O My Lord Here I Am
A Beggar Before You
Reaching For Your Door
In Complete Poverty
All I Have Is My Shame And Humility
Possessing Nothing To Hold
Nor To Mention Even A Begging Bowl
A Beggar Slain From Within
By Desires And Yearnings
Corrupted Because Of His Sins

I Have Wasted Away
The Treasures Of Deen
Because Of The Self Of Mine
I Have Casted Aside
Sukoon Of The Heart
At The Alter Of Pleasures Entwined

I’ve Lost All My Wealth Through Heedlessness And Disobedience
I’ve Come To Your Door Seeking Refuge And Shade
Although I Know That I Cause You Offence.

Through The Stains Of Sin
The Worlds Heart Is Suffering
Beating With So Much Pain.

From Where Should I Find The Strength
To Express My Heart Through The Light Of Truth.
For In This Snare Have I Passed
Every Moment Of Life
To Now From When I Was New

Having Been Burnt At Stake
Of My Own Deed’s Sin
Covered With Scars Of Slate
In Abject Poverty I Stand Here Humbling
Due To My Evil Self

To You Have I Brought My Despair
Despair Which Consumes My Path
Empty Handed Of Any Deeds
That’s Worth Standing Before Your House

This House Of Yours, Your Court Of Love
And Grace Oh Lord Is Holy Like A Star
All Light Can It Hold
Ya Allah, O Blessed O My Lord

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