This is a brief book which was
published in Bareilly Shareef. This book discusses the
excellence of knowledge and Ulama.
9. Izaalatul Awhaam: This book was written in refutation of
the Najdis.
10. Tazkiyyatul Ikaan: This book has been written in
refutation of Taqwiyatul Imaan (of Isma’eel Delhvi).
Hazrat Malik ul Ulama Allama Zafrud’deen Bihari    says that the
above mentioned ten books were published in the lifetime of Allama
Naqi Ali Khan

11. Al Kawakibuz Zahra Fi Fada’ilil ‘ilmi Wa Adaabil Ulama
12. Ar Riwayatur Ruyah Fil Akhlaqin Nabawiyyah
13. An Naqawatil Qawiyyah Fil Khasa’isin Nabawiyyah
14. Lam’atun Nibraas Fi Adaabil Akali Wal Libaas
15. At Tamakkun Fi Tahqeeqi Masa’ilit Tazayyun
16. Ahsanul Wi’a Fi Adaabid Du’a
17. Khayrul Mukhatabah Fil Muhasabati Wal Muraqabah
18. Hidaayat ul Musthaq ila Sirril Anfasi wa Aafaaq
19. Irshaad ul Ahbaab ila Adaabil Ihtisaab
20. Ajmal ul Fikr Fi Mabaahith-iz-Zikr
21. Ayn ul Mushahada Li Husnil Mujahada
22. Tasharraq ul Awwah ila Tareeqi Mahabbatillah
23. Nihayatus Se’adah Fi Tahqeeqil Him-mati Wal Iraadah
24. Aqwaz-Dhari’aah ila Tahqeeqit-Tareeqati Wash-Shari’ah
25. Tarwih ul Arwah Fi Tafseeri Suratil Inshirah

Regarding the works of Allama Naqi Ali Khan    Sayyidi Aala
Hazrat Imam e Ahle Sunnat   says;
The manuscripts of these (books) are in their original format and
were in the process of being published but Hazrat did not have the
opportunity of finalising them for publishing.
Allah Willing, this humble servant (Allah grant him salvation),
wishes to have them well set, and then published in one bulky
volume. Except for these books, there are numerous of other books
which have been found in separate satchels, and either the
beginning, the end or the middle chapters of these manuscripts are
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat further says;
In the case of these manuscripts, we are unfortunately unable to do
much. In brief, the blessed life of Hazrat Naqi Ali Khan    was
spent in the propagation of Deen, protecting the Muslims,
supporting the truth and striving against the enemies, while
supporting the mission of the love of the Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم .
Allah reward him with the best of rewards on behalf of Islam and the
Muslims. Aameen. [Here ends the discussion by Aala Hazrat Rahimullah Alahi

His Love For Nabi Kareem صلى الله عليه وسلم

Hazrat Naqi Ali Khan Rahimullah Alahi loved the Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم so dearly
that he was willing to sacrifice everything for the love of the Beloved
Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم .In his masterpiece Suroorul Quloob he gives the following
beautiful advice to the true believers:
O sinners of the Ummah! If you sacrifice yourself upon that Mercy
and Blessings of your Creator, then it is most suitable; and if you
sacrifice your life and wealth in His صلى الله عليه وسلم love and obedience, it is
He further says; Honestly say, Is the obedience to such a
Compassionate Master necessary or not! If the governor of a city
employs someone on a salary of ten rupees a month, then such an
employee spends his day and night in the obedience of, and he
regards his obedience upon his own wishes. If he asks you to come to
work in the morning, you are not able to sleep the entire night, and
whatever work he asks you to complete, you try to complete it
before the due time. You are not even able to eat one roti in peace
(due to the stress of completing the chore).
Allama Naqi Ali Khan    then says; The Creator of the worlds
bestows so many different favours upon you, that the kingdom of
seven kings, in reality, has no value in front of it, but you still do not
obey Him.

He commands you to perform your Namaaz, but you do not perform
it. He commands you to keep fast, but you do not keep it. He
commands you to give Zakaat, but you do not give it. He commands
you to perform Hajj, but you do not perform it. He commands you to
abstain from sins, but you do not stop.
He then says; More malicious and a calamity worse than all of this, is
that you have no remorse upon your sins, and you do not even think
of hiding your face in shame.
You still try to show that you are not at fault and claim innocence, or
you tend to say, if an employee does not remain in the service of the
master, or if he is disobedient to him, then the employee will
terminate his services, but Almighty Allah is Most Merciful of all
those who show mercy, so no matter how disobedient or how sinful
we may be, He will forgive us by His Mercy.
Allama Naqi Ali Khan   then addresses the people saying, Do
those who say this not know that He (Allah) is Qah-haar (The
Vanquisher) as well? The wrath of none is more severe than His
Wrath, and His punishment is more severe than every punishment.
Do you regard being dismissed from your job, worse than the
punishment of hell, and is it more intense than the calamities of
One who knows and understands the condition and the intensity of
Hell will feel it is easy to leave all his luxuries, wealth and everything
else to be saved from this wrath.

Even though our Beloved Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم is so exalted, He صلى الله عليه وسلم would tremble
due to the Majesty of Almighty Allah. What is your reality (i.e. your
pathetic condition) that you do not fear the Majesty of Allah.
O, Dear Friend! Mans ignorance has deceived him. He relied only on
the Compassion of Almighty Allah and forgot about the Wrath and
retribution of Almighty Allah. [His advice ends here]
Allama Naqi Ali’s Bay’at & Khilafat
Sayyiduna Aala Hazrat  says; Hazrat Naqi Ali Khan    took
the oath of spiritual allegiance (Bay’at) at the blessed hands of
Hazrat Aaqa e Ne’mat, Darya e Rahmat, Sayyidul Waasileen, Sanad ul
Kaamileen, Qutb e Aw’wana, Imam e Zamaana, Huzoor Pur Noor,
Sayyiduna wa Murshiduna, Maulana wa Maawana, Zukhri Li Yaumi
wa Ghadi, Hazrat Sayyiduna Shah Aale Rasool Ahmadi Taajedaar e
Rahimullah Alahi Marahrah

Sayyidi Aala Hazrat   says; Huzoor Pur Noor Huzoor Murshid-eBarhaq Hazrat Sayyid Shah Aale Rasool Marahrawi  also
blessed him with all the Ijaazats and Khilafats of all the Silsilas
during this meeting, presenting him with the certificates of these as
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Rahimullah Alahi says; This humble servant was also present
in that blessed meeting, and I too was blessed by the blessed
personality, with these blessings (of Ijaazat and Khilafat). ن�العلم رب الله والحمد
Hazrat Naqi Ali’s Hajj & Ziyaarah
Regarding his Haaziri in Madina Shareef, Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Rahimullah Alahi
On the 26th of Shawwal 1295 Hijri, even though he was very ill and
due to his illness, he had become very weak, but on the special
invitation which he had received from the Blessed Court of the
Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم ,concerning which it has been mentioned (in the
Hadith Shareef),
منرا���� النام فقد را��
‘Whosoever sees Me in his dream,
then he has certainly seen Me.’
[Bukhari and Tirmizi from Hazrat Anas Rahimullah Alahi
He made his firm and sincere intention to perform Ziyaarah and
Hajj. This humble servant and a few others accompanied him on this
blessed journey.
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat Rahimullah Alahi further says; During
this journey, many of those travelling with him noticed his weak
physical condition and advised that he should postpone this journey
of Hajj for the following year. He said,
‘Once I have stepped out of my door with the intention of
journeying towards Madinatul Munawwarah, then even if my
soul leaves my body at this time (it does not matter).’

All those who were present and who journeyed with him witnessed
with their eyes, that he did not show any weakness or leave any
shortcoming in fulfilling his obligations, but he performed them like
a healthy person.
When one looked at him, it could be seen that his illness had left him
due to the blessings and Mercy of the Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم .The
Beloved Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم had blessed him with the cure for all his illness, for
it is mentioned (in the Hadith Shareef),
من را�� فقد رأى الحق
‘Whosoever sees Me, then he has certainly seen Haq’
So, no matter how much he was asked to take it slow, he did not take
heed. While there, he was blessed with meeting the great Aalim
amongst the Ulama, the great and masterful amongst the reputable
scholars, Hazrat Sayyiduna Ahmed Zaini Dahlaan Makki Shaykh ul
Haram, and other learned Ulama of Makkah Mu’azzamah. He also
received the certificates in authority of Hadith from them.

His Marriage & Children

Ra’ees ul Atqiya Allama Naqi Ali Khan Rahimullah Alahi married the noble
Husaini Khanam. They were blessed with three sons and three
daughters, namely:
• Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan
• Ustaz e Zaman Allama Maulana Hasan Raza Khan
• Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Raza Khan
• Hijab Begum
• Ahmadi Begum
• Muhammadi Begum
The children of Hazrat Allama Naqi Ali Khan Rahimullah Alahi are themselves
proof of the piety of their parents. What blessed parents are they to
have blessed the world with a son like Mujad’did e Azam Sayyidi Aala
Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qaadiri Barakaati Rahimullah Alahi!
Hazrat Allama Naqi Ali Khan’s Rahimullah Alahi piety, generosity, kindness,
wisdom, acumen, courage, and most of all his true love for Almighty
and His Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم had most certainly manifested in his
children, especially in Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Rahimullah Alahi.

His Journey Into The Hereafter

The Noble Father of The Great Mujad’did, Ra’ees ul Atqiya, Imam ul
Mutakal’limeen Hazrat Allama Mufti Naqi Ali Khan Rahimullah Alahi passed
away from this physical world towards the end of Zul-Qa’da and as
per most narrations on the 29th of Zul-Qa’da near the time of Zuhr,
on a Friday, in 1297 Hijri, at the age of fifty-one years and five
months, receiving the blessings of martyrdom due to an illness
occurring through asthma.
On the eve of that Friday, he was made to rest beside his beloved
father. He prayed his Salaat ul Fajr that morning, and he passed away
when there was a short while left for Zuhr. انااللهوانااليہراجعون
His Spiritual Condition At The Time of His Wisaal
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat Rahimullah Alahi says; All those who
were present witnessed him continuously presenting Salaams with
his eyes closed, and when a few moments remained, he ran his hands
over his body as one would do when performing Wudu, even
performing the act of cleaning the nostrils (Subhaan-Allah), and in
his apparent unconscious state, he even performed his Zuhr Salaah
in this manner.
Subhaan’Allah! This is such a great lesson for those of us who love
the Awliyah. Look at how they did not even leave their Salaah in the
final moments of their lives. This is the sign of the true servants of
Almighty Allah.

A Noor Appears From His Chest 

Regarding his Wisaal Sayyidi Aala Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat Rahimullah Alahi
further says; This humble servant was at his head-side when his soul
left his body. I swear by Allah The Most Magnificent! A manifest
bright light could be seen, which emerged from his chest, causing his
entire face to glow brightly, just as the rays of the sun moves on a
mirror, and then it disappeared. With this, the soul left the physical
Subhaan’Allah! This is evidence of the acceptance of his piety and
his service for Deen. It is the sign of the pious servants of Almighty
Allah, that when many of them leave this world, then Noor emanates
from their blessed bodies as their souls are about to leave, due to the
sincerity with which they recited the Holy Qur’an and due to their
sincere Ibaadat, and true love for Almighty Allah and His Beloved
.صلى الله عليه وسلم Rasool
Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Jalaalud’deen Suyuti Rahimullah Alahi gives examples
of this in his world-renowned Sharhus Sudoor. He says that, Hazrat
Ajali Rahimullah Alahi says, ‘We went to visit a sick person who was in an
unconscious state (comatose). We noticed that a Noor emanated
from his head and it penetrated the roof and ascended. Then from
his navel, a similar Noor emanated (and a similar Noor emanated
from his foot-side). That person then regained consciousness. We
asked him if he was aware of the phenomena that had just happened
with him.

He said, ‘Yes!’ The Noor that emanated from my head are the 14
Ayats of Alif Laam Tanzeel and that which emanated from my navel
were the Aayaat-e-Sajdah and that which emanated from my feet,
were the latter verses of Surah Sajdah. All of them have gone (up) to
intercede on my behalf, and Surah Tabaarak (i.e. Surah Mulk) has
remained for my protection. I used to recite it every night.’
Subhaan’Allah! The manifestations of the narration quoted by
Sayyiduna Imam Suyuti Rahimullah Alahi can be seen in the final moments of
Hazrat Allama Naqi Ali �  �ا� ر which is being narrated by Sayyidi Aala
.himself Rahimullah Alahi Hazrat
The Final Words of Ra’ees ul Atqiya
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat says; His last word was, ‘Allah’. The last words
which he had written on a piece of paper two days before his wisaal
were سمااللهالرحمنالرحيم �i.e. the Tasmiyah Shareef.
Subhaan’Allah! When I read this, I immediately remembered my
Murshid e Kareem Huzoor Sayyidi Taajush Shariah (Rahimullah Alahi) the great
great-grandson of Ra’ees ul Atqiya (Rahimullah Alahi) and how the last words of
Huzoor Sayyidi Taajush Shariah (Rahimullah Alahi) before he left this world were
the same, as narrated by Huzoor Qaa’id e Millat Allama Mufti
Mohammed Asjad Raza Khan personally to me on the day of Hazrat’s
Wisaal, that Huzoor Sayyidi Taajush Shariah (Rahimullah Alahi) had done Wudu
for Maghrib Salaah and his breathing became rapid. He was made to
lie down, and as the Azaan had commenced, Huzoor Sayyidi wa
Murshidi Taajush Shariah (Rahimullah Alahi) said, Ya Allah! Ya Allah! Ya Allah!
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! and with these words the soul of our
Shaykh left the physical body to ascend towards the heavens.
Subhaan’Allah! This is piety being transferred down in generations.
The last words of Huzoor Sayyidi Naqi Ali Khan (Rahimullah Alahi) is manifested
generations down on the lips of his great great-grandson and
spiritual heir Huzoor Sayyidi Taajush Shariah (Rahimullah Alahi) at the time of
his Wisaal as well.
The Dream of Sayyidi Aala Hazrat
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat (Rahimullah Alahi) says;
After his passing away, this humble servant had a dream wherein he
saw Huzoor Peer o Murshid i.e. Hazrat Sayyiduna Sayyid Shah Aala
Rasool Ahmadi Marahrawi (Rahimullah Alahi) standing at the graveside of my
beloved father.
Sayyidi Aala Hazrat (Rahimullah Alahi) further says; This humble servant
enquired, ‘What brings Huzoor here?’
Huzoor Sayyidi Aala Hazrat (Rahimullah Alahi) then says; I am repeating the
words, with which he replied. He said;
‘As of today (or from now on), I will be residing here’


Hazrat Allama Naqi Ali Khan (Rahimullah Alahi) was indeed a truly blessed
servant and is undoubtedly from amongst the Awliyah and the
Asfiyah. He lived his life following the commands of Almighty Allah
and His Beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم and he left this world in the love of
Almighty Allah and his beloved Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم.
It has been mentioned in the Hadith Shareef, the essence of which is
that one of the best things that a person can do for his hereafter is to
leave behind pious children. Subhaan’Allah! Look at the piety of the
children which Allama Naqi Ali Khan (Rahimullah Alahi) left behind in this world,
and the generations of pious descendants that came from his
beloved children.
Hazrat Allama Naqi Ali (Rahimullah Alahi) was laid to rest in the well-known City
Qabrastan in Bareilly Shareef beside his beloved father Hazrat Raza
Ali Khan (Rahimullah Alahi).Thousands of people annually visit his Mazaar
Shareef to attain blessings and to pay tribute to the Noble Father of
The Great Mujad’did.

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