Ja Basa Maghrib Mein Akhir Ae Makan Tera Makeen Lyrics

Ja Basa Maghrib Mein Akhir Ae Makan Tera Makeen Lyrics


(Arnold Ki Yaad Mein)

Lament Of Separation
(In Memory of Arnold)

Ja Basa Maghrib Mein Akhir Ae Makan Tera Makeen
Ah! Mashriq Ki Pasand Ayi Na Iss Ko Sarzameen

O house! Your resident is now residing in the West
Ah! The land of the East was not liked by him

Aa Gya Aaj Iss Sadaqat Ka Mere Dil Ko Yaqeen
Zulmat-e-Shab Se Zaya-e-Rouz-e-Furqat Kam Nahin

Today my heart is convinced of this truth
The light of the separation’s day is darker than night

“Taaz Aghosh-e-Wadaash Dagh-e-Hairat Cheeda Ast
Humcho Shama-e-Kusta Dar Chasmam Nigah Khawabida Ast”

“As from his departure’s breast the scar is picked up
Sight is asleep in my eyes like the extinguished candle.”

Kushta-e-Uzlat Hun, Abadi Mein Ghabrata Hun Main
Shehar Se Souda Ki Shiddat Mein Nikal Jata Hun Main

I am fond of seclusion, I hate the habitation
I run away from the city in excruciation of love

Yaad-e-Ayyam-e-Salaf Se Dil Ko Tarapta Hun Main
Behr-e-Taskeen Teri Janib Dorta Ata Hun Main

I make the heart restless from the olden days’ memory
For satisfaction I come ardently running towards you

Ankh Go Manoos Hai Tere Dar-o-Diwar Se
Ajnabiat Hai Magar Paida Meri Raftar Se

Though the eye is familiar with your nook and corner
Still some strangeness is apparent from my speed

Zarra Mere Dil Ka Khursheed Ashna Hone Ko Tha
Aaeena Toota Huwa Alamnuma Hone Ko Tha

My heart’s speck was just to be acquainted with the sun
The broken mirror was just to expand into the universe

Nakhal Meri Arzuon Ka Hara Hone Ko Tha
Ah! Kya Jane Koi Main Kya Se Kya Hone Ko Tha

The tree of my longings was just going to green up
Ah! what does any one know what I was going to be!

Abar-e-Rehmat Daman Az Gulzar-e-Mann Barcheeda-o-Raft
And Ke Bar Ghuncha Haye Arzu Bareed-o-Raft

Mercy’s cloud gathered up its skirt from my garden and departed
Rained a little over the flower buds of my desires and departed

Tu Kahan Hai Ae Kaleem-e-Zarwa-e-Seenaye Ilm
Thi Teri Mouj-e-Nafas Baad-e-Nishat Afzaye Ilm

Where are you! O Kalim of the pinnacle Sina of learning!
Your breath was the breeze promoting the joy of learning

Ab Kahan Woh Shauq-e-Reh Pemayi-e-Sehraye Ilm
Tere Dam Se Tha Humare Sar Mein Bhi Soudaye Ilm

Gone is that zeal for walking in the vast expanse of learning!
In my intellect also you were the inspirer of love of learning

“Shour-e-Laila Ko Ke Baaz Araeesh-e-Souda Kunand
Khak-e-Majnu Rah Ghubar-e-Khatir-e-Sehra Kunand”

“Where is Layla’s fervor, so as to decorate Love again
May make the dust of Majnun mixed with wilderness again

Khol De Ga Dast-e-Wehshat Uqda-e-Taqdeer Ko
Tor Kar Pohenchun Ga Main Punjab Ki Zanjeer Ko

The wilderness of solitude will open the fate’s knot
I shall reach you after breaking the chains of the Punjab

Dekhta Hai Dida-e-Heeran Teri Tasveer Ko
Kya Tasalli Ho Magar Garvidah-e-Taqreer Ko

The bewildered eye looks upon your picture
But how can one searching for speech be happy?

“Taab-e-Goyai Nahin Rakhta Dehan Tasveer Ka
Khamoshi Kehte Hai Jis Ko, Hai Sukhan Tasveer Ka”

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