Kis Zuban Se Ae Gul-e-Pazmurda Tujh Ko Gul Kahun Lyrics


A Withered Rose

Kis Zuban Se Ae Gul-e-Pazmurda Tujh Ko Gul Kahun
Kis Tarah Yujh Ko Tamanye Dil-e-Bulbul Kahun

How shall I call you now a flower—Tell me, oh withered rose!
How call you that beloved for whom the nightingale’s heart glows?

Thi Kabhi Mouj-e-Saba Gehwara-e-Junbaan Tera
Naam Tha Sehan-e-Gulistan Mein Gul-e-Khandan Tera

The winds’ soft ripples cradled you and rocked your bygone hours,
And your name once was Laughing Rose in the country of flowers;

Tere Ehsan Ka Naseem-e-Sbahko Iqrar Tha
Bagh Tere Dam Se Goya Table-e-Attar Tha

With the dawn breezes that received your favors you once played,
Like a perfumer’s vase your breath sweetened the garden glade.

Tujh Pe Barsata Hai Shabnam Didah-e-Giryan Mera
Hai Nihan Teri Udasi Mein Dil-e-Weeran Mera

These eyes are full, and drops like dew fall thick on you again;
This desolate heart finds dimly its own image in your pain,

Meri Barbadi Ki Hai Choti Si Ek Tasveer Tu
Khawab Meri Zindagi Thi Jis Ki Hai Tabeer Tu

A record drawn in miniature of all its sorry gleaming;
My life was all a life of dreams, and you—you are its meaning.

Humcho Ne Az Neestan-e-Khud Hikayat Mee Kunam
Bashno Ae Gul! Az Judai Ha Shikayat Mee Kunam

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